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Kaal Sarp Yoga in Computer Software

What is Kaal Sarp Yoga ? अग्रे राहुरधः केतुः सर्वे मध्यगताः ग्रहाः। योगाऽयं कालसर्पाख्यो शीघ्रं तं तु विनाशय।। When Rahu is ahead, Ketu is last, and 7 planets are situated in between, Kaal Sarp Yoga is formed. Kaal Sarp means... more

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Apr 2005

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Shodash Sanskaars in Hindu Dharma

The ancient Indian rishis have developed the system of Shodash Sanskaras -sixteen sacraments for the benefit of the masses. These sixteen Sacraments are methods of conditioning and training or experiments of purification of accumu... more


Apr 2011

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Muhurat and Matritwa

Muhurat and Matritwa

Sharad Tripathi

In Astrology the place of Sanghita is more important than 'Sidhaanta' and 'Hora because according to shloka.It is not easy to change the destiny. in fact, it is imp0ossible to do so.... more


Jan 2012

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