Astrology - A Great Science

Astrology - A Great Science  

Pt. Jai Prakash Sharma
Views : 2524 | July 2004

Astrology is definitely a great science which can tell about the child's future as soon as he is born. No other science can say so much in advance as astrology. Doctor can tell about a disease when it has occured whereas astrology can tell in advance that the native is prone to such kind of disease and he should take precautions for it. In the so called scientific world it is even more required when there is lot of competition and man has to plan his actions before hand. In old days King always used to keep astrologyers to know in advance about monsoon, agriculture and thus finance. They also cousulted astrologers for war and any major decisions.

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In astrology there are thousands of combinations which tell as about the nature of the person. Mars and Venus combination makes a person character doubtful. Similarlarly Jupiter, Mercury combination makes him highly intellectual. Cruel planets in the fourth take away the peace at home and make him detatched from the world and Rahu in 9th makes disrupted sanyas yoga. Jupiter in ascendant gives a person great self respect and the same in seventh gives disturbance in married life. Saturn in 10th makes the person hardworking until the last breath. The subjects like numerology, palmistry, astrology or vastu are always beneficial. These do not create problem for the society.

This is the reason they have survied thousands of years even without external support. Astrology can be used very well to know if the person should do business or should go for service. It can tell the direction in which one should work. This can save time and resources in this competitive world can help you apply your energy in the right direction. That astrology can predict in advnace, is proved well in my life also by the fact that my grand father wrote about my future when I was only six days old. He wrote at that time that I will have only male children and that came true perfectly.

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Which science can tell so much in advance like this. Can medical science say? People go for ultrasound to know the sex of the child and there too they get incorrect results so many times. It is hypocracy only that people do not agree or accept astrology. One will not marry his daughter in Pitrapaksh. One would like to enter a new house or new business at an auspicious time only. One would like to write his nominiaton at a good time. One would like to go for a number lucky to him. 

One would like to start name of a company or a film by a character suitable to him. Everybody is using this divine science in some way or the other in his life, yet they are shy of accepting the truth and they say it is all unscientific and do not agree. I appeal to all the scientists that they should peep into their deeds and they should accept the facts. They should not deny what thay do. Let us apply this divine science for the benefit of the humanity.

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