Palmistry Special Issue

Palmistry Special Issue March 2015

In this issue of Future Samachar the secrets of palmistry are unveiled. In the editorial there is scholarly discussion on the scientific formation of hand. There are several interesting articles like history and introduction of palmistry, fundamentals of palmistry, an overview of palmistry, information about health from the lines of palm, the relation between palm and navgrahas, palmistry and communication skills, line of marriage, palmistry and marriage, palmistry and abroad travel etc. have been included. In addition to that there are several other informative articles and columns including life story of golf player chikarangappa, panch pakshi, lal kitab, falit vichar, vichar gosthi, bhagwat katha, sanskar, totke, rashiphal, planetary transit and market, vastu, health capsule, kya aap jante hai, astrology and women.

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Various topics in Astrology Issue

Various topics in Astrology Issue January 2015

This Issue of Research Journal of Astrology contains discussions on Various topics of astrology like Saturn and Means of Livelihood, Upgrahas/Gulika/Mandi, Horary astrology, Nakshatra Melapak, Strange Principle of Dwadshansha and Power of Planets etc. and that is why this issue of Research journal has been rightly termed as various topics of astrology. In addition to that it also contain informative and interesting articles on Vastu, Fengshui and Numerology.

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Oct 2004

Views: 398

The horoscope is a microscopic epitome of multifaceted long life. Various aspects of life have been divided into twelve houses (Bhavas) of natal chart (Janmalagan) of horoscope. Nine planets -Sun, Moo...more

Lucky Births

Jan 2011

Views: 1479

Everybody in this world cherishes and strives for healthy, wealthy, prosperous and successful life. But only a few lucky ones are able to enjoy these according to their 'prarabdha' (result of karma in...more

Kaalsarp Yoga

Jan 2014

Views: 628

Kaalsarpa yoga is said to be formed if all the planets are situated on one side of Rahu/Ketu axis and fi ve houses on the other side of Rahu/ Ketu axis lie vacant. Strictly speaking Kaalsarpa Yoga doe...more

Validity of Kalsarp Yoga

Apr 2013

Views: 1703

When all planets exist on the one side of Rahu-Ketu axis in any horoscope, Kalsarpa Yoga is formed. Udit Kalsarp Yoga is formed when all the planets are near Rahu whereas their positioning on the othe...more

Nabhasa Yogas

Jul 2009

Views: 312

If one has realized one's self here, truth is fulfilled; if one does not realize one's self here, it is a supremely GREAT loss. Reflecting upon the self in every experience the wise transcend this wor...more

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