The Importance of the Uranus on the Human Natal Horoscopes

The Importance of the Uranus on the Human Natal Horoscopes  

Parimi Sambaiah
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In this paper I want to emphasize the signification of the Planet Uranus on human horoscopes. The whole analysis of this article is based on K.P. ( Krishnamurthy Paddhathi) only. Late Guruji Jyothishamannan Prof. K.s. Krishna Murthy gave valuable and accurate analytical predictive system as Stellar Astrology. Before I start my topic I want to explain concisely how K.P works. Guruji in this system introduced SUB division of Constellation into 9 parts according to the ratio of vimshottari Udu Dasa. For example: Aswani the first star of zodiac that starts from 0 Degree to 13 degrees 20 minutes is divided into 9 parts. He named each part as SUB. In ancient and traditional astrology each nashkthra is divided into 4 parts as 4 Padas of 3 degrees 20 minutes each. 

The 27 constellations are divided into 108 padas and are incorporated in the Rasi chakra. Each house has the capacity of possessing 9 padas each. Our beloved Guruji divided the 27 constellations into 249 SUBs and 2163 SUB-SUBS as in the ratio of Vimsothary Udu dasa system. Along with the above division, the special feature of K.P is Ruling planet system.( R.P ). The Role of Ruling Planet is more in Horary Astrology (Prashna Sastra ) than in Natal Astrology. In 1781, Herschel discovered Uranus planet. After the discovery of the planet both Homeopathy and Uranium became available to the mankind. That’s why Uranus is a planet for Atomic Energy, Electronics, Electrical Science, Higher Research, Astrology and Homeopathy etc. Most of the western astrologers study the influence of Uranus on human beings. 

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Now I want to put before you the influence of Uranus in the natal horoscopes according to K.P. The Most significant feature of K.P. is the divisions of Bhavas . The Bhava division of k.p. is different from Sripathi padhathi. Here in K.P., the Bhava Division is bassed on the Plascidus Semi Arc System and the Cuspal point is the starting point of the Bhava. In my observation, I have noticed that influence of Uranus is more when it is on the exact cusp. In India the Influence of Uranus is studied by astrologers like Prof. K.s.Krishnamurthy and Master Ekkirala Krishnamacharya of Visakhapatnam. 

The Influence of Uranus on 12 Bhavas 

I cusp( Lagna ) :If uranus is in Lagna, the native may be tall or short, speed walking, beautiful face, freedom oriented, eccentric, independent, research habits, spiritualism oriented, inventive, unconventional changes in office and at home, unfortunate marriage and in some occasions marriage may be denied and has a quick mind. 

II cusp (vaak) : Ups and downs in fortune, unsettled state of mind, gains through investigations or harsh talk, nobody knows how the native thinks and behaves, discoveries, interest in mechanism, music and electricity. 

III Cusp(Bharthru):Separation from rith and kin, sharp and intelligent, more talkative, if the native studies Astrology he can master the subject within short period, they lose their property with one signature, accidents in journeys, they publish lies in the name of science and cheat themselves and public, worried, sudden and unexpected news, accidents, adventurous, clairvoyance, claireaudience and nervous troubles. 

IV cusp ( Matru): Fortune in foreign place, difficulty in inheriting property, quarrel with parents and departs away from them, even though the native has own house, he will stay in the rented house, problems in domestic life, disharmony with wife and close relatives, ups and downs of financial position, loss by theft, misjudgment etc., philosophical bent of mind with hindrances. 

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V Cusp(Santhana): Secret life, research, changeable, no pleasure, danger in child birth, may have one child, well educated, abortions, congenital deceased children, may be dumb or deaf, loss by risk taking. 

VI Cusp( sathru): Nervous, undiagnosed desease or incurable diseases, disorders, sickness, metaphysist, psychic expressions, strange and incurable disease etc. 

VII Cusp ( Kalathra) : late marriage or hasty marriage, pleasant romance, somebody may spoil their life after marriage, somebody may spoil before marriage, loss of wife or divorce, fire accidents or suicide, misunderstanding after marriage, litigation, misunderstandings with business partners, loss in the business due to sudden death of the partner, court cases, disputes with municipal authorities, partner intelligent, contracts, etc. 

VIII Cusp (Ashtama): Loss of property due to death of relatives, transition from the psychic and spiritual world, may be after long suffering due to sudden and unexpected end, sudden and substantial gain through partner, financial trouble, etc., 

IX Cusp (Bhagya): Independent, expert in religious andspiritual studies, psychic power, original, inventive, intuitive, ever planning and scheming, taste for occult, metaphysical, religious and interest in philosophy etc., reformative and progressive ideas and pioneers. May be unmarried, study of secret books, clairvoyance, if mars and Saturn aspect, unrealistic, against religion and God. 

X Cusp (Rajya): Always fights with higher officials, independent, original, astrologer, research oriented brain, higher level doctors, enmity from public, inventive, difficulty from government and public, electrician and investigator, reformer, psychologist, engineer, hypnotist, reporter, sudden and frequent changes . 

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XI Cusp (Labha): Friends, scientists, philosophers, intelligent and independent, original, impulsive, attachment, romantic life, progressive hopes and selfish ends, loss through friends, lifelong benefits, etc. 

XII Cusp( vyaya):Occult investigations, fame and name after death, detachment from public, psychic power, secret love affairs, hospital bird, or jail bird, strange and secret enemies etc, fortune in foreign land

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