Pitru Rinn and Santan Issue

Pitru Rinn and Santan Issue September 2014

Pitri Rinn and Santan is the most popular issue of Astrological magazine Future Samachar in 2014 which contains very informative and beneficial articles like introduction of Pitridosh and Pitri rinn, Shraddh, Remedies of inauspicious Pitridosh yoga, Santanheenta yoga, Test tube baby: An astrological study and Astrology and women. For the knowledge readers and Karmkanda experts Tarpan and Shraddh vidhi has been explained in brief. Articles like calculation of number of children, infertility, career related discussion and Satyakatha etc. give techniques of prediction. The other interesting articles are remedies for begetting children, herbs for increasing fertility and getting issue comfort, Shabar Mantra, Bhagwat Katha, Nakshatra and articles for donation, pyramid and health capsule, Vastu consultation etc.

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Health and Marriage Special Issue

Health and Marriage Special Issue July 2014

In this Health and Marriage Special Issue of Research Journal of Astrology there are several articles on topics like compatibility in marriage, divorce and astrology, Marriages are settled in heaven, retrograde planet and marital bliss etc . Some health Issues are also covered in articles like Paralysis ; Reasons and Remedies, Analysis of an accident through Yogini Dasha and Varshphal. In Addition there are several other interesting articles like preferential methodology of divisional charts, saturn's transit in Vishakha Nakshatra, Mundane Astrology, Numerological analysis of Arvind Kejriwal.

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Shadbala Summary

Sep 2014

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various positions are the various sources of strength known as Shadbala. The methods of calculation of Shadbala can give a quick insight in the state of planets and houses....more

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