Miracles of Dousing

Miracles of Dousing  

Ravi Puri
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What does using a pendulum mean & how does it work. We can only proceed if we understand the above to enter a most fascinating and exciting journey. In simple language for a layman a pendulum is perceived as a flexible connection (string, chain or something similar) on which a weighted object (Brass, Wood, Crystal, Nail etc). In simple words you could string any of these items on a string & the weight hangs downward.

You have a pendulum. Your body has very sensitive senses and it takes in a great deal of information on the subtle level. This is relayed to your subconscious mind & can be transmitted to your conscious mind by unconscious reactions by the mis culture of pendulum movements or oscillations.

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The criteria for a good pendulum are:

  • A flexible connector of about 20 cms length.
  • A rotationally symmetrical body must be attached at the bottom. This is essential to determine oscillation patterns.
  • Flexible connector should be at the upper end centre for free oscillation.
  • Ideal weight for easy & free movements the pendulum should be within 10-40 gms weight.
  • Most important you should like your pendulum i.e. enjoy looking & handling it.

The manner in which you hold your pendulum for accurate answers is very important. It is vital that you hold the pendulum so that it can move freely without any obstruction. There is no special way, what matters is the position where you and your pendulum are in a comfortable position and feel relaxed while working together. For successfully working with the pendulum you need training so that the energy levels of your body that of the pendulum & nature are in harmony.

Working becomes easier if you are not - tired, stressed out, too emotionally moved by the object for which the pendulum is being employed. You should also be free from any pre conceived opinions. You should also be free from any pre concerned opinions and take to heart few basic rules for your mental attitude while using the pendulum. These are taught in the training sessions. It is utmost important for you to regularly clean your pendulum. It is a personalized lovely playmate so should not be loaned to anybody.

In any case it will not work for others as it is attuned to your vibrations and needs to cleansed and re harmonized to the vibrations of the users. The pendulum must be kept with care and love in a clean and holy place where it feels in peaceful surroundings. So the ideal place is your temple or place of worship. Once we have been initiated by the trainer into the process of knowing the pendulum can be used for manifold purposes.

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The oscillations can tell you your personal directions as under. And once you enter this world you are ready to work with the pendulum and obtain your answer to your questions.

  1. Yes and No
  2. Positive and Negative
  3. Neutral • Affinity and Aversion
  4. I don’t want to work on this
  5. No information possible
  6. Error. Dowsing can be used for several purposes.
  7. Finding out your suitable food, medicine etc.
  8. Checking energy of Rashi Stones, Crystals etc
  9. For affinity between flowers, Plants, Animals , even two persons etc.
  10. Finding your lost belongings
  11. Pets and soul.
  12. Healing. Locating the source of problem and healing through its oscillations.

It will spin on its own at and our request. One can go endlessly on the usages and advanced training can lead to make oscillation charts to determine the correct medicine, potency in case of Homeopathic medicine, localizing the area of problem in your body and energizing for relief etc. While concluding dowsing can be fun and an interesting way to a newer life.

All it needs is practice, desire to learn and a positive, healthy motive. Interested come to us purchase your personal pendulum of choice and enter the vast excitement that awaits you. Inquisitive ? Contact Future Point for your pendulum requirements and under signed for training and further details.

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