Totke Issue

Totke Issue February 2015

In the present Totke Issue of Future Samachar many totke have been described which enable a person to get his work successfully accomplished. These totke can be done easily and without much effort. Even a common man can do these totke easily. After performing these totke one can get marital bliss and progeny, health, livelihood and it also removes the inauspiciousness. In this issue several important articles on totke have been included. These articles are : what are Tone-totke & how far do they work?, Totka Science is not a superstition, Especiality and fomula of totka tantra, Totke for progeny, health, profession and marital bliss, Amazing world of totke, inauspicious yogas in horoscope and totke for the removal of inauspiciousness etc. apart from the articles on totke there are many other important articles like Monthly column, Current events, Faith and belief, Astrology and Vastu are very important and worth mentioning.

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Astrology Visheshank

Astrology Visheshank October 2014

In the Astrology Special Issue of Research Journal of Astrology, several interesting and knowledgeable articles have been included. Some of the prominent articles includes on mundane biz. New and old horoscopes of Iraq, eclipses and Zodiacal signs, effect of Jupiter’s Transit in cancer Rashi on India, Fruitful Transit of Jupiter, Medical Profession/Doctor in Astrology, Hindu New Year Chart and Death of National Ruler, Karma Manifests etc. All these articles are educative for the students and lovers of astrology.

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Facts about Gems

Oct 2007

Views: 290

Q. Different types of gems are available but main gems are only 9. why so? Ans. There are 9 planets in universe which have significant influence on the native. These gems have powers to absorb the ra...more

Marvels of Vedic Astrology

Jan 2008

Views: 305

Astrology can forewarn us so that we forearm ourselves to fight with a disease whereas it is not possible in medical science. Here is an analysis of the parameters which should be considered to predi...more

Rahu, Ketu & Spirituality

Oct 2005

Views: 387

Western view of Rahu/Ketu : It is well known in Western Astrology that the North Node of the Moon (Rahu) represents a spiritual target, soul’s mission to accomplish in this life. It is the direction o...more

Secrets of Saturn

Oct 2004

Views: 446

Astronomical facts : Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and is also the second largest planet, with a radius of 37,366 miles. It is said to have a small core of rock and iron, then a layer of ice...more

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