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The Future of India in 2011

This article details the varshaphal in 2011 along with climatic conditions,rains, international and political relations.

Decisive Factors in Marriage

As delayed marriages are one of the biggest problems an astrologer has to confront, this topic is a small attempt to answer this question based on my humble experience over 15 years. In astrology no event can occur unless and until three conditions given below are fulfilled. Before making any predictions first ensure: • Whether the marriage is promised to the native? In the absence of combinations of planets essential for marriage, any forecast is going to meet a failure. • If planetary combinations are available, whether the period capable of conferring marriage is operating at an appropriate age? In case the period is going to operate quite late in life, the yogas present are almost negated. • Whether the current transit of the planet is also supporting the period operating?

Astronomical Foundation of Horoscope

Planets and cosmic energies have an effect on human beings and different aspects of human life. In Hindu religion these planetary influences and effect of cosmic energies are shown through the horoscope. Horoscope can be called a detailed layout of the planetary configurations and universal framework which is prepared on the basis of mathematical calculations. It is a simplified map of the Zodiac over a specific location on the Earth at a particular moment in time.

Pluto Recognised as a 'Dwarf' Planet

Pluto has been derecognised as a planet, and placed in the category of a 'Dwarf' planet by over 2500 astronomous of the International Astronomical Union. In 1801, an asteroid named Ceres was discovered and was placed as the eighth planet. After twenty years, Uranus and other planets were discovered. Around 1850, even Ceres was derecognised as a planet and was termed as an Asteroid. Following were the reasons for placing the Pluto in the category of a dwart planet - • With the advancement of science and technology, powerful telescopes are being invented which enable the astronomers and cosmologist to peep much deeper into the ever expanding and vast cosmos. Many small celestial bodies are being identified. Sedena and other bodies are in these category. Every heavenly body cannot be classified as planet because it degrades the importance of a planet.

Education and Career

The different planetary combinations signifying success in different walks of life are listed in this article on the basis of Krishnamurti padhati


Education and Career

Oct 2009

Views: 1964

The different planetary combinations signifying success in different walks of life are listed in this article on the basis of Krishnamurti padhati...more

Salman khan

Jul 2015

Views: 1994

Salman has earned great name and fame as an exemplary actor not only in India and Bollywood but the entire world. List of his fans is very large and he is respected and followed by innumerable you...more

Astrological Views on Pendulum

Apr 2004

Views: 2015

Use of Pendulum : A freely suspended object is called pendulum. By dowsing we are getting the reply from our own sub conscious mind. i.e. Atma. It should be used positively, in good faith and for guid...more

AIFAS - A New Era in Astrology

Jan 2004

Views: 2027

It is indeed a very joyful event that All India federation of Astrologers Societies is bringing its long awaited Research Journal. It gives me a great pleasure to write the History of AIFAS from its h...more

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