Horary Astrology

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Horary Astrology

Jan 2013

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In a world where things are moving very fast and problems are increasing, people are being constantly riddled with challenging situations. Every day they face problems and they rush to an astrologer for specific answer to their sp... more

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Instant prediction in Astrology

Apr 2012

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We all live in an era of information. In this era television, internet and Mobile are playing crucial role in the field of information and broadcasting. We can contact instantly any person in the world through mobile phone and we ... more

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Prasna Marga - Pancha Sutras

Oct 2006

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Prasna Marga is an exhaustive treatise on various aspects of Horary Astrology. This Sastra was written in 1649 A.D. at a place called Edakad in Kerala. This sastra was written taking data from the ancient sources. This sastra not ... more

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Horary Astrology

Oct 2013

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The success of natal astrology is dependent on the accuracy of native’s birth data. In case of some of the natives, particularly the aged ones, birth data is not reliable. This shortcoming makes the predictions go wrong, which onl... more

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Amazing Predictions by Shakun Jyotish and Prashna Jyotish

Apr 2015

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One of the most amazing experience the author have had regarding Shakun, Prashna, and Birth Chart, when he was on his visit to his son in Singapore in Janurary 2013. Here he is going to discuss his Predictions by Shakun Jyoti... more

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Astrology and Prashna

Jan 2015

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Prashna the 6th skanda deals with casting a horoscope for the time of query, event or thought. No skanda can be dealt in isolation. Astrology is a complete blend of all the 6 skandas. In Prashna, the most important factor is the... more

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