The Utility of Drekkanas in Prediction

The Utility of Drekkanas in Prediction  

V. Kumar
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The Utility of Drekkanas in prediction is multifarious. Although ,usually ,delineation - of the influence of ones co-borns on the native is done using the drekkana chart, it has also been found very useful in medical astrology for predicting the diseases. The timing of death through Khara drekkana (22nd Dk) and Mrutyu Drekkanas (the three drekkanas falling in the sign of Khara drekkanas has been found very effective. In Prashna shastra, Drekkana Swaroopa is highly useful in knowing the physical features of the thief. Also, the placement of moon in a chart in Rasi Tulya Drekkanas and Bhava Suchaka Drekkanas is said to indicate the pattern of thinking as well as the nature of the native.

These applications of Drekkanas have been discussed elaborately by many writers and the readers are perhaps well aware of them. This article of mine proceeds further to examine the utility of Drekkanas in an over all assessment of the chart in terms of finance , name and fame, Status etc. Uttama Drekkanas : The first Drekkana of a Chara Rasi, the second Drekkana of a Sthira Rasi and the third Drekkana of a Dwiswabhava Rasi are classified as Uttama Drekkanas. As the very name suggests, the whole of 10 degrees of these Drekkanas exert a very special influence on the native. The three nakshatra padas falling in each of these Uttama Drekkanas are exceptional ones in the life of a native due to the following reason: In Chara Rasis, Out of the three nakshatra padas falling within the Uttama. Drekkanas the 1st Nakshatra pada is a vargottama pada while the 2nd and 3rd are parivarthana padas.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

In Sthira Rasis, the 1st and 3rd nakshatra padas within the Uttama Drekkanas are parivarthana padas while the 2nd Nakshatra pada is a Vargottama pada. In Dwiswabhava Rasis, the 1st and 2nd nakshatra padas with the Uttama Drekkanas are parivarthana padas while the third nakshatra pada is a vargottama pada. As such, each of these Uttama Drekkanas contain one vargottama Pada and two parivarthana padas and hence are capable of awarding exceptionally favourable results to the native except under some special conditions which would be explained later. The Swaroopa of Uttama Drekkanas : In order to understand the utilitarian aspects of these drekkanas, let us first have a look at their ‘Swaroopas’(shapes and characteristics) as defined in Chapter 27 of Brihat Jataka by Varahamihira (Translation by late Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao, founder of the Astrological Magazine) .

1. Mesha 1st DK: A man with a white cloth round his waist, dark complexion, pretending to protect, of fearful red eyes and a lifted axe .

2. Vrishaba 2nd DK: A Man possessing knowledge of lands, grains, houses, cows, arts, ploughing and carts, hungry ,sheep faced, dirty clothes and shoulders like the hump of an ox.

3. Mithuna 3rd DK: A Man adorned and decked with gems, armoured with quiver and bow, skilled in dancing, drumming and arts, and poet.

4. Karkataka 1st DK: A Man holding fruits, roots and leaves, elephant bodied, residing on sandal trees in the forest, legs like that of Sarabha (Camel) and horse-necked.

5. Simha 2nd DK: A Man resembling a horse’s body with white garlands on the head, wearing Krishnajina and kambalam, fierce as a lion with a bow in the hand and bent nose.

6. Kanya 3rd DK: A female ,yellowish, covered by a white silk cloth, tall, holding a pot and a spoon, going to temple with great sanctity.

7. Thula 1st DK: A Man seated ill a shop in the middle of the road, holding balances, clever in weighing and measuring with a small scale for gold, diamonds, and thinking of his capital, and the prices of articles in the shop.

8. Vrischika 2nd DK : A Woman fond of home and happiness for her husband’s sake and covered by serpents with a body resembling a tortoise and a pot.

9. Dhanus 3rd DK: A Marl with along beard, complexion like that of Champaka or gold, holding a stick, sitting in a splendid posture and keeping silks and deer skins.

10. Makara 1st DK: A Man covered with much hair, teeth like those of a crocodile, body like that of a pig, keeping yokes, nets and bandages and with a cruel face.

11. Kumbha 2nd DK: A woman covered with a dirty cloth in a forest, bearing pots on head and dragging metals in a burnt cart loaded with cotton trees in it.

12. Meena 3rd DK: A Man carrying in a pit in a forest, naked and covered over his body by serpents and with a mind distracted by thieves and fire.

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Guidelines for utility : The following points may be used as guidelines for applying and delineating the influence of Uttama Drekkanas in a horoscope: 1. If the Drekkana swaroopa be of agreeable appearance (eg. carrying fruits, flowers, Gems, Pots, etc) and aspected by natural benefics, then the natives born in such Drekkanas generally lead a prominent life in the society. They get name, fame and status apart from an affluent way of living. They may be highly educated with sharp intellect and refilled culture. 2. In the analysis of Bhava results, the swaroopa of the drekkana in which the cuspal point or bhava Madhya falls has a very significant role in making the bhava flourish. Generally, the significations of the bhavas are boosted if the bhava Madhya falls in any of the uttama drekkanas and renders positive in influencing the native, unless otherwise marred by any simultaneous negative influence of all the three basic deciding factors viz., Bhava, Bhava lord and Bhava Karaka. 3. Birth in uttama drekkanas exerts an overall positive influence on the native which has its impact at all times through out his life.

It works as a ‘pattern-maker’ or a ‘trend-setter’ in shaping the destiny of the native from the very beginning, unlike the occasional boosting effect of the Yogas in the chart which operate primarily during the Dasa/Bhukti/ Antara periods of the yoga forming planets. The nature and results of yogas vary from person to person depending upon age, living environment, etc. But, the influence of a uttama drekkana on either the Janma Rasi or the Janma lagna or the cusp of a Bhava exerts a special superlative influence due to which the results experienced by the native are bound to be quite favourable. 4. a. If the lagna lord or the lord of the star in which lagna cusp falls is posited in a uttama drekkana then such natives become popular in the society gaining name, fame and status. They are likely to become powerful, educated and wealthy as well. b. Similarly, if a bhava lord or the lord of the star in which bhava Madhya falls is posited in a uttama drekkana , then the significations of the bhava flourish well.

Even if the bhava is otherwise spoiled in the conventional sense by the afflictions on the Bhava and its karaka , the native finds a ‘saving grace’ in the bhava lord or the bhava star lord as the case may be by virtue of its placement in Uttama Drekkanas. 5. Out of the above vargottama padas, if a planet attains debilitation in Navamsa ,it does not offer good results inspite of its placement in a vargottama pada. For example, if Shani gets posited in Ashwini 1 pada , Kuja gets posited in Punarvasu 4 pada, Sukra gets posited in Chitta 2 pada, Sun gets posited in Chitta 3 pada, Moon gets posited in Anuradha 4 pada, Guru gets posited in Uttarashada 2pada and Budha gets posited in Revathi 4 pada they attain neecha vargottama which is considered to be bad for the native for such planets do not offer good results during their periods and sub periods. 6. Out of the parivarthana padas also if a planet attains debilitation in navamsa it may offer only ordinary results. In this case, the magnitude of results depends on the dignities of the planet such’ as its position in a Kendra trikona, Exaltation/own! Friend enemy’s house, etc.,.

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For example, if Kuja is in Rohini 1 pada and Sukra is in Aswini 2 pada it is certainly favourable because both planets will be occupying their own houses in navamsa whereas if Kuja gets posited in Aswini 2 pada and Sukra gets posited in Rohini 1 pada it will be detrimental to both the planets despite their placements in own houses in Rasi chart because of their placement in enemy’s house in navamsa. The results should be gauged only by assessing all attendant conditions. Before taking up a few example charts for discussion, one important point is to be noted. That is, this concept of Uttama drekkanas is only an additional tool for higher accuracy of prediction. It should be judiciously used in unison with all other standard principles of astrology. Before taking a final decision, all types of influences such as dignities of planets, modification of influences due to dual lordship, Position, aspect, conjunction, combustion, retrogression, etc.

Must be carefully considered. Although it can be proved beyond doubt that all those born in uttama drekkanas have certainly achieved name, fame, status, wealth, etc., in their lives, it surely cannot be claimed that all those who were/are learned, rich and popular forming the higher strata of society were/are born in uttama drekkanas only. In almost all the charts of the rich and famous personalities the influence of many powerful yogas are certainly evident. But, in some charts, even in the absence of such powerful yogas the natives enjoy excellent honours for which one of the reasons is the superlative influence of uttama drekkanas in such charts. The concept of uttama drekkanas comes in handy in providing a clear clue in such charts. Let us study some examples : Ex. H.1: Horoscope of LATHA MANGESHKAR, the renowned singer. DOB. 28.09.1929, TOB : 09.51 PM (IST), POB: Indore, Ayanamsa : KP (22 Deg. 46 min.) Ex. H.1 : Analysis : Lagna of the native falls in Rohini 2nd Pada which is a vargottama pada of the uttama drekkana of Vrishaba Rasi.

Lagna lord sukra is posited in 2nd Drekkana of simha (mekha 4 pada) which is a uttama Drekkana. Sukra is also the karaka for music and other performing arts and is strongly placed in a Kendra with Digbala i.e, in 4th house. 2nd and 5th lord Budha is posited in own house in Kanya in Chitta 2nd Pada which is a Vargottama pada of the Uttama Drekkana in Kanya Rasi.. Budha , as lord of 2nd house signifies Speech! Vak sthana of the native and as 5th lord signifies art and entertainment fields. Also the swaroopa of the lagna drekkana of the native ( Vrishabha 2nd Drekkana) described above indicates skills in Music, Dance, etc. and the swaroopa of the third Drekkana of Kanya (in which Budha is posited) indicates a pure lady proceeding to a temple.

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These descriptions are pleasant and agreeable ones thus indicating a favourable influence on the native. Thus the influence of uttama drekkanas on the lagna , lord of Lagna and lords of 2nd and 5th houses including the karakas for music i.e, budha and sukra have bestowed the native a matchless career in music field being the only singer in the world to have achieved more than 60,000 recordings in vocal music. Ex. H.2: Horoscope of P. V. Narasimha Rao , Former Prime Minister of India. DOB. 28.06.1921, TOB : 01.02 PM (IST), POB : Warangal (A.P) Lat:17-58 N Long: 79-40 E Ex. H.2 : Analysis : Lagna falls in the third Drekkana of Kanya which is a uttama drekkana. Lord of lagna (Budha , who is also the 10th lord) is posited in own house (Mithuna) in Punarvasu 3 pada which is a vargottama pada falling within the uttama drekkana of Mithuna Rasi.

These superlative influences have conferred a long and illustrious political career to the native despite the adverse influences of a strong (with digbala) 3rd and 8th lord Kuja and 12th lord Sun besides the placement of Bhagyadhipathi sukra III 8th house indicating loss of luck. The natural malefics -Rahu ( in 2nd house signifying family, finance, etc,) and Ketu ( in 8th house signifying longevity, etc) -have not adversely affected the native because of their placement in Uttama drekkanas. The swaroopa of the uttama drekkana in Mithuna described above indicated a man wearing ornaments, possessing many gems, wearing a mail coat and target, learned in all arts and a literary writer. What a close description of the Polyglot prime minister who was nicknamed as the ‘modern chanakya’ by the then political observers.

Ex. H.3: Horoscope of BILL BATES, the Computer Wizard. DOB. 29.10.1955, TOB : 10.00 PM (PST), POB : Seattle (USA) Lat: 47.31N Long: 120.00W Ex. H.3 : Analysis : Lagna falls in the first Drekkana of Karkataka which is a uttama Drekkana .Lagna lord Moon is posited in Meena in Revathi 4 pada which is a vargottama pada falling within the uttama drekkana of Meena Rasi. 4th lord Budha is posited in a uttama drekkana in own house and 9th cusp falls in a uttama Drekkana .As a result of these influences by the uttama drekkanas, despite being a school dropout, luck has favoured him and made him one of the richest men in the world. The swaroopa of the third drekkana of Meena indicates a suffering from thieves, etc., Who else other than Bill Gates faces the greatest challenge posed by piracy of computer software? Ex. H.4: Horoscope of AMITABH BACHHAN, the renowned Actor. DOB. 11.10.1942, TOB : 04.00 PM (IST), P.O.B : Allahabad, Lat: 25-57 N Long: 81-50 E Ex. H.4 : Analysis: The above horoscope is an excellent example for the superlative influence of Uttamma Drekkanas. Out of the 12 Bhava madhyas, four are falling in Uttama Drekkanas.

4th Bhava falling in Vrishaba, 6th Bhava falling in Karkataka, 10th Bhava Falling in Vrischika and 12th Bhava falling in Makara are all falling in Uttama drekkanas. Out of the nine planets, other than Chandra and Sukra, remaining seven planets are occupying uttama drekkanas. The negative influence of Badhak Sukra is well under the control of three planets posited in the uttama drekkana of Kanya Rasi with whom the former is conjoined. Although the position of 6th lord Chandra in 9th house has created some problems in finance for him, the placement of Guru in its Kendra in a uttama drekkana has brought him back on track. The four planets in 8th house ( five in Bhava , because chandra also moves to 8th in Bhava chart) have not caused any major adverse effect on the native despite their placement in a Dussthana because three out of these four planets are posited in a Uttama Drekkana.

Despite having five planets in 8th house in the Bhava chart, the native is enjoying a place of pride in the Indian Cinema even to day at the age of 64 years solely due to the superlative influence of Uttama Drekkanas in his horoscope. These examples have been chosen arbitrarily. Readers are requested to examine the horoscopes of other rich and famous personalities on the above lines and see for themselves the utility of uttama drekkanas in arriving at a clear picture on the general financial status and the popularity levels of the concerned natives.

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