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Marital Cord and Discord

Marital Cord and Discord  

Astrologically, 7th, 8th and 12th houses are sophisticated places in horoscope and hence planets affecting these places deal with the prospects of life-partner in one’s life. It is a general rule that benefic planets affecting a house, or the lord of a house occupying a benefic place, increase the strength of the house while malefics positioned in or aspecting a house ruin the pleasures of that house. Thus, it can be easily predicted whether the marital future of the native would be a mean of love, sexual harmony and progeny or a mean of clash, dispute, and divorce. For instance, Venkateshwar in Sarvarth Chintamani, chapter 6, shloka 30 said, “ if the lord of 7th house occupies an angle or a trine in its own, friendly or exaltation sign or associated with lord of 10th house, the native gets pleasures with many women”.

It is a general rule that the benefics of a house are diminished if its lord occupies 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th position from its own sign. Following this rule, the good marital traits of 7th house are lost if its lord occupies these positions. It has been observed that if 7th lord occupies 8th house (counted from ascendent), which is worst of all the malefic houses, the good traits of 7th are not lost as much as when the 7th lord occupies 8th position (ie, 2nd house from the ascendent). In this position marital discord appears, whatever be the reason. The charts of Pt Motilal Nehru and Pt Jawaharlal Nehru show 7th lord Saturn in 8th position (2nd house from the ascendent). Marital life of both was woeful as they lost their first wife. Amazingly, there is observation for 9th house, an excellent place, the house of fortune of the native. If 7th lord occupies 9th position (3rd house from the ascendent) from its own sign, the good marital traits are not diminished as much as if it occupies 9th house. At this position marriage is delayed or denied or discorded. The position of 7th lord is not apprehensive in 12th house or in 6th house, if it is free from affliction.

Malefic planets of first grade greatly affect the places (7th, 8th and 12th houses) related to the marital acts and thus the future of marital cord. Saturn in 7th is a factor of marital dispute due to some sort of coldness between the life partners while Mars and Rahu are indicator of furious nature of the native and hence negligence of the native in marital activities with the partners. In this regard, Lord Parashar explored in his Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra, chapter 20, shloka 16, that if Mars is in 6th, Rahu in 7th and Saturn in 8th houses (ie, 7th house is in Papkartari), the native’s spouse does not long live. The same shloka appears in Mansagari, chapter 4. Lord Prashar in another shloka said that the conjunction of Saturn and Mercury affecting 7th house causes impotency. An impotent person can not lead a happy married life. Astrologically, Mercury, Saturn and Ketu are impotent planets. Whenever, two of these planets affect either of 7th, 8th and 12th houses, the native develops impowerishment in sexual course.

Other combinations of malefics such as Sun-Saturn, Sun-Mars and Mars-Rahu are detrimental to the places which they occupy. Thus, they are not good for 7th, 8th and 12th houses because they have been assuming a new impetus to separation or divorce, Chart of actress Karishma Kapoor shows Sun-Saturn in 12th house and she faced marital dispute which was at the verge of marital discord. Famous actress Rekha has lost pleasures of her married life because of Mars-Rahu in ascendent affecting 7th house. Such persons become sensitive for their ego problems to a large extent and fail to control their emotions towards incompatibility of personalities and temperament differences with opposite sex There are several ordinary persons in society who are suffering from this fiery combination, Mars-Rahu, if affecting either of 7th, 8th and 12th houses. This combination is also worst for mind peace. It decreases the level of tolerance and increase the level of agitation which shake marital cord. A chart of a highly qualified doctor in a reputed hospital shows the combination Mars-Rahu in ascendent and thus affecting 7th house, which although receives Jupiter’s aspect, yet leading unhappy married life. The 7th lord Moon occupies 8th position which is not conducive to marital bliss. The native has developed hasty, jealous and wrathful nature and, therefore, he is a culprit of domestic violence. He may be prosecuted for atleast 3 years of imprisonment, if his wife lodges a complaint against him. In this way Mars-Rahu loses pleasures of married life. Such persons remain at the verge of separation. Since, in the chart of his wife, who is in similar profession, the 7th house is aspected by its own lord Venus, due to which the marital cord may be protected. In the chart of Smt Menka Gandhi, Mars occupies 8th house destroying the longevity of married life and lord of 7th house is malefic by shadowy planets reducing her marital bliss. She had lost her husband in an aeroplane crash on 23 June 1980, only after 5 years 9 month of her marriage.

Moon and Venus both are planets not only of love, romance, imagination, fantasy, sensation, sentiments and emotions but also mirror of personalities and temperament of the native. Both these planets by their occupancy either individually or in conjunction increase sensitivity of 7th and 12th houses in the horoscope. These planets free from the effect of malefics make the native with smiling face and social nature. But, if either is associated with Mars or Rahu, a heat is produced in the mind of the native which induces the over production of sexual hormone which is sufficient enough for mental agitation and excitation. Such natives get indulged in extra marital relations which become root cause of marital discord.

Generally, we consider malefic planets for marital disharmony but surprisingly benefics such as Jupiter and Venus are also responsible for the same type of negative traits. Jupiter is always considered a divine, benevolent, and pedant planet having his aspect full of nectar. But, Jupiter in 7th house has been observed as delaying or denying marriage, any how if marriage takes place then it causes displeasure and even discord. Sometimes, Jupiter’s occupancy in a house is proved detrimental to a house. For instance, in 3rd house, it does not bestows younger siblings, in 5th house it is not good for progeny and thus in 7th house, it is not good for married life. We put instances of three dignitaries - Ex Chief Minister J Jai Lalita, actress Manisha Koirala and singer Anuradha Podwal who are leading dry life without sweetness of married life. Their charts show Jupiter in 7th house.

In Bhawartha Ratnakar, there is a shloka “ karko bhao nashay” meaning the significator of a house if placed in its house, destroy the basic traits of that house. For example, the Mars, the significator of 3rd house, if occupies it, destroys the benefics of youngers. The Jupiter, the significator of 5th house, if occupies it, then destroys the benefics of the progeny. Similarly, the Venus, significator of 7th or 12th house, if occupies either house, destroys the benefics of these houses and become a factor of marital disharmony. However, if such a Venus is aspected by Jupiter, the malicious effect of the significator Venus is diminished. For illustration the best example is the marital discord of Princess Diana. Her chart of Scorpion ascendant shows Venus in 7th house in his own sign Taurus making Malavya Yoga. Venus by aspecting ascendant bestows the native with good health and beauty. But, it ruins the pleasures of married life that Diana faced. Her Moon, the significator of mind, is under severe affliction of shadowy planets and hot Mars, due to which she was stubborn in her decision. So she discorded her marital bond and left the comforts of the Palace. In the chart of actress Rekha, Venus occupies 12th house which is not proved conducive for marital bliss even after 4 marriages.

Social study explores several reasons of disharmony in marital cord. The researchers have revealed that most of the divorce seeking couple are not only educated but also good earners, and 70% break ups were due to incompatibility of personalities, feeling of independence and temperament differences. Now-a-days, these two factors have become more open and vibrant because for many career-oriented girls, their career, success and money are more important and hence get more priority over family.

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