Earthquakes and Astrology

Earthquakes and Astrology  

Dr. Arun Bansal
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Tsunami waves generated by earthquake near Indonesia on 26 December, 2004 took more than 1,50,000 lives and a large number of people isappeared. There are certain combinations in astrology that help in estimation of time and place of earthquakes. Earthquakes are caused by changes in gravitation. All planets are moving round the Sun. Their motion and path are governed by gravity. kepler principle, which is used for the calculation of position of planets, is also based on principle of gravity.

When majority of planets come together at one side, their gravitational pull increases at that side. In addition to it, when Moon that is fast moving and has maximum pull due to nearness to Earth and causes tides, reaches in opposite direction, the gravitational equilibrium gets disturbed. The parts of earth that were under pull, experience reduction in pull. This phenomenon produces disturbances beneath the strata of earth resulting in earthquakes. It has been observed that majority of quakes occur on 2nd and 3rd days of bright half.

Further, 75% earthquakes occur in a span of 5-6 days between New Moon to 3rd day of Bright Half or from full Moon to 2nd day of Dark half. Since eclipses occur on full Moon or New Moon, they have a direct relationship with earthquakes. Quite often, strong quakes occur one or two days after the eclipse. The equatorial parts of earth remain in the ecliptic plane of its path. All planets move round the Sun in this plane. Therefore the gravitational pull of planets is maximum on equatorial parts of earth and minimum near the poles.

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Due to this reason, majority of earthquakes occur near the equator. As majority of earth's population lives in Northern Hemisphere and longest belt of earth lies between 350 to 400 Latitude, maximum quakes occur between these degrees. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus are the planets situated nearest to Earth. The gravitational force of these 5 planets exercises maximum influence on Earth. When these 5 planets come on one side ie between + 450, maximum probability for an earthquake is created. Similarly, the frequently discussed combination, Kaal Sarp Yoga also augments the chance for a quake.

In Kaal Sarp Yoga, all planets gather on one side of the axis of Rahu and Ketu. In Partial Kaal Sarp Yoga, one or two planets may be out of this axis. Therefore, whenever Kaal Sarp Yoga is formed, the gravational force acts more at one side of Earth while on the opposite side it remains weak and creates circumstances for an earthquake. In addition to above, transit of Moon over fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius has been correlated with quakes. according to Samhitas the location of epicenter of an earthquake may be ascertained by planetary degrees and location of planets at the time of an eclipse.

A comparative study of most severe earthquakes that have occurred in the past has revealed that more than 90% quakes occur when Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon and Mars were at one side or when Moon was situated in opposite side of Sun in Dark Half of month. Additionally, Kaal Sarp Yoga was formed completely or partially in the sky. The 26 December, 2004 was also full Moon day when the massive earthquake and Tsunami waves were generated. Four planets Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus were situated at one side within 350 and all planets were situated between the axis of Sun and Moon, i.e. Moon in Gemini, Sun in Sagittarius and other planets Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Mercury were present in signs Gemini to Sagittarius.

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It is said that in ancient days Dwarka, the city of Lord Krishna had been submerged by similar Tsunami waves, but astrology in those days was highly developed. Krishna was able to know in advance about the calamity, so he got the whole area evacuated in a planned manner and shifted to an area situated on the main land of India. No life was lost . Further, according to Bhagvat puran they watched the submerging of Dwarka by standing at an higher altitude. In nutshell, Astrology is capable to forecast an earthquake but research may make it more useful.

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