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Love Marriage

Love Marriage  

Our country is full of cultural values and ethics. Marriage is considered as Religious bond for both Husband and wife. In Hindu Culture 7 oaths are taken by both boy and girl during marriage. They try to abide by such oaths. That is why marriage get religious sanctity.

Cases of divorce can be avoided if following points are checked in the birth charts of boy and girl at the time of match making for marriage purpose.

  • If Mars and Venus both are in 7th, 8th or 12th house the boy/girl having such yoga is likely to be characterless. Means such person may try to have sexual act with many girls, boys as the case may be. Mars gives sex energy and Venus to enjoy sex. Such yoga may be checked before finalization of marriage. We should also verify life style of such persons. If Mars and Venus are powerful; that is in their own house or in house of exaltation; such person may be characterless means they may try to make sexual relations with opposite sex even after marriage.
  • Seventh lord in 8th house or 8th lord in seventh house may create many problems in married life. One girl DOB- 23.12.1971 Kanya Lagna, Kumbh Rashi is having 8th lord Mars in 7th house of marriage. She was married during 1995 and took legal divorce within one year.
  • As per experience on examination of many birth charts Moon in seventh house (marriage house) generally gives love marriage or extra marital relations. Such point should also be examined before finalization of marriage and matching of birth charts.

Fifth house in birth chart is love sign and seventh house is marriage house. Similarly 12th house is for bed comforts.

If 5th and 7th lords are together in 5th or 7th house or they exchange houses or together there is chance of love marriage. In majority of cases of such yoga there is possibility of love marriage. Some examples are given below :

  • Famous Film Star Rajesh Khanna having DOB 29.12.42 Gemini lagna and Leo rashi, Rajesh Khanna is having sun, Mercury, Venus in marriage house. Sun, Mercury in marriage house generally causes divorce in married life. In this case lord of love sign, (fifth house) is in marriage house. Such yoga gives love marriage both rules are applicable in this case.

1. Boy born on 3.7.1978 with Pisces lagna and Virgo rashi is having 5th lord moon in 7th house, his marriage is love marriage.

2. One Doctor having DOB 10.10.1934 with Gemini lagna sign and Libra Moon sign, he is having 7th lord Jupiter lord of marriage house in 5th house (love sign). He had love marriage with Dr. girl on 9.9.1963. Boy is North Indian Brahmin and girl is Bengali. They are completing 50 years of married life on 9.9.2013. This is golden jubilee year of married life.

Boy is Doctor with DOB 18.11.1976, his girl friend's rashi is aries with DOB 7.9.1982. Her marriage house lord Venus is in fifth house (love sign) with lord of fifth house. That is why there was love marriage during December 2008.

  • Boy in Education Department (College) having date of birth 13.3.1970 with Scorpio Lagna sign and Taurus moon rashi. His lord of 7th house (marriage house) Venus is in fifth house (love sign). His Venus, marriage house lord is in exaltation in love sign (fifth house). His Mars is most powerful in bed room house from rashi. That is why love marriage. His moon is also in exaltation in marriage house.
  • One Doctor with DOB 15.12.1958 Gemini lagna and Aquarius Moon rashi. She has got fifth lord Venus in seventh house and seventh lord Jupiter in fifth house. She had love marriage with doctor boy they are happy in married life with three children.
  • One girl DOB 3.11.1973 with Kanya lagna and Makar rashi has got lord of marriage (seventh) house in fifth (love sign) house, love marriage was performed but there was divorce during the year 2007 in U.S.A (America). Rahu and Venus are in bed room house from rashi and lord of marriage house is in debility (weak) lord of bed room house from lagna Sun is also in debility. Probably these may be reasons for separation.
  • One boy with DOB 9.12.1965 Libra lagna and Taurus Moon rashi, Saturn lord of love sign is in love sign. That is why love marriage was performed with girl having DOB 12.1.1966 Gemini lagna and Kanya Moon rashi.

Boy has got Sun+Mercury+Ketu in marriage house from Moon rashi and girl has got Sun+Mercury in marriage house, Sun+Mercury in marriage house caused separation during the year 2008. When Saturn mahadasa and Mercury anterdasa was running for boy.

Girl has got Mars in exaltation with Venus in eighth house. They are in love sign from Moon rashi for girl. They are also responsible for love marriage and separation.

  • One girl having date of birth 1.9.1981 with Gemini lagna and Kanya rashi. She has got love sign lord Venus and marriage house lord Jupiter together. Moreover, love sign lord from rashi Saturn and marriage house lord Jupiter are also combined, that is together that is why love marriage was performed.
  • Famous Film Star Amitabh Bachchan has DOB 11.10.1942 with Kumbh lagna tula rashi. His lord of love sign Mercury and lord of marriage house Sun are together in 8th house from lagna sign and in bed room house from Moon rashi. His rashi lord and marriage house lords Venus + Mars are in bed room house. That is why there was successful love marriage. At present he is having Venus mahadasa from 20.1.2012.
  • Famous Film Star Dharmendra with DOB 8.12.1935, Scorpio lagna and Aries rashi. His lagna and rashi lord Mars is in exaltation and Venus is marriage house lord and bed room house lord is in bed room house. It is also most powerful. He is having Moon mahadasa from 24.4.2011. Lagna lord and marriage house lords are powerful and marriage house lord is in bed room house caused second love marriage with film star Hema Malini having DOB 16.10.1948. Hema Malini is having karka lagna and Meena rashi her lord of love sign Mars is most powerful and is in love sign. That is why love marriage. She is having Sun mahadasa from 15.6.2011 to 2017 she would shine like Sun in India during this period. She would earn more name and fame during this period.
  • Priyanka Gandhi Daughter of Smt. Sonia Gandhi with DOB 12.1.1972 having Gemini birth sign Scorpio Moon rashi. She got marriage house lord Jupiter in marriage house with lagna lord Mercury. That is why she had love marriage. Combination of lagna lord and marriage house lord may give love marriage.
  • Maneka Gandhi wife of Late Shri Sanjay Gandhi son of Smt. Indira Gandhi ex Prime Minister of india and ex-minister govt. of India with DOB 26.8.1956 having Karka lagna and Meen rashi, she is having marriage house lord Saturn in love sign. That is why she had love marriage with late Sanjay Gandhi.
  • Famous film Star Late Shri Sunil Dutt with DOB 6.6.1931 having Leo lagna and Makar rashi. He has got lord of marriage house Saturn in love sign, that is why love marriage with film star Nargis was performed. Aspect of Mars and Saturn on his marriage house caused premature death of his wife Nargis mother of present famous film star Sanjay Dutt.
  • A boy with DOB 22.8.1984 having Leo Lagna, Gemini Rashi his lord of love sign is in love sign lord of marriage house Saturn has got full aspect on love sign and its lord. That is why love marriage was performed during April 2012.
  • Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Congress President was born on 9.12.1946. In Cancer sign and Gemini Moon rashi. She has got marriage house lord Jupiter in love sign with lord of love sign Venus. Here Venus is the most powerful in its own house. That is why her love marriage with late Rajeev Gandhi ex-prime minister of India was performed, Sonia Gandhi has got Mars markesh (Death inflicting planet) in her marriage house. That is why Rajeev Gandhi, her husband died in accident. Mars gives death in violence. It is very good example of Love marriage as per rules of astrology.
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