Totke Issue

Totke Issue February 2015

In the present Totke Issue of Future Samachar many totke have been described which enable a person to get his work successfully accomplished. These totke can be done easily and without much effort. Even a common man can do these totke easily. After performing these totke one can get marital bliss and progeny, health, livelihood and it also removes the inauspiciousness. In this issue several important articles on totke have been included. These articles are : what are Tone-totke & how far do they work?, Totka Science is not a superstition, Especiality and fomula of totka tantra, Totke for progeny, health, profession and marital bliss, Amazing world of totke, inauspicious yogas in horoscope and totke for the removal of inauspiciousness etc. apart from the articles on totke there are many other important articles like Monthly column, Current events, Faith and belief, Astrology and Vastu are very important and worth mentioning.

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Astrology Visheshank

Astrology Visheshank October 2014

In the Astrology Special Issue of Research Journal of Astrology, several interesting and knowledgeable articles have been included. Some of the prominent articles includes on mundane biz. New and old horoscopes of Iraq, eclipses and Zodiacal signs, effect of Jupiter’s Transit in cancer Rashi on India, Fruitful Transit of Jupiter, Medical Profession/Doctor in Astrology, Hindu New Year Chart and Death of National Ruler, Karma Manifests etc. All these articles are educative for the students and lovers of astrology.

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Alternate or Special Lagnas

Oct 2007

Views: 488

If we peep through our classics on astrology, there are innumerable yogas which are used in deciding rise in life and quantum of rise as well. Apart from these yogas there are so many divisional chart...more

Shadbala Summary

Sep 2014

Views: 831

various positions are the various sources of strength known as Shadbala. The methods of calculation of Shadbala can give a quick insight in the state of planets and houses....more

Shri Krishna’s Horoscope

Apr 2004

Views: 885

It is well known that lord Krishna was born on Bhadra Krishna Ashtami in Mathura. As is evident from the books, 5230 years have passed since 2061 Vikramaditya Samvat after the birth of lord Krishna. C...more

How Different Remedies Work

Jul 2010

Views: 943

Objective of Astrology is to give accurate predictions about future but its utility lies in the correct and effective solutions to our problems. Astrology is highly beneficial because with the help of...more

Horary Astrology

Jan 2013

Views: 1092

In a world where things are moving very fast and problems are increasing, people are being constantly riddled with challenging situations. Every day they face problems and they rush to an astrologer f...more

Timing of Marriage

Jan 2005

Views: 303

Like in other fields, astrology plays an important role in arriving at the timing of marriage by adopting different tools available in this divine science. A technical examination of the birth chart...more

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