Swapan, Shakun and Totke June 2014

In this Swapan, Shakun and Totke issue of Future Samachar there are several interesting and informative articles on Dreams, Omens, Totke, Fast, physiognomoi, Black Magic, Totke for Marriage, Know the timing of marriage from horoscope, Satyakatha, Career in the field of Astrology, Panch Pakshi, Health Capsule, Bhagwat Katha, Vastu Prashnottari and Vastu Consultation etc.

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Vedic Sciences Issue April 2014

In this vedic sciences issue of research journal of astrology there are a number of research oriented articles on various facets of vedic sciences like astrology, palmistry, vastu, fengshui and numerology. Articles like education of medical science, eye diseases or blindness in birth chart, judgement of wealth through indu lagna, loksabha election 2014, palmistry and diseases, cyclic construction, hospital vastu, concept of harmony in fengshui, nelson mandela: a legend of substance, mystery of lost aircraft, similarity in the horoscopes of relatives, astrological combinations for becoming chartered accountant, foreign travel yoga and vastu of vaishno devi temple are worth reading.

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Oct 2009

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Concept of Bhavottama G.K. Goyal

A planet that occupies the same sign in birth chart and Navamsha is known as Vargottama. It yields extremely excellent results, similarly a planet which occupies the same Bhava in Navamsha & birth cha...more

Oct 2009

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Education and Career Jay Dey

The different planetary combinations signifying success in different walks of life are listed in this article on the basis of Krishnamurti padhati...more

Oct 2009

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Non-Luminous (Aprakash) Grahas Yenbees

As the name suggests these are grihas without light. They are the result of reaction of Sun as the Zodiac of 360 degrees which we can call as Bha Chakra (Vishnu). In this article the impact of non-lum...more

Oct 2009

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Be Positive Get Positive Abha Bansal

In the modern world of today everybody aspires to be prosperous and financially sound. Those, who are already well off, wish to maintain and upgrade their standards and work hard to get more and more....more

Jan 2010

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Longevity through Transit Yenbees

Just as the transit of planets play a vital role in deciding the various facets of a man’s life, so also for longevity. Many principles are found in various classics which throw light on the planetary...more

Jan 2010

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The Instant Trigram Therapy Vinay Singal

Trigram therapy is a subtle combination of all the nine basic concepts of Feng Shui and getting it right brings a great deal of harmonious flows of auspicious chi currents that result in good fortune....more

Jan 2010

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The Year 2010 for you Arun Bansal

This article details the varshaphal in different zodiac signs along with climatic conditions,rains, suitable marriage period, the dollar money market, gold market....more