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Samudrik Shastra and Face Analysis

Oct 2010

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The most unforgettable and unique feature of a human is his/her face. Each face reflects in its structures and lines its owner’s personal history, mental attitudes, intimacy needs, ethics, emotional style, and verbal communication... more

PalmistryPhysiognomy (Face Reading)

Palmistry and Medical Science

Jul 2009

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God has gifted mankind with several methods for knowing the future. The scholars in ancient India has given them form of Shastra (treatise).One of these is Palmistry (an integral part of samudrik shastra).The study of lines in pal... more

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May 2014

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Palmistry is an ancient science of knowing the past, present and future of a person. Since palm is the gift of nature no errors can be as cribed to the lines on the palm, which are there since birth. The Indian (Hindu) palmistr... more

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Palmistry and Diseases

Apr 2014

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Palmistry is the most interesting subject and everybody has got palm; where as many persons may not be having details of birth date and time. Hence Astrology can not help in such matters. Moreover, medical palmistry ca... more

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Learn : Palmistry

May 2014

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The scholars of palmistry claim that the destiny of a person can be read very clearly from the lines of palm. The shape of hand, mounts of planets and lines on palm can help palm reader to analyse all aspects of life minutely. Pal... more


Some Interesting Hands

May 2014

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some interesting hands........................... more

PalmistryPrediction Technique

Mounts of Planets in Hand

May 2014

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Palmistry has an important role in the study of human life. By the study of hands the faults of human beings can be detected and the remedy for correction of the faults can be suggested.... more

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Marriage Compatibility Through Palmistry

May 2014

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For a successful married life, the general characteristics of both the bride and the bridegroom are that they should have long life span, normal cleverness, good fortune and love towards life mate and family members. To assess the... more

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The Hand of Suicide

May 2014

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Plate XIV shows the hand of a woman who was possessed with suicidal mania. In this case the line of head may be seen sloping sharply downward toward the wrist under the Mount of Luna.... more

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May 2014

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In Plate VII, I reproduce an impression of my own hand as an example of what is called 'the double line of head.' I have stated in previous pages of this book (Chapter 6, Part II), that 'a double line of head' is very rarely found... more

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