Analysis of a Horoscope

Analysis of a Horoscope  

Yashkaran Sharma
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Female, 02/09/1974, 11:00 AM, Calcutta

The main hallmark of this horoscope is the presence of Chatussagara Yoga in it. According to the prevalent definition of Chatussagara yog in Vedic astrology, it is said that if there are planets present in all the 4 Kendra houses of a horoscope counted from Lagna Chatussagara yog is formed which can bless the native with name, fame, a position of power and authority, long age, good health, wealth, good children and travel to various countries of the world.



The formation of Chatussagara yog in a horoscope always blesses the native with a post of high authority in government like a minister or some high rank officer in government. There are no doubts that the formation of Chatussagara yog in a horoscope can bless the native with many good results in various spheres of his/her life.

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Kendra houses are the most important, significant, powerful and at the same time the most sensitive houses of a horoscope which signify some of the most important spheres of a native's life like age, profession, fame, marriage, money, wealth, luxuries and many other things. For this reason, the presence of any kind of planets in all 4 Kendra houses of a horoscope can make the horoscope much more active than an average horoscope as there is planetary energy present in all the most powerful and sensitive regions of the horoscope.

Apart from Chatussagara Yoga there is other powerful Rajyogas in this chart which is getting formed with the mutual aspect between Moon and Sun for Scorpio Lagna. This Maha Rajyoga also promises power and position to this person. She is in a high position in UK government. She is also an astrologer and a good writer.

The negative point is the influence of 8th lord Mercury on these Rajyogas however in this process the 8th lord is getting strengthened thereby making her an ardent lover of occult sciences. This 8th lord is conjunct with Lagna lord and has the auspicious impact of the significators of imagination, intuition, spiritual knowledge and name and fame. The net result is attainment of name and fame from both i.e. government as well as some remarkable progress in the field of occult.

According to her horoscope she has lot of potential and energy in her. She knows it very well that how to develop and frame her personality as per situation. She can train people for enhancing their personality development skills. Her immunity is also good. The presence of Rahu in Lagna reduces her confidence at times therefore she is advised to keep her confidence intact. As per horoscope she shall live long.

The planetary position promises that she would be able to enjoy the comforts of staying in a very big house as Gajakeshari Yoga would certainly prove effective for accumulating lot of wealth and property. In her chart Mercury's role is also positive for championing occult and making money. The mutual aspect between 2nd Lord and 11th lord is forming Laxmi Yoga and the planets involved in the formation of this Yoga are Jupiter (Knowledge) and Mercury (Intelligence) therefore it obviously works as Saraswati Yoga too.

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At present the transit of Saturn in 2nd house is beneficial for finance but there shall be an increase in expenses because of more journeys or investment on property or vehicle.

The aspect of all malefics i.e. Rahu, Saturn and Mars on 5th house and the debilitation of significator of stability in D9 chart indicates lack of stability in relationship however the strong position of Jupiter and Venus protects her from becoming victim of misfortunes. In order to get better results she is advised to do her prayers on regular basis so that 5th lord Jupiter protects her relations by getting natural strength. At present the relations shall get revitalized with the favorable double transit impact on 5th lord.

There is impact of 6 planets on her 10th house therefore professionally she shall always remain on top position. Vargottami Sun in 10th house indicates that very easily she shall get lot of recognition for her work always.

She is planning to leave her influential government job for practicing fengshui but we advised her not to leave her job in a hurry because the practice of feng shui etc. can be done simultaneously. She can plan to leave her job after creating a clientele. We also predicted full success in achieving her endeavor and advised her to focus on all areas of occult including Astrology, Vastu, Palmistry, Tarot, Aura reading and Energy balancing etc.


In order to make her life balanced we advised her to do following effective remedial measures-

  • Wear Yellow Sapphire, Ruby and Moon stone.
  • Wear 4, 8 & 9 faced Rudrakshas.
  • Keep an idol of Lord Buddha in your drawing room.
  • Deploy few Pandits to do Mahamrityunajaya Yajna in order to destroy the Markesh impact of Mercury.
  • Keep Parad Shivling, Shaligram, crystal Sun, Ganpati of brass and crystal Shreeyantra at place of worship and chant Shreesuktam, Laxmisuktam and Lalitasahastranaam daily.
  • Chant following Mantra 108 times daily-

"ऊँ ऐं ह्रीं क्लीं चामुण्डायै विच्चै।"
"Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamundayai Vichhai"

By reciting this Mantra daily she shall be able to sharpen your potential on all fronts.

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