Leo Palm : A versatile Astrological Program for hand-held devices

Leo Palm : A versatile Astrological Program for hand-held devices  

Abhijit Chandra
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"Palm Top” as the name suggests is a hand held computing device and is quite popular among the computing devices being used now a days all over the world. It is small in size and can be carried almost anywhere and has a considerable memory space to occupy necessary data. It comes in several models like Palm IIIxe, IIIc, Vx, VIIx, Palm M500, M505, M515, M530, M550(Tungston T) Sony CLIE. Among the significant usages, it contains a number of pre-installed functions. Such as calculator, calendar, clock, diary, personal digital assistant (PDA), address book, date book, expenses, mail-box,

To Do List and a number of pre-installed games. Palm Top comes with several versions of palm operating system such as, Palm OS and Symbion. “Leo Palm” software is developed to run on Palm OS compatible Palm Organizers with minimum 8 MB RAM. About “Leo Palm” : “Leo Palm” is a custom built astrological package shipped with the Palm Top devices. Its developers are “Future Point” who have been credited with developing a number of quality astrological softwares for Desktop as well as PC calculator, and are the first and foremost organization in the field of Astrology and Astrological researches. Now work is going on to develop software for Pocket PC in Windows CE environment.

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People desirous to purchase “Leo Palm” software can get the software installed on the Palm Top device that they already have or they can opt for the full package i.e., hardware device and “Leo Palm” software with manual and other utilities like cradle, charger, AC adapter or converter for printing, which makes it a complete package. There are two different manual provided with the kit, one is meant for installation and another one is user operational manual. Electronic version of the manual is also available inside the “Leo Palm” software in Acrobat (PDF format) under Help section. For more information and features, you can visit our web site www.leopalm.com and download free copy of the manual and demo version of the software. Setting Up : Installation of the software “Leo Palm” is quite simple. For installation, you need to connect your Palm Top with the Desktop.

You can connect your Palm Top with desktop by inserting AC adapter cable into the back of the cradle connector and subsequently connecting the cradle to a COM (serial) port on the desktop. After this, plug the adapter into the socket. and put the Leo Palm CD into the computer’s CD ROM drive. It will start installing Palm Desktop software. Follow the instructions, after completion, install Leo Palm on your desktop by running setup.exe and follow the instructions.

Afterwards, you can transfer the contents of desktop Leo Palm software onto the Palm Top using Hot Sync utility. You can find the details of installation in the installation manual provided with the software. If you find any difficulty then get it installed from us at our premises at “Future Point” office situated at Hauz Khas, Delhi. Printing : For printing, either you can directly print using infra-red printing technique if you have IR port in your printer or alternatively you can print through Palm Top Cradle which is different for each version of Palm Top. For example, if Palm Top has Serial connector at one end of the Palm Top Cradle and has printer with parallel port then you will require a serial to parallel port converter. If the printer has serial port then no converter is required. You can attach your Palm Top cradle with your printer with the help of printer cable.

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Another method of printing is through our PC Print Utility for desktop computer which uses Print Master software to print on file(A4) size page, taking printing information from Palm Top connected to desktop. Connect your desktop computer with printer using USB port. To enter text in Palm Top, you can use onscreen keyboard displaying texts and numerals and using stylus (sort of a touch pen) which comes with the device. Features “Leo Palm” software is available in two languages Hindi and English.

It has a number of packages like Astrology, Matching, Varshphal, Horary, KP, LalKitab, and Numerology. Software is quite fast, efficient to use and is bug-free. “Leo Palm” operates in two different calculation modes viz., Accurate Mode - computes upto seconds and takes approx. 30 seconds and another is Fast Mode - computes upto minutes and takes approx. 10 seconds. One of the important features in “Leo Palm” is that It contains Longitude and Latitude of more than 15,000 cities all over the world. It has exhaustive predictions for Yoga, Dasha, and Transit. “Leo Palm” supports different types of Chart Styles, like North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, Oriya, and Western.

It supports a number of Dasha systems e.g., Vimshottari, Panchottari, Shodashottari, Ashtottari, Dwadasottari, Shatabdika, Tribhagi, Yogini, Char, Kal Chakra, Lal Kitab, Patyamsa and Mudda Dasa upto 5 levels. Birth Data storage A significant feature of palm top is its ability to support a large database for horoscopes of different categories of people and personalities like Astrologers, Film Stars, Sport Stars, Politician, Scientist, Corporate Giants, Artists and Authors, Celebrities, Friends, Relatives, and Family Members. Calendar and Date/Time In order to accommodate almost any date/time in the software, the provision has been made for various calendar systems across the globe.

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Significant among them are Gregorian, National, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Kerala, Nepali, Chaitradi, and Kartikadi calendars. The software also contains 20,000 years calendars and panchang from year 9999 BC to 9999 AD. The software has the option to enter any date in BC. Time can be entered in Ghati/Pal format and can be converted to Hours. Horary Tools Based on ancient method of prediction and horary principles, a number of yantras has been proposed/devised by ancient saints and found to be accurate. these have been included in the “Leo Palm”.

Most significant of them are Tarot Card, Ram Shalaka, Ank Shakunavali, Chart Ramal, Teesa Yantra,Nakshatra prashnavli, Gautam Kevli, Jin Kevli, Karya Prichha, Box of 15, Garbhini Prashna, Number Ramal, Pasavli. Based on the modern scientific principles of measurement of one’s emotions, health and finance a Bio-Rhythmic Graph has been included in software. Astrological Options For astrological computational purposes, a set of astrological options have been provided which the user can configure and save as default. Some of them are Ayanamsa, True/Mean Rahu, Ashtakvarga points, Sunrise, Matching systems, Varshphal systems, prediction year, and dasha date.

Option for saving of city with a given latitude and longitude not included with the software has also been given. Time correction is automatically computed as soon as the user enters the city. A striking feature of any astrological software should be to view multiple horoscope any time in order to analyze them simultaneously. This software provide this facility on a single click. Prediction Astrological prediction based on planet position in a house can be obtained by a single click on the house in the chart of a native displayed on the screen where the planet is positioned. Similarly, Dasha prediction for Mahadasa and Antardasa can be obtained on a single click on the planet for the displayed dasa at Level-1 and 2. Software also consists predictions for Navamsa, Bhava, Gochar, and Yogas (around 300).

क्या आपकी कुंडली में हैं प्रेम के योग ? यदि आप जानना चाहते हैं देश के जाने-माने ज्योतिषाचार्यों से, तो तुरंत लिंक पर क्लिक करें।

Transit Through “Leo Palm” you can have a complete graphical view of the current planetary configuration of sky using its "Transit" utility. Using it, you can view sky of any particular date/time, you can control the movement of the transit in a backward/forward direction on daily/monthly/yearly or weekly basis or in hour, minute or second basis. There are various zodiac patterns like Fixed, Moving, X-Y, Western and Western Fixed available. User Customizations To make a software fully conversant to user requirements is the need of the hour and Future Point has always been forerunner in this direction. all the Astrological Softwares developed by Future Point which belong to different generations, whether it be DOS based “Leo-1”, Window based “Leo Gold” “Leo Palm” all have the feature of providing a number of customizations to enhance and upgrade its database according to the need of the end users. “Leo Palm” software uses different masters for maintenance of Color, End Page description of company/user,

Page, Model, Printer, Page Setup. Option has been provided to add a particular Color/Page/Model/Printer/End Page, and or modify them or delete them from the software. To keep factory or default setting, user can save current data as default. · Color Master : User can change colors of all items of Leo Palm according to his choice. · Astrologer Master : User can enter personal details which are printed at the bottom of each page. Used only in printing. · Model Master : User can set which screen to be printed, and how many screens in what order to be printed. · Page Master : Page setting for a page can be set here. · Printer Master : Setting of “Leo Palm” according to user printer.

BackUp/Restoration User can keep backup copy of the various masters on desktop computer using Hot Sync facility of the Palm desktop software and restore them as and when required or when an updated version of the software is installed. Packages Each package comprises of a number of significant astrological calculations and prediction features. A brief description of each package is given below. · Complete Astrology : Various Charts, Planet/House positions with other aspects, Avakahada, Ghat Chakra, Tara Chakra, Shodashvarga, Aspects, Shadbala, Ashtakvarga, KP System, Jaimini, Remedies - Gems selection, sadesati, Yoga Karakas, Manglik Vichar, Kaal Sarp Yoga, Panchang, Predictions based on Navamsa, House and Planet positions etc. ·

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

Match-Making :Computation of planet degrees and dasha for both the natives, Ashtkoot guna milan according to North Indian, Traditional and Gujarati styles, manglik dosha compatibility with conclusion, Compatibility result on nature, health, finance, children and relation with In-Laws and more. · Varshphal : Option of varshphal calculations based on traditional/modern systems, Muntha and Varsheshwar calculations, Dwadashvarga, Hersh and Panchvargeeya Bala, Mudda, Patyamsa and Vimsottari dasa. Saham calculations, Triptaki Chakra, Shodash Yoga, and predictions on Muntha, Munthesh, Varshesh, and Varsh lagnesh etc. · Numerology : Know your radical, lucky and name number, friendly and evil numbers, lucky yantra, favourable and unfavourable numbers for name change, predictions based on date of birth, name, lucky number, and radical number. · Horary : Get detailed answer of any query through horary technique.

Add questions to Horary data bank, option for houses and planets as per question. · Lal Kitab : Calculation of planetary degrees and their positions, Friendship table, Graha/Rashi phal, Lalkitab dasa, computation of kind of Teva like Dharmi, Nabalig, and Andha and Planet interpretation and their remedies etc. Rina to know the balance of previous birth, its effect in this birth and its remedies. Varshphal to know yearly results and remedies to be done on birth day to have best results for the year. · K.P. (Krishnamurthi systems) : Lagna, cusp or navamsa chart on KP ayanamsa, sub lord computations for planets and houses, ruling planets, significator computation with details, option of 1-249 or natal horoscope computations. Thus, “Leo Palm” software is a comprehensive astrological program and is quite versatile in the sense that it provides for portability and compactness inspite of being user-friendly and astrologer friendly. That is why It is the choice of millions of astrologers all over the world.

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