Marriage Special

Marriage Special

Research Journal issue of month of January-March 2018 contains very knowledgeable articles like Love Marriage : Parameters of its Success, Moon in Saturn's Sign Causes Multiple Relationships, Match Making from Palm …and many more

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Saheed Bhagat Singh

Mar 2018

Views: 868

Bhagat Singh is most talked about freedom fighter of India. He stood for his rights as an India and gave away his life for country at age of 2. Bhagat singh was born on 27th September 1907, in Lahore ...more

Nakshatra 2018

Feb 2018

Views: 315

Nakshatra Exhibition organized by India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO) and Future Point, every year is a grand and huge platform for the propagation of astrological knowledge & products....more

You and your Dressing Sense

Feb 2018

Views: 314

Every Rashi has its special and unique attribute of idiosyncratic type of inclination towards fashion. Our dress is a transparent mirror of our personality which reveals very clearly that we are made ...more

Analysis of a Horoscope

Feb 2018

Views: 280

The main hallmark of this horoscope is the presence of Chatussagara Yoga in it. According to the prevalent definition of Chatussagara yog in Vedic astrology, it is said that if there are planets prese...more

You and Your Travels in 2018

Jan 2018

Views: 219

Travel inspires us to keep walking. The rugged paths of travel, mountains, valleys make us learn that the way of life is zig-zag & full of ups & downs. In the journey you happen to get the company of ...more

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