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Lucky Number 6 Venus

Lucky Number 6 Venus  

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Under influence of lord of lucky number 6, rise of fate for the natives takes place in the field of art as Venus is related to it. They choose the field of modern arts as their source of live lihood. They have fascination for opposite sex and they misuse much of their wealth over them.

A good deal of spending goes on in keeping their work and living place aesthetically decorated. They are lovers of ornaments. Financially they are well off. They keep themselves in pomp and show. As an outcome people always consider them affluent-even if they are hardup.

If these natives choose the field of art as their source of livelihood, they are sure to succeed and prosper.

Rise of fate for natives under influnce of lucky number 6 starts at the age of 24 and peaks at 23, but culmination of their fate is seen at the age of 42.

Under influence of this lucky number those years of their age whose digits add up to 6 are fortunate for them such as 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60, 69 and 78. These years prove to be beneficial to them.

The calendar years whose digits add up to 6 are beneficial to the people with lucky number 6. For instance years 2004,2013,2022,2031,2040,2049,2058,2067,2076 are eventful for such natives.

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