October - December 2019

October - December 2019

Research Journal issue of month of October - December 2019 contains very informative articles like Judgement of Fortune from Palm, Vaani Dosha & Speech Problem and many more.

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Notes on Jaimini Astrology

Apr 2005

Views: 3084

Note : These notes/lessons has been designed for the use of readers of this journal, students & teachers. No publisher, except AIFAS, is authorised to publish these notes in any magazine or journal or...more

Transit of Saturn

Oct 2014

Views: 3169

Astrology is an empirical science of probabilities & experiences wherein we study the effect of planets on human beings. Happenings on this earth are not random but fully controlled & planets play a...more

Longevity through Transit

Jan 2010

Views: 3205

Just as the transit of planets play a vital role in deciding the various facets of a man’s life, so also for longevity. Many principles are found in various classics which throw light on the planetary...more

Astrology and Rains

Jul 2005

Views: 3543

Rains are very much essential for human life. It is much more important for a country like India whose economy depends on agriculture and agriculture depends on rain. Billions and billions are spent t...more

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