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Bhakoot Dosha & Married Life

Jul 2011

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Bhakoot controls the mind. In match making, Bhakoot suggests the pair's compability of achieving good health, mutual understanding, happiness, longevity and prosperity to live a happy life together.Rashis are controlled by chandra... more

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Nadi Dosha and Married Life

Apr 2011

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For perfect match making, Nadi Dosha should be taken care of in its right perspective. What is the way out according to the ancient classics, is being enunciated here with all the required ratification of same nadis...... more

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Role of Seventh Lord in Kundali

Jul 2011

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Marriage is supposed to be the most sacred institution of our society. Marriage is intended to be a life long commitment. marriage is an exclusive commitment of two individuals to each other who nurture love and mutual support. In... more

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Judgement of Profession and prosperity Through Navamsa

Jul 2014

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'Navamsa' is one of the divisional charts prepared in Vedic Astrology for indepth study of any particular aspect of a person's life indicated by the lagna Chart. For example, Saptamsa (D-7) is used for judging progeny ... more

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Role of 7th Lord in Kundali

Apr 2011

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Nuptial knot or wedlock is the most important event in one's life. The place of seventh lord in a kundali decides the effects of spouse on life. Benefic and malefic effects on the seventh house and its lord further change the shap... more

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The Indu Lagna

Jan 2011

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Indu Lagna has is own specific significance in working out the extent of an individual is prosperity. Article explains the methodology of identification of this lagna and its verifications.... more

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Electing Auspicious Time

Jul 2011

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Every moment in life is an indication of the time ahead. Practically It is not possible to select time for our routine activities like going to office for work/job, coming back home, etc. But choosing the most auspicious moments f... more


Rahu Is Not Bad Always : A Point To Ponder

Jan 2005

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The very name of Rahu spreads fear in the mind of a common man since its maleficence cannot be denied but simultaneously its beneficence cannot be ignored. Under some conditions Rahu becomes a first rate yogakarka and gives exc... more

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Yogas for Multiple Relationships in Married Life

Jan 2007

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Since time immemorial, Astrology has been at the service of man, helping him in predicting future, comforting him in difficult times with visions of better prospects, aiding him in taking prudent decisions. But like all ancient... more

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Astrological Combinations for the Medical Profession

Apr 2010

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A doctor commands high respect in society and so is medical profession. In this paper the author has specifically chosen the astrological combinations which make a doctor. First of all it is important to discuss what does the prof... more

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