Profession Through Astrology

Profession Through Astrology  

Rekha Kaushik
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It is not possible for an embodied soul to remain without work. He who renounces the fruits of action achieves renunciation" The Gita 18:11 We perform our Karmic duties as designed by the supreme power. But by performing the multifarious jobs we fulfil our Karmic obligations. In ancient time profession was destined.

Jatak was forced to be in the same profession in which his fore fathers were engaged. But in the modern era, when professions are mushrooming and we all are finding new and varied ways of earning a living, deciding profession is decidedly not an easy exercise for an astrologer. Increasing competition and resultant specialization has opened up new and newer branches of career and vocation, which were unexplored in ancient time.

It, therefore, requires intelligent interpretation of behaviour of planets and their combinations and permutations, as modified according to the present context.

The judgement of profession begins with the analysis of 10th house. But practically this has been observed that some more factors are equally important and among them it is necessary to ascertain the intellectual, mental and physical ability of the native, by a careful examination of the strength, or the weakness of the Sun the Moon and Lagna respectively. The position of Mars is equally important.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

In Skand 10/chapter 47/ Shloka -67 - "our Karmas are desired by HIM, but the vibrations directing the inner self towards Karma are conveyed by Mangal, the planet Mars. When either Moon or Mercury receives a series of evil aspects, particularly those of Rahu and Saturn, one lacks the strength of mind, required to face adverse situations.

In broad spectrum Jupiter and Mercury refer to intellectual vocations, Venus to aesthetic professions Sun, Moon and Mars to economic occupations, Mercury to traders, Saturn to laborious jobs and Rahu/Ketu to routine Workers. But we can not draw any line of distinction between these categories. For instance, a doctor by profession may become a businessman. Therefore in his occupation both intellectual skill as well as economic aspect come in.

The general significators in any horoscope are the ascendant, the tenth house, the Sun and the Moon. These signs are respectively known as the Lagna, the Dashama Lagna, the Surya Lagna and the Chandra Lagna. They exercise profound influence on one's life. But eastern as well as western astrologers recommended their consideration and careful judgement for arriving at correct conclusions. Besides these points, the lord of 10th house, the Karaka of 10th house and Mars also play a significant role in establishing the profession. Firstly note which planets are placed in the house, planets aspecting 10th house, the placement of 10th lord in Rasi and Navamsha and it's stellar position, its association and aspects with other planets. Lastly, the Karaka for profession is Sun. But if we are interested in the income from the profession, we must study Jupiter.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

According to "Jatak Parijata" , the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are the Karaka of different professions. The 2nd house and 10th house from Lagna have a control over occupation of the native, whereas the lords of 2nd and 10th signs of the natural zodiac i.e. Venus and Saturn are causative, or Karaka of career. No vocation can be decided by any single planet or it's placement. There is a group of planets whose influence over the planet's association or conjunction may determine one's vocation. Which planet helps to acquire wealth? Which planet is in the 10th house to the Lagna, or Moon? Whoever is stronger, acquisition of wealth will be through father if the planet is Sun, through mother if the planet is Moon, through an enemy if the planet is Mars, through friend if the planet is Mercury, through brother if the planet is Jupiter, through wife if the planet is Venus, through subordinates if the planet is Saturn.

There are instances when a person suddenly changes his career from one field to another. This is explained by the fact that there is a special stimulus to certain qualities at certain ages, probably depending upon the directional influences (Dashas and Bhuktis) operating them. One of the abiding curiosities that has intrigued man since times, immemorial is why does a man do what he does? Why is a person inclined towards a particular profession? Why some natives are not satisfied with their jobs? While under same circumstances others enjoy? These whys, very pertinent, very important, can be answered by Vedic astrology. Each action of the native is controlled by the planets. The planetary configuration in a horoscope induces inclination towards a particular occupation. These inclinations fructify in a matching Dasha sequence, supported by transit.

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Connected to these whys is a when. When could a person join a profession and begin to earn money? Vedic astrology has answer to this query also. To answer this "when" the sages have devised a celestial clock- Dasha system. It is this timer which permits planets to cause an act to be performed, as well as it's effects on the performer. The frequent job changes in today's world result from greater opportunities, better information and superior communications. Thus, slight mismatch in Dasha, transit and planets now give stronger indication for a job change than, what it did a few decades earlier. In this the study of Lagna, lagnalord, the 6th house, 6th lord, the 10th house and the 10th lord, PAC association with Mars, has been taken as the planets and the houses that promote the profession.

To get the measure of level of fructification and duration of career, the strength of planetary influence on the concerned houses and planets becomes critical. Divisional charts give us the measure of planetary strength. From this base level the strength wanes and waxes, increases and decreases , in conformity with the unfolding Dashas.Further, we add Dashamamsha chart to the natal and Navamsha chart. During the Dasha periods also, one experiences the results of the star lords.

Hindu Astrology gives great importance to Yogas or special combinations, or configuration of planets in horoscope to decide one's profession. Presence of benefic Yogas greatly enhance the merit and status of the person, while bad Yogas bring discredit, obstacles to progress.

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Astrology works at two levels & the gross and the subtle. At the gross level it is mere desire. The subtle level desires are conditioned by duties and values, resulting in form of Karmas. Synthesising the two, we are made aware of the fact that actions will fructify through the body but not all the seeds will sprout and we also do not know which seed will spring when. In Vedic astrology our endeavour has always been to get astrology it's rightful place, that is the science which harmonieses life by showing the path to achieve the meshing of our desires with our capabilities.

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