All about Gems

All about Gems  

Dr. Arun Bansal
Views : 4860 | July 2004

Usually all we know about gems is that they are precious and herald good days. But what all Gems are there? How do they work for different planets? Originally gems are there for the Sun up to Ketu that is for all Navagrahas. For instance, ruby for the Sun, pearl for Moon, coral for Mars, emerald for Mercury, topaz for Jupiter, diamond for Venus, sapphire for Saturn, Gomed for Rahu and Cat’s eye for Ketu. All these gems have the power to catch and assimilate rays emanating from these planets. They become resonant with these rays and enhance flow of the rays in our body. As a matter of fact, semi gems also have resonance – that too quite close to that of genuine gems. But in absence of exact resonance, the effective result is not more than ten percent. That’s why genuine gems are preferable.

How to examine gems?

Even naked eyes can ensure that there is not even hair-thin fracture in a gem. Any fracture or scratch disqualifies the same. Next comes transparency and brightness, which show the class (or type) of a gem. Cutting and chiseling of any gem at certain angles is vital for a class gem. If this cutting is not at proper angles, the gem can’t gather rays.

Are gems effective?

Position of a planet in a particular sign decides the remedy one should adopt. For instance, if planet is situated in an airy sign, chanting of Mantras, Katha, Pooja, etc. are effective. In case a planet is in a fiery sign, Yajna, Vrata, etc. will do. But if the planet is in a watery sign, donation, immersion of certain objects, medicinal bath, etc. are result producing whereas if the planet is in an earthy sign, remedies by gems, Yantras and Tantras and Deva Darshana are effective. If Yogakaraka planet is weak in a horoscope, the native should wear gems and other Yantras. Remedy by Mantras is also prescribed in this case. If fatal planet is overpowering, one should flow certain things in water or donate things. Chanting of Mantras and Deva Darshan are other good alternatives. Beware, wearing a gem in this situation will enhance power of the planet. But if Yogakarak planet is powerful, or fatal planet is feeble, then remedy is not at all required.

What about gems for a particular planet?

In fact, gems are prescribed to reinforce a particular planet. So, to remove ailing and failings related to a certain planet, one should wear gem of that planet. Or for that matter, gems of the planets under Dasha or Antardasha should be put on. Once again make sure that the planet must be Yogakarak in the horoscope of the native. It must not be fatal. If Ashtamesh is not Lagnesh, wearing a gem forit is not allowed. At the same time, I would say, if Yogakarak planet is weak, one must wear a gem.

Are the gems really auspicious for us?

Make doubly sure that certain gem will be or is benefic for you. More so in case of sapphire. At times you run into trouble just due to some shortcomings in a gem. If a sapphire is having a red tinge, it is known as killer sapphire and it can cause accident. Therefore, the best test for such precious stone is that you tie it on your hand and if you feel enthusiastic, go ahead or else look for another. But if even after scrutinizing two-three items you don’t get the feeling just disard the idea of wearing one for the time being.

What about weight of a gem?

Weight of a gem should be proportional to the weight of the wearer and weakness of the planet. If the planet is too feeble, one should put on a heavy gem. Normally a female should wear a gem of 3 to 5 Rattis and for males, prescribed range is 5 to 8 Rattis. Mind you, diamond is an exception. It can be lighter and even in so many pieces.

Weight of a gem – one and a quarter times? Is it a must?

Probably 1.25 is auspicious and three-quarters is inauspicious. But there is no hard and fast rule regarding 1.25. This is because, if a weight in one unit is 1.25, in another unit the same becomes Pauna i.e. three-quarters. For instance, a quarter less than 5 Rattis, I mean Paune 5 Rattis, is almost 4.25 carat i.e. 4.25 Rattis. And for your kind information, even Ratti is of two types – Kachchi and Pakki. Thus we can say, net weight of a gem is what really matters. And not the 1.25 factor.

Is body contact necessary for a gem?

Definitely. A gem must touch the body. Here again diamond is an exception. Diamond works on reflection, not on refraction. Angles of a gem should be such that it touches the finger. This applies equally to lockets. Naturally, gems should be studded like that. Let me make it clear that fingers are more effective in assimilation of rays. A gem on finger is as effective as a gem, at least double in weight, in a locket. Therefore, wearing it on finger is always advisable.

What about metal selection for a gem?

Gold is the best metal for any gem. It is the best and most benefic for any gem prescribed for a planet. But for diamond, platinum is at top. For sapphire and Gomed, gold mixed with Panchadhaatu is most preferable. For pearl, you can use silver. For coral, it is better you go for copper mixed with gold instead of pure copper. And for ruby, emerald, topaz and cat’s eye 22 ct. gold is the best metal.

Ascertaining finger and hand for any gem?

Male should wear a gem in right hand whereas for female left hand is prescribed. It is advisable to follow the rule even if a particular person is lefty i.e. works with left hand. Again, if a woman is in job or in some business like a man, she should wear gem in left hand only. For fingers, I would make it clear that little finger is for diamond and emerald; ring finger is for ruby, pearl, coral and cat’s eye; middle finger is for Neelam (Blue sapphire) and Gomed; and index finger is the best for topaz. Emerald can also be worn in ring finger and cat’s eye in little finger.

When and how a particular gem should be worn?

First of all, make sure that there is Shubha Muhurta i.e. auspicious moment and a powerful Moon as well. Besides, time, day and Nakshatra must be favourable for that particular gem. On an auspicious appointed time you should consecrate the gem with Gangajal and Panchamrut. Put it on with chanting of Mantras. Also show Dhoop-Deep to the gem. All this ensures enhanced benefic effect and a fall in inauspicious aspect of the planet. Now, note the days prescribed: ruby on Sunday, pearl on Monday, coral on Tuesday, emerald and cat’s eye on Wednesday, topaz on Thursday, diamond on Friday and sapphire and Gomed on Saturday. Sapphire should be worn on before Sunset and Gomed after it. For the rest, morning is prescribed.

What’s the time span for wearing a gem?

A gem is totally effective for 3 years. But diamonds are forever as you all know. Therefore, you must change a gem after 3 years. You can take it off for a while and again put the same after sometimes. The same gem, however, can be useful for someone else. You should take it off even if desired work is completed or if Dasha is changed.

Which gems are compatible with each other? Sapphire and Gomed should not be worn with Maanik, pearl, coral and topaz. It is absolutely harmless to put on any gem along with diamond, emerald, and cat’s eye. But you must examine ruby, pearl and topaz before putting it along with diamond.

How to take off a gem?

Usually people don’t mind taking off a gem at any point of time. I mean they don’t appoint any time for such an occasion. But this is not advisable. A gem must be taken off on its particular day. You should sprinkle Gangajala over it before putting it in safe custody. As a follow up action, certain objects must be donated.

Omens regarding gems :

In case a gem is lost or stolen, rest assured that the darker aspect of the planet is over. If a gem develops crack, it means the planet is powerful. Now, you must perform some Graha Shanti. If colour of the gem becomes pale, once again rest assured that the planet is pacified.

Mythologically, origin of gems is traced to Samudramanthan i.e. churning of the sea. Importance of gems for remedy of ominous planets is particularly highliglhted in astrology. But the question is how do gems work? Is it possible that some imitation of gems, or for that matter a colorued piece of glass may serve purpose?

To understand it, let us focus on how a radio set works. As you all know, microwaves are all pervasive in the atmosphere but to catch and transform them into sound waves, radio set has to tune on one frequency. Similarly all the waves emanating from different planets are present there in the atmosphere. And you need a certain medium to catch them. Gems do play vital role here. Yes, I mean it is the medium we are talking about. In fact, a particular gem has special attribute and power to make rays of a particular planet favourable for us. But frequency (Samaswaran) for the waves or rays changes in case of semi gems or a piece of glass of the same colour. So, then purpose of wearing it gets defeated. On the other hand, a genuine gem catches of the same colour and focuses rays on wearer’s organ and eventually those rays flow through the body. That’s why a ring is designed so that the gems studded in it are constantly in touch with your body.

Biologically speaking, nerve controls (Snaayu Niyantrana) from different fingers reach different parts of our brain. Naturally, each control has a particular impact. This, in fact, is the reason why a particular gem is being put on a particular finger. It is also known that rays of a certain planet reach a certain part of our brain and accordingly relationship between a finger and a particular planet is ascertained. With such a knowledge base, various rules are prescribed for wearing gems. Normally gems are worn according to: 1.Birth Sign or Nakshatra, 2.Sun Sign 3. Dasha-Antardasha, Benevolent planet according to horoscope, 5. Malefic planet according to horoscope, 6. Birth-day, 7. Moolaank, Bhagyaank, or Namaank, 8. Lines on hand, and 9. Necessity or according to significance of gems. But if we conform to all the methods, then practically we have to cover our fingers with all the gems. On the other hand if we choose a common gem, prescribed by various methods, our fingers would remain without one. I mean one can’t find a common gem having all attributes. Therefore, we should go for a method that is ‘optimize for sure’. We should put on gems according to necessity – precisely for benefic planets of our horoscope.

Lords of benefic houses or planets posited in those houses are benevolent for us. Now, we can mathematically arrive at a formula to ascertain whether a particular planet is benevolent or not:

House 1 2 34 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Number 5 2 1 3 4 1 2 -1 5 3 2 0

First of all add up the number, a particular planet is the lord of, to the number of the house the planet is sitting in. In case the planet is the lord of the same house, multiply by 2 and then add. If result is 7 or more, the planet is benefic or else malefic. For an example, if the Sun is in 4th house of a Leo horoscope then according to the above table the Sun got a number 3 in 4th house and as it is Lagnesh so it got 5. This way total number of the Sun is calculated as 5 x 2 + 3 = 13 i.e. a benefic planet. Similarly if Saturn is in 4th house, it will have a number 3 from 4th house; a number 2 from Saptamesh and a number 1 from Shashtesh. Finally, total number obtained is 3 + 2 + 1 = 6 i.e. malefic.

This way which gem is benefic or malefic in a particular horoscope can be ascertained by the formula given below:

Planet Number = House Number of the Planet + Number of house of a planet + Number of second house of the same planet. Now, to ascertain the right weight of a gem there are two variables – force of the planet and weight of the native. If a native is heavy, the gem too should be more in weight. Again, if force of the planet is less, weight of the gem should be more so that it can reinforce the planet. We can formulate an equation for the whole process. Let me make it clear that average weight of gems vary. The table below makes it amply clear:

Gem Avg. wt. Ruby 4 Pearl 4 Coral 6 Emerald 4 Topaz 4 Diamond 1 Neelam 4 Gomed 5 Cat’s eye 6
Avg. wt.
Ruby 4
Pearl 4
Coral 6
Emerald 4
Topaz 4
Diamond 1
Neelam 4
Gomed 5
Cat’s eye 6

Change in weight of a gem should be done in accordance with weight of the native and the force of planet in his or her horoscope. If a native weighs 60 kilograms then:

Weight of the gem = Avg. wt. x wt. of the native

60 × Shadbala of planet

This way if after dividing the planet by Shadbala the planet is strong, the weight of the gem decreases and conversely if the planet is weak, weight of the gem has to be increased.

Now, the weight arrived at after applying the above equation should be converted into one and a quarter i.e. 1.25. For instance, if calculation works out to 6.5 Ratti, the native should wear a 7.25 Ratti gem.

Once the gem and its weight are ascertained, a native should get it studded in a suitable metal and then wear in the finger specified in the table given in the end:

But in case the planet is situated in a friendly sign, not in own sign, then the gem can be put on the finger of the former – I mean friendly sign. For example, if Venus is in the house of Saturn, the desired result can be obtained by putting the gem in finger for Saturn. The gem ascertained for a particular benefic planet should be worn in the Dasha of the same planet or of its friendly-dasha. Again, if a planet is malefic, or benefic for that matter, but if there is no friendly-dasha, then its gem should not be worn. It may be harmful to wear a gem only according to Dasha. Remember, even if you put on a gem according to necessity such as gem of Saptamesh for marriage, Chathurthesh or Panchamesha for studies, gem of Lagnesh for health, you should do so after considering benevolence of the planet and after examining benefic relation with Dashaanaatha.

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