Education and Career

Education and Career  

Jay Dey
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Now a days lots of carrer oriented fields are coming. Parents must be aware of strengths and weakness of their children. Many times we found that parents spend lots of money on their children's higher education but the children could not come up to the parent's expectation. Few years back parents only thought their children must have career in IT, but so many new challenging fields are coming up. When children complete their basic education parents want to know about following issues. 

1. Progress in Education. 
2. Type of institute in which they will get admission. 
3. Higher studies in abroad. When native completes his studies, parents will think about their service. Government job in civil services and other public sector units have its own attraction, but it gained more importance after recent pay revision and termination of posts in MNCs. In India at present maximum recruitments are in banking and insurance sector. 
4. Get a Job (Government or priavate job) Also it is very important to analyse strength of native. 
5. Do the business or job. 
6. Financial Progress. 
7. Promotion and transfer in jobs. We will analyse the above points with the help of Krishnamurthy Padhatti. 

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1. Progress in Education : In Dasa of Significator of 4th, 9th and 11th house. 2. Admission : Native will get Admission in School or College of his own choice when 4th sub lord is not in Nakshatra or Rasi of a retrogade planet. They will get admission when 4th sub lord is Significator of 4th and 11th house and 4th sub lord is in fixed sign. 3. Education in Foreign : 12th sub lord is Significator of 3rd, 9th or 12th house, then native can go to foreign land (here 3rd house is 12th of 4th, 9th is long journey and 12th is life at unknown place) in Dasa of Significator of 3rd, 9th and 12th house.

4. Get a Job : When 6th sub lord is Significator of 2nd, 6th, 10th or 11th house, then in the Dasa of Significator of 2nd, 6th, 10th or 11th house native will get a job also Dasa lord not relates to strong Significator of 1st, 5th or 9th house. For government job 6th sub lord is not in Nakshatra or Rasi of Mercury, 10th sub lord and 10th house significator must relate to Jupiter. Mars or Venus. When 6th sub lord is Significator of 6th and 11th house native will have good time in job. 5. Successful in Business : When 10th sub lord have any relation with Significator of 7th house and 7th sub lord relates to Mercury (in Nakshatra, Rasi, Conjunction or Aspect). Also native in age of 25 years must have Maha Dasa of Significator of 2nd, 6th, 7th, 10th or 11th house. 

6. Financial Progress : When Dasa Lord relates to 2nd (Wealth), 6th (Competition), and 11th (Gain). Problem in Partnership : When 7th sub lord is Significator of 6th or 12th house then problem in partnership happen, it will happen in the Dasa of Significator of 6th and 9th house. When 7th sub lord is Significator of 5th or 11th house then it results into good coordination in partnership. 7. Promotion in Job : In Dasa of Significator of 10th or 11th house and Dasa relates to Mars, Jupiter, Sun or Venus. In transit** Significatorr of 2nd, 6th, 10th and 11th house are active by benefic planets. Also Dasa not relates to main Significator of 5th and 9th house . (** Transit plays on important role in timing of event, we get results when house and Significator of the house are active in transit).

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

Transfer (can be Judged by Prasna Kundli) : 10th sub lord relates to 3rd house then transfer in job happens. When 10th sub lord relates to 4th house transfer near home. Relates to 9th long distance, relates to 12th transfer to unknown distant place (may be in foreign). Types of Subject and Main Significator Planets Engineering Main Planets (Sat & Mars) Subjects Planets (* Main Sig) 2. Elect & Comm. Engg Su, Mer* Jup, Mars & 3rd* 3. Electrical Engg Mer*, Mars, Jup 4. Mech Engg Mer, Mars*, Sat 5. Chemical Engg Ven, Moon* 6. Mining Engg Sat*, Mer, Mars 7. Automobile Engg Ven*, Mars 8. Air-condition Engg Sat*, Mars 9. Steel Engg. Sat*, Mars 10. Petrochemical Moon*, Sat, Mars, Sun 11. Aviation Engg. Ve* Ma, Me & (3,7,11) Medical Main Significator Sun Subject Planets (* Main Sig) 1. Heart Specialist Sun * 2. Surgeon Sun, Mars* 3. ENT Specialist Sun, Mer* 4. Children Specialist Sun, Jup*, Mer 5. Cancer Specialist Sun, Jup 6. Gynecologist Sun, Ven* 7. 

Eye Specialist Sun, Ven* 8. Plastic Surgeon Sun, Ven* 9. Sin Specialist Sun, Sat* 10. Ayurved Spl. Sun, Ket* 11. Hysteria Spl. Sun, Rah* 12. Dentist Sun, Mars *, Ven & 7th 13. Pharmacist Sun* 14. Nurse Sun, Moon*, Mer Bio Subjects Subject Planets (* Main Sig) 1. Biotech Sun*, Jup, Mer 2. Microbiology Jup, Mer*, Mar 3. Botany Sun* Jup, Mer* 4. Zoology Sat, Jup Commerce Subjects Ju=Fin., Me= Commerce Subjects Planets (*Main Sig) 1. Financial Advisor Su, Me*, Ju, Ma & 12th 2. Chartered Accounts Su, Me*, Ju, Ma & 3rd 3. Revenue Advisor Jup*, Mer, Mars, 2&11 4. Statistics Sat, Mer*, Jup 5. Insurance Advisor Sat, Mer*, & 8th House 6. Hotel Mar, Ven*, Moon*, 4th 7. Banker Jup*, Mer* 8. MBA Sun*, Jup*, Mars, Mer 9. Real State Expert Mars*, Jup*, Ven, Mer 10. Hyper Store Mars*, Ven, Jup*, 2nd Arts Subjects Main Significator Ven Subjects Planets (*Main Sig) 1. Advocate (Law) Me*, Ju, Ma, Sa & 3rd 2. Education (B.Ed) Jup*, Mer, Sun & 4th 3. Media Ju*, Me, Ven & 3th House 4. Advertising Jup, Mer* 7 3rd House 5. 

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

Social Welfare (NGO) Moon*, Ven, Jup & 11th 6. Personal Secretary Mer*, Mars, Jup & 3rd 7. Front End Mgmt Mer*, Jup & 3rd 8. Photographer Sun, Ven*, Moon 9. Career in Film & Music Ven*, Mer, Jup & 5th 10. Dairy Production & Mgmt Ven, Moon*, Mars & 6th 11.Textile Designing Ven*, Mer, Moon & 5th 12. Entrepreneurship & Mgmt Jup, Mer*, Mars, 7th 13. Tourism & Airline Mgmt Ven*, Me, 9th & (3,7,11) 14. Food Science & Quality Jup*, Mars 15. Garment Prod & Exp. Ve*, Me, Ma, 9th & 7th 16. Foreign Language Ket*, Mer, Jup 17. Career in Sports Ma*, Ju, Su, Ve & 5th* 18. Political Science Jup*. Ven 19. Jewelry Designing Ve*, Me, Ju, mars & 5th 20. Private Intelligence Sat*, Mer Career Type of Job depends on planetary combination of Main Significator of 10th house and placement of Significator in the houses. It is observed that planet in conjunction transmits its effect through planet in aspect on 10th house and main Significator of 10th house.

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