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Astronomy and Astrology

Astrology is based on Astronomy. Astronomy is a science of stars and planets. The stars are the flames jyoti in the sky. Therefore this science is named as Jyotish in the Vedas. During the Vedic age jyotish was not used... more


Jan 2012

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Progeny by Choice

Progeny by Choice

Suresh Chandra Mishra

A worthy human life consists of fulfillment of desires which primarily concentrate around all worldly comforts. This mainly covers the three alshanas or aspirations, viz., the Lokeshana (desire for recognition or reputation), Vitt... more


Jan 2012

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Kaal Sarp Yoga in Computer Software

What is Kaal Sarp Yoga ? अग्रे राहुरधः केतुः सर्वे मध्यगताः ग्रहाः। योगाऽयं कालसर्पाख्यो शीघ्रं तं तु विनाशय।। When Rahu is ahead, Ketu is last, and 7 planets are situated in between, Kaal Sarp Yoga is formed. Kaal Sarp means... more

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Apr 2005

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