Be Positive Get Positive

Be Positive Get Positive  

Abha Bansal
Views : 3703 | October 2009
In the modern world of today everybody aspires to be prosperous and financially sound. Those, who are already well off, wish to maintain and upgrade their standards and work hard to get more and more. To fulfill our wishes, while we work hard, we also pray to Almighty to give us the desired means to achieve our goals. You must have seen a wish Pyramid in which you have to keep a paper with your wish written on it. You are asked to repeat your wish as many times as you can holding that pyramid in your hand and it is said that your wish would be accomplished in due course of time. The wish pyramid gets the credit for that. This is nothing but the “Law of Attraction” which Rhonda Byrne has mentioned in her book “The Secret”. Actually this law of attraction is like a genie of Aladdin who asks your wishes and then moves all forces to get it accomplished. The most important thing here is that it works only when you really want that wish to be fulfilled and your actions, your thoughts are also automatically active towards that. When you think of some thing you want and you focus all your attention and intention on the same, the law of attraction will give you what you want, but here take care not to be negative because if you focus on something negative, law of attraction will bring those negative things in your life because the pyramid attracts the like things. It is really important that you feel good because good feelings go like signals to universe and start bringing more of it to you. So the more positive you are, more positive things will be attracted towards you and the more negative you are, more negative things will be attracted to you. Whenever you feel down or low, change your mood by playing some light music, think of a baby or some one you love, see photographs of happier times. Just keep those happy moments in your mind and you will start feeling good. Thoughts of love can also attract great positive power to you. To fulfill your wish firstly you must be clear what you want, if you are not clear then the law of attraction can not work for you. You should work out, what you want earnestly; it’s like placing an order with the universe. Secondly believe that your wish will be fulfilled and you are going to achieve it soon because the law of attraction will powerfully move all circumstances, people and events for you to get your wish fulfilled. You should learn to have faith and no doubt should be there. Now the final step is receive, feel the way you will feel, once it arrives or your wish is fulfilled. Now feeling good puts you on the frequency of what you want and it takes no time for the universe to manifest what you want. Same way if thought of acquiring more money is in your mind; definitely you are going to work whole heartedly towards that. Be optimistic and try to call your old clients or old acquaintances and visualize the expected orders. You will find a positive change. Think more thoughts of abundance rather than of lack of it; and always be prepared to share it with others because when you are generous God is also charitable for you. I have seen so many people who are always negative and criticizing one thing or the other. There is always some vacuum in their life and they bring more negative things into their own life. To avoid this we should focus our attention and energy to love, trust and optimism. Instead of focusing on the others or the mundane problems, if we praise and thank God what he has given us, we will definitely have a positive atmosphere around us and all negativity will be dissolved automatically. It’s not our job to change the world or people around us but we should try to go with the flow and celebrate with what exists in this world. If we are positive and optimistic we can spread positive vibrations and make the world around us more positive.
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