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Surya Mantras For Eyesight, glow on face, longevity, financial prosperity, success and glory

May 2014

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Recitation of this Mantra nullifies black magic. Evil spirits get destroyed with mere pronunciation of this Mantra. Recitation of this Mantra is best for acquiring world-wide fame.... more


Cancer : Effect of Vastu Defects

Jul 2011

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Vastu deals with the influences of the directions and five elements and demonstrates how to balance the energies to bring benefits relating to wealth, health and spirituality. Vastu can have a detrimental effect on health when cer... more


Health and Disease : An Astrological Analysis

Oct 2013

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'Health is wealth' highlights the importance of health. A healthy person only can work hard, achieve success, earn well and live happily. On the contrary, a wealthy but sick person can not enjoy good food and other luxuries availa... more

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Mantras for getting Power, Courage and Physical Stamina

May 2014

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This is a very secret Mantra with unlimited power in it. It brings instant results. One becomes exceptionally powerful by chanting this Mantra. Lord Shiva had given this Mantra to Lord Krishna and He gave it to Arjuna. Arjuna had ... more


Mantras for Power, Protection and elimination of diseases, sorrow, enemies and poverty

May 2014

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This Mantra should be recited for acquiring salvation and to get success in all areas of life. This Mantra helps one in attaining all types of Siddhis.... more


Palmistry and Medical Science

Jul 2009

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God has gifted mankind with several methods for knowing the future. The scholars in ancient India has given them form of Shastra (treatise).One of these is Palmistry (an integral part of samudrik shastra).The study of lines in pal... more

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Tuberculosis: A Killer Disease

Jan 2009

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Tuberculosis is killer disease. Medically this is a common and infections disease caused by 'Mycobacteria'. It mainly attacks the Lungs but it can also affect central nervous system, lymphatic, circulatory and genitourinary system... more

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Smoking and Astrology

Jan 2014

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Smoking is one of the bad habits which are diffi cult to quit. There are many people who ask about the best ways to quit smoking cigarette through astrology remedies. They want to know how they can quit smoking and what are the ca... more

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Astrology, Ayurveda and Colours

Jan 2011

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The planets project the basic energies operating in the solar system. As such, our entire lives can be arranged to improve the planetary influences through right diet, herbs, the right location to live, right relationships and spi... more

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Consciousness : Science, Spirituality and Health

Jan 2011

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Consciousness or unified field (field of eternity, divinity, silence, field of unconditioned love, infinite possibilities, probabilities and pure potentiality) are synonymous. Consciousness is therefore scientific and spiritual gi... more