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Mantras for Kamdev

May 2014

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This is considered most powerful Mantra for enhancing physical beauty and attraction. It helps in semen retention and makes one potent to enjoy complete sexual pleasure. By attaining Mantra Siddhi one becomes very attractive.... more

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Mohan Mantra

May 2014

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Take water in a bowl and hold in your hand and recite the Mantra for 800 times, thereafter recite the Mantra for further 7 times and wash the face. You will be liked by all.... more


Mantras for enhancing Beauty, Wealth and Knowledge

May 2014

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Srilalitamahatripursundari itself is renowned as Srividya, Rajarajeshvari, Bala, Panchdashi and Shodashi. She is the best form of Goddess Mahalaxmi.... more


You and Your Dressing Sense

Oct 2014

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Every Rashi has its special and unique attribute of idiosyncratic type of inclination towards fashion.... more

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