Will Anna Hazare led Movement against Corruption come to Fruition?

Will Anna Hazare led Movement against Corruption come to Fruition?  

R. K. Verma
Views : 2467 | October 2011
The Gandhian reiterated in the form of Anna Hazare. The 73 years old Gandhi devotee Anna Hazare declared fast unto death if the lok pal bill was not passed. His anti corruption movement reminds us the second battle of independence which underlined the non listtance. Anna's protest finally over and is left with us question will this bill lead corruption free India or will die. India and Indian polity are virtually on the cross road today. Which way to go? Go in the direction of Government supported Lok Pal or Anna Hazare led Civil Society’s Jan Lok Pal Bill. This is the million dollar question agitating the minds of both the people and their elected representatives at the moment. The unprecedented support Team Anna is getting for its Jan Lok Pal Bill was something unimaginable till a few days ago but after his fast it is a reality today. The simple looking Gandhian has undoubtedly touched the nerve of the nation which is reflected in the ever growing support from all sections of society cutting the barriers of caste, creed and color. And at the root of this is all pervasive corruption. There was never a point of time after independence when India was free from corruption. But why it has become such a burning issue today that lacs and lacs of people are out on the road to protest against it? Let us examine this astrologically. First we will examine the horoscope of Independent India to find out the answer. In the Indian independence chart (Chart No. 1), the Lagna is Taurus occupied by Rahu. 7th house is occupied by Ketu. All other planets are posited in between them which causes what is known in vedic astrology as “Kaal Sarp Yoga”. This yoga is known for giving adverse result especially in the Dasa/Anter Dasa of Rahu and Ketu. India is presently running Sun-Rahu period (from Nov 2010 to Sep 2011). In transit form Lagna, Rahu is in 7th house in Scorpio ruled by Mars. 7th house is 4th to 4th , hence a house denoting public. Rahu is a planet of rebellion and mutiny. And sign Scorpio, inter alia, stands for secret and inner most emotions as it is a watery sign. Also, being a sign of Mars, it signifies energy and action. Saturn is in 5th house and aspects Rahu in 7th house causing large scale unrest. Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and who acts as advisor to Ministers is in 12th, an evil house. This placement of Jupiter is responsible for goof-ups and blunders amply reflected in the statements of some Ministers and MPs in the wake of Anna Hazare’s fast which caused the situation to go out of hand. Thus all these factors have led to the mass protest that the country has witnessed. In the backdrop of this now we will try to see though the events of Anna Hazare led protest of social activists and their impact on polity and society of this country from the message derived from the stars. We will try to find out particularly the answer with the help of astrology whether the Movement is likely to succeed or not. Or up to what extent it will succeed. Anna Hazare had started fast for the first time on 05 Apr 2011 this year. Planetary position at the time of sunrise in Delhi on this date are shown in Chart No.2. The Lagna is Pisces and occupied by four planets- Sun, Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury. Mars is 9th Lord and Jupiter is both Lagna & 10th Lord forming Raj Yoga. Also, 4th &7th lord Mercury and 9th Lord Mars form Raj Yoga in the Ascdt. Lagna is also hemmed between Moon and Venus thus it is in “Shubh Kartari Yoga”. However, 4th lord Mercury is debilitated in Lagna. 4th house which is the house of public is tenanted by Ketu and is aspected by three other malefics- Rahu, Saturn and Mars. Thus affliction and weakness of 4th house caused public resentment and protest in the country. But since Lagna was well fortified as stated above, Government. had to give in to the demands by Anna and his Team four days later when it issued notification for constitution of a Joint Drafting Committee over Lok Pal Bill comprising five members each from Government and Anna’s side. Accordingly, Anna ended his fast on 09 Apr 2011 at 11AM. But was Anna and his Team to achieve their objectives or how much was the Govt. sincere to accept the Team Anna’s demands? Let us see with the help of astrology. Planetary position at the time Anna ended his fast in Delhi is shown in Chart No.3. Lagna is Gemini occupied by Ketu and aspected by as many as three malefics-Rahu, Saturn and Mars. Besides, its Lord Mercury is debilitated in 10th house. All this indicate that although Govt. gave in to Anna’s demand under popular pressure but it lacked sincerity and honesty in its approach towards drafting an anti-corruption Bill which was acceptable to Anna and his Team. This indeed came true when after a few joint sittings over drafting a Lok Pall Bill, the Government representatives ignored the views of members of civil society resulting in deadlock between the two sides. Also, Government. assured Team Anna that draft Jan Lok Pall Bill prepared by Civil society members will also be taken into consideration. But contrary to that the Government members prepared their own Lok Pal Bill and referred it to the Standing Committee of Parliament. Now let us see the latest incidents. Anna Hazare was arrested on 16 Aug 2011 at 7:40AM in Delhi. Planetary position are shown in Chart No.3. Lagna is Leo and 2nd and 11th Lord Mercury is occupying it. 4th house is occupied by Rahu and is aspected by Saturn and Ketu which is indicative of social unrest the country is going through after Anna’s arrest. But 4th Lord Mar is placed in 11th , house of gain. This clearly implies certain achievements for Anna and his Team this time. 5th Lord Jupiter is well placed in 9th, house of luck. It also aspects Lagna and its own 5th house thus giving strength to the chart. Also, 9th Lord Mar is placed in 11th house which is excellent as it is indicative of fulfillment of desires for Team Anna to a certain extent. Now we will see the chart at the time Anna was released from Tihar Jail. He was released on 19 Aug 2011 at 11:44 AM. Planetary position is given in Chart No.4. Lagna is Libra. Its Lord Venus is in 11th with its Lord Sun and this combination gets the benign aspect of Jupiter from 7th house. Moon & Jupiter are in 7th house forming Gaj Kesari Yoga. They also aspect Lagna. 7th house as already noted is 4th to 4th , a public house. This is indicative of massive support Anna has been getting across the country. 7th lord Mars is in 9th in Gemini, a communicative sign. This clearly implies that Anna’s peaceful Anti-corruption Movement will attract world wide attention and get reported in international media also. Also, 9th lord Mercury is placed in 10th house of Government, which implies that Government after initial dithering will succumb to the demands of Anna led civil society to a large extent. But the point not to be missed is that in spite of some very good features in this chart, there is an ominous sign also. Lagna itself is hemmed in between Rahu and Saturn, thus it is in “Pap-Kartari Yoga”. This indicates that all demands of Team Anna cannot be accepted by the Government. Thus the overall conclusion of this astro-analysis is that Government under popular pressure will concede Team Anna’s demand over Jan Lok Pal Bill to a large extent barring a few contentious ones. Nevertheless, it will be a great victory for Anna Hazare led Movement which will go a long way in eradicating corruption from the country. Note: Source for date and timing details in respect of Chart No.2, 3 & 4 is Times of India(TOI) dated 17 Aug 2011 Page 1 & 19 and for Chart No. 5 is TOI dated 20 Aug 2011, Page 1.
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