Introduction to Medical Astrology

Introduction to Medical Astrology  

Sanjeev Kukkal
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Medical Astrology is the branch of Astrology dealing exclusively with Medicines and Diseases. The most important and challenging thing in Medical Astrology is to diagnose and predict disease from the natal chart. And next most difficult thing is to treat the disease using the principles of Medical Astrology. In Medical Astrology, specific planets and specific zodiac signs represents specific organs, organ system and physiological and biochemical processes. When these are disturbed because of their positions in the natal chart, disease arises.

A horoscope is the systemic presentation of planetary positions and other heavenly bodies at the time and place, when and where a person is born. The energy current from various heavenly bodies ?? affect our biosynthesis and development, along with the genetic & atmosphere factors. The kind of energy currents we get, both in quantity and quality, from heavenly bodies, determine our composition and hence our weak points and hence, the kind of disease, we are prone to acquire. Medical Astrology is based on principle of “we shall reap as we have sown” and “we suffer from ourselves”. We suffer our own Karmas. It is supposed that our soul is a form of energy and though bodies are born and die, but soul remains in continuation.

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We are souls and not bodies. As we change clothes in our day-to-day practice, similarly, soul changes bodies. The Karmas one has done either in present or past life, affects the individuals existence in present and future. Therefore, the main remedial act advised in Medical Astrology is also Karma, rather that alone Pujas or Prayers. Various Uses Of Medical Astrology.

1. Diagnosing the undiagnosed diseases.

2. Helping in the management of incurable disease.

3. Helping in the management of elective surgeries.

4. Helping to plan medical management of various diseases.

5. Making use of conventional therapies with alternative therapies and traditional Vedic astrological remedies for treatment purposes.

6. Make one to understand and know his/her physical and psychological weak points. It also gives one the knowledge of remedial actions for your specific problems.

7. Helping to know that can be the manipulation of Medical Astrology to make life better. But to be strict at this place is to inform that Medical Astrology demands a great union of knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, medical sciences, pure astrology and alternative system of healing including herbs. This process of gaining knowledge takes years together. Patience is required in practicing Medical Astrology. With this detailed syllabus, the Medical Astrology is in the stage of infancy because the basic principle of Astrology is yet to be worked upon.

Though most of the astrologers are satisfactorily able to convince their clients, but when it comes to research and defining rules in Medical Astrology there is inadequacy in many things. For studying Medical Astrology one has to versed with human anatomy and systems of body- Respiratory system, Integumentary system, Muscular system, Nervous system, Endocrinal system, Excretory system, Reproductive system, Circulatory system, Skeletal system and Digestive system. After having basic knowledge of human body one has to gain knowledge of pathologies in human body- Respiratory system disease, Integumentary system diseases, Muscular system diseases, Nervous system diseases, Psychological system diseases and psychiatric disorders, Endocrinal system diseases, Excretory system diseases, Male reproductive system diseases, Female reproductive system diseases, Obstetrics, Heart diseases, Circulatory system diseases, Lymphatic system disease, Skeletal system diseases, Digestive system diseases, Nutritional deficiency diseases, Injuries and Accidents, Congenital disorders and inherited disorders, Eye diseases, ENT diseases and Miscellaneous diseases. Planets are related to specific diseases also – Sun signifies bile, high fever, sun stroke, epilepsy, heart diseases, eye diseases, stomach problems, skin diseases, danger from enemies, wood, fire, weapon and poison, danger from thieves and animals and danger from snakes and the God Yama i.e. death.

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The sun (when malefic) invariably produces mental incompetence through the instrumentality of the servants of the king, of Gods and of Brahmins – in aggravation of such ailments as an aching head, ragging fever, wasting, consumption and dysentery. Moon signifies sleeplessness, laziness, phlegmatic character, dysentery, typhoid fever, danger from animals, loss of appetite, indigestion, jaundice, blood infection, mental strain and fear from snakes. The Moon (when malefic) causes troubles by means of diseases generally brought on by venereal indulgence, such as, pallor, catarrh, jaundice and inflammation of the nose, and also with the aid of numerous female goblins and demonesses. Mars signifies excessive thirst, irritation due to fever, fear or danger from fire or poison, leprosy, eye troubles, appendicitis, epilepsy, itching, quarrel with brothers and enemies, diseases in the upper portion of the body and hallucination of evil spirits.

Mars (when malefic) quickly causes fear by a swelling of the scrotum, phlegm, weapons, fire, knotty tumors, boils and such diseases as are born of indulgence; and also through the instrumentality of Siva’s heroic hosts and the terrific form of that deity. Mercury signifies mental depression, difficulty in speech, eye troubles, throat troubles, nose ailments, fever, ill effects of food poisoning, skin diseases, jaundice and fear from fire. Mercury (when malefic) works much misery by producing wind imperceptivity in the regions of the privities and the stomach, by bringing on leprosy, indigestion colic, diarrhoea and other diseases; and also through the instrumentality of spirits, the devoted servants of Vishnu of whom the leader is called Budha.

Jupiter signifies appendicitis, infection of intestine, fainting, ear problems, distress due curse of Brahmin, mental strain due to hoarded wealth, oppression. Jupiter (when malefic) causes sorrow die to the evil effects of maledictions uttered by preceptors, Gods, parents and such other venerable people and Brahmins, as well as the disease of the spleen. Venus signifies anemia, eye trouble, urinary infection, diabetes, diseases of the regenerative organs, laziness, impotency, weakness, fear from witches and ghosts. Venus produces peril through such causes as drink and diabetes arising from the diseases of the beloved women associated with a result induced by addiction to females endeared by excessive gallantry. Saturn signifies diseases caused by wind and phlegm, pain in the legs, tiredness due to hard labor, mental depression and anguish, stomach pain, excessive heat in the body, injury.

Saturn occasions distress, by leading to acts which the evils of poverty breed by means of friends and thieves as also by diseases affecting the joints. Rahu signifies heart diseases, burning, leprosy, aberration of mind, poisoning, pain in the legs and the feet, mental worries to the spouse and progeny, fear from snakes. Rahu causes great fear to men by means of epilepsy, small pox, halter, flies, worms, ghosts, fiends and goblins; also by leading to suicides by hanging, because of diseases resulting in want of appetite and leprosy. Ketu signifies mental worries due to disputes and stray thoughts. Ketu causes the affliction by the itch, by an outbreak of smallpox, by machinations of enemies, by diseases in general and by the instrumentality of low outcast hordes.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

The Twelve houses and signs indicate the following body parts: Sign Parts of the Body Aries Head Taurus Eyes particularly right eye; face and mouth; neck Gemini Shoulders and arms and ears, particularly right ear Cancer Chest, breast Leo Heart, stomach particularly upper abdomen, uterus Virgo Intestine, waist, lower abdomen Libra Kidney, semen, sexual instict, uterus, vagina, bladder etc. Scorpio External genital organs, anus Sagittarius Thigh Capricorn Knee, Back bone Aquarius Left ear, legs below knee, calf muscle Pisces Feet, left eye.

The planet indicates the following parts of the body: Planets Parts of the Body Sun Heart, bones, stomach, right eye Moon Chest, breast, blood, heart Mars Head, back, particularly mark on the back. Mercury Neck and shoulder, arms Jupiter Fats, hips Venus Face Saturn Legs, feet, thigh Rahu Legs below knees, lips Ketu Feet After knowing the basic principles of Medical Astrology, Anatomy and Pathology; then is step to predict diseases astrologically using the rules mentioned. When the astrologer is certain that he has found the disease and the astrological cause, then it is the time to suggest astrological remedies. Astrological remedies can be in form of – “Color therapy, Vaastu, Kavach, Charities, Mantra therapy, Nutritional therapy and Herbal therapy. For strong and harming planets charity like remedies are advised and for weak and favouring planets gem-stone like remedies are advised.

In horoscope first house indicates the general health and sixth house indicates diseases. Eleventh house is sixth from sixth therefore diseases can be studied from this house also. So an analysis of these houses along with those planets which are the chief significators of health like Venus and Sun is mandatory to jump at the right conclusion while talking about native's health. Examples of gem stone remedies: Asthma - Amber, Cat’s Eye, Malachite, Tiger’s Eye. Blood Pressure (High) - Jade, Sodalite, Chrysoprase, Jadeite. Impotence - Rhodonite, Sodalite, Carnelian. Kidneys - Bloodstone, Green Calcite, Jade, Opal. Menstrual Disorders - Moonstone, Malachite, Coral. Multiple Sclerosis - Red Jasper, Rock Crystal, Carnelian.

Nervousness - Sapphire, Topaz, Tourmaline, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise. Nightmares - Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Rhodonite chalcedony. Obesity - Black Onyx, Rock Crystal. Sinus - Sodalite, Black Onyx, Fluorite, Sulphur. Though various therapies are directed towards planets, there are many remedies which are disease specific e.g. for eye disease, heart disease, cancer, surgeries, fever etc. For eye diseases Arsh Aditya Hridaya stotra and Netropnishad stotra, For difficult diseases Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra etc.

Thus, to conclude Medical Astrology is a practice of detailed facts and scientific knowledge which will further be studied in detail in coming chapters.

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