Palmistry Special Issue

Palmistry Special Issue March 2015

In this issue of Future Samachar the secrets of palmistry are unveiled. In the editorial there is scholarly discussion on the scientific formation of hand. There are several interesting articles like history and introduction of palmistry, fundamentals of palmistry, an overview of palmistry, information about health from the lines of palm, the relation between palm and navgrahas, palmistry and communication skills, line of marriage, palmistry and marriage, palmistry and abroad travel etc. have been included. In addition to that there are several other informative articles and columns including life story of golf player chikarangappa, panch pakshi, lal kitab, falit vichar, vichar gosthi, bhagwat katha, sanskar, totke, rashiphal, planetary transit and market, vastu, health capsule, kya aap jante hai, astrology and women.

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Various topics in Astrology Issue

Various topics in Astrology Issue January 2015

This Issue of Research Journal of Astrology contains discussions on Various topics of astrology like Saturn and Means of Livelihood, Upgrahas/Gulika/Mandi, Horary astrology, Nakshatra Melapak, Strange Principle of Dwadshansha and Power of Planets etc. and that is why this issue of Research journal has been rightly termed as various topics of astrology. In addition to that it also contain informative and interesting articles on Vastu, Fengshui and Numerology.

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Oct 2008

Views: 3427

Maharishi Parasara has given great importance  to Navamsa other than the Rasi. The emphasis of Navamsa in the BPHS is that it is the next most important division of the shodasavarga system or the sixt...more

Nadi Dosha and Married Life

Apr 2011

Views: 25819

For perfect match making, Nadi Dosha should be taken care of in its right perspective. What is the way out according to the ancient classics, is being enunciated here with all the required ratificatio...more

Ketu in 12 houses

Apr 2015

Views: 79

First House: Near relations suffer, fear from wicked, knowledge of many languages, gastric problems, ingratitude, backbiter, gains, dark colour, back pain, pain in stomach, sweating on palm, tells lie...more

Rahu in 12 houses

Apr 2015

Views: 80

First House: Often ill, very talkative, injury in head, destroyer of enemies, victorious in arguments, selfish, neurological problems, eager in wicked deeds, uninterested in this world, short life, ob...more

Varshphal 2015

Jan 2015

Views: 84

People in general always wish to know what would be the position of Monsoon, Sensex, Gold and Dollar in the New Year. Here in this article we are predicting about all these things as per astrologica...more

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