Vastu Shastra for Prosperity in Life

Vastu Shastra for Prosperity in Life  

S. Raman
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The entire Vastu is “Ohm”. The Pranava Mantram that controls three worlds by which human beings, animals and plants exist with Water, Fire, Air, Earth and Space. All these are well known except space. There is the outer space and inner space. Both are existing in all things on Earth. The inner space is Atman existing in you and it vibrates with its own experience. The space is creation of our own birth. This vibration is rhythmatic and can be measured in your heart, pressure pulse etc. The outer space is illustrating and transforms the universe into objects. Oxygen, air and water are its constant vibration. This vibration is known as Kalam, Time, which means it is accurate in formation. That is the Sun, Moon. This entire vibration of rotation giving time is mathematical measurement and accurately predicted. The absolute time is Kalabrahmam. The living of man is also timed though there is no absolute findings inspite of scientific advancement. Now comes the sound 'Talam'. The sound is also rhythematic just as in music. The waves emit sounds constantly and the wind, rivers etc. without harming Nature normally.

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The music and dance are rhythematic to Kalam, Nada Brahman and sound. Lord Nataraja’s Universal dance and his pose itself is rhythemetic and controls the whole space. The shilpi by the sound created sculptures of Gods with his inner feeling of the vibrating forms and architecturally created the same to mathematical measurement. That is the music tuned into sound of the Chisel and converted into forms. That is the absolute space by manifestation of sound and human energy is converted into material form by the shilpis, which are installed in Temples and worshipped in various forms. In early years Mayan was the Architect Engineer and Shilpi who created the entire Architecture for houses, palaces, towns, etc. It is believed Mayan races are still existing in Mexico and you still see many Architecture buildings are still existing and even the pyramids it is said is creation of Mayan. Mayan is existing in all the Architecture and also gave it in various forms for others to follow. There are many scriptures.

The earlier theory is during the fight of Asuras, Devas, Brahma Iswara, the sweat fell on Earth and this combined sweat in space created so much of energy that the entire Earth would have been crushed. Brahma granted boon to this form and made as form with Eight directions. And those who follow and live can have peace and prosperity. I am now showing the Vastu Purusha Mandala - as earlier said “Ohm” is the energy. . In China known as Fungstichi they believe that Dragon exists and Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Light is taken in practice. Mirrors, plants, living fishes in water colour etc. is used in abroad besides various itemslike to eradicate negative energy. Laughing Buddhs, Chime, Horse shoe, flute etc. The Eight cardinal directions and the effect of the deities as earlier existing. South -Lord Yama South East. Agni South West -Nairritya Demons - asura East-Indran, North-Kuberan, North-Easun, North West-Vayu, West Varunan. Mayan has divided our entire caste into living directions of people as per their daily work (I am giving my personal interpretations). South - Brahmin West - Sudra East - Rulers North - Businessman SOUTH South Direction is for Brahmins and Now Brahmin means one who does not own houses nor worries about food and lives only for welfare of others and community. (This fits in our Swami’s Madathipathis).

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In church Father, Jain Munis, Muslim Priests, Buddha Priests and, part time Brahmins who know vedas and who come for rituals. These people have no worry about death and they cannot have sleep as they have to attend to birth and death and hear daily people's problems. WEST BELONGS TO SUDRAS Sudras does not mean those who are discarded by birth as low caste but taken as workers by Mayan. That is those who receive money for the work. This includes Managing Director, all Government Servants etc. These are the only people who can sleep well as every day they work for the money they are paid for their work. NORTH North belongs to traders, businessmen who are interested in money. As their relationship is only making money they also cannot sleep as they have to constantly plan and think of Debtors.

EAST East belongs to rulers. We can take President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister, MLA’s, Councillors, King, etc. These people are decision makers and they have all power. They also cannot sleep as they have to attend to people and also constantly think of maintaining their levels. Our Vedas have said look at Brahmin’s face. 1. Mathru Devo Bhava (Worship Mother/Father) Pithru Devo Bhavas (Worship Ancestors) 2. Acharya Devo Bhava (Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu) (Worship Acharya) 3. Athithi Devo Bhava (Entertain Guest) 4. Sudro Ajayata (Live with them) I am giving the cardinal effect of the directions and the character of people living in such directions. In East, the sun is moving from East to West. In practicing meditation and Bhajans in the morning, one gets peace. EAST The entire ruling effects belong to rulers. The rulers get energy from Sun’s rays and do Puja. The people having houses in this direction will be rich, knowledgeable, interested in social work but will have tendency for gambling which can be compensated by their Puja daily in East. SOUTH EAST Fire, the people living in this direction will be autocratic and will attract all people. As per our Shastra no house should be in this corner as the lady will not stay with them and they may not have issues and nervous problems will be there. SOUTH This belongs to Lord Yama. This is one of the best as they will maintain good health.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

They will complete any work they undertake. They will change their policy often and will never submit to others and will have many enemies. They will have no worry about their life. SOUTH WEST They will be stubborn in their work. They will be able to lead others and work hard. They will not have confidence in themselves. NORTH WEST Vayu is very powerful and other people will depend on these people. They will love .their ladies. They will have no fear of obstacles. Their married life will be peaceful. NORTH They will be doing business and would be interested in music, dance and art. Ladies will have control over these people. Their health will not be perfect. NORTH EAST These people will be God fearing. They will do Puja. They will have fame and will be interested in research. They will get money but will not give it to others.

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