Retrograde planet issue

Retrograde planet issue April 2015

In this retrograde planet issue of future samachar there is comprehensive description about retrograde, combust and debilitated planet. From a very long time the readers of future samachar were waiting for such issue which unveils these intricate mysteries of astrology. The inclusion of scholarly and interesting articles made this issue very popular. In the editorial of this issue there is elaborate description about retrograde planet with illustration. Several important articles on topics like effect of retrograde, combust and debilitated planet have been included in this issue. In addition to that various regular columns and articles like story of IAS officer B. Chandrakala, Health capsule, Bhagwat katha, vichar goshthi, vastu prashnottari, transit and rise and fall in prices and Falit vichar etc. enhance the value of this issue.

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Various topics in Astrology Issue

Various topics in Astrology Issue January 2015

This Issue of Research Journal of Astrology contains discussions on Various topics of astrology like Saturn and Means of Livelihood, Upgrahas/Gulika/Mandi, Horary astrology, Nakshatra Melapak, Strange Principle of Dwadshansha and Power of Planets etc. and that is why this issue of Research journal has been rightly termed as various topics of astrology. In addition to that it also contain informative and interesting articles on Vastu, Fengshui and Numerology.

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