4 Card Relationship Spread

4 Card Relationship Spread  

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First House – the house of self-expression and identity; how you see yourself.

Second House – the house of tangible assets, personal income and earning capability.

Third House – the house of intellect and communications, mental expression and relatives.

Fourth House – the house of home, property, environmental expenses and domestic affairs.

Fifth House – the house of pleasurable pursuits, romance, and entertainment and speculative adventures.

Sixth House – the house of working conditions and career as well as health, sickness and nutrition.

Seventh House – the house of partnerships, agreements and mergers, business and personal relationship.

Eighth House – the house of death, rebirth, legacies and inherited assets.

Ninth House – the spiritual guidance and teachings, which work toward developing self knowledge; travel and lengthy journeys.

Tenth House – the house of goal, ambitions, achievements and worldly attainments.

Eleventh House – the house of friendship and for other affiliations, which help to advance your personal objective.

Twelfth House – the house of a blind spot in your make up that could cause limitation or unnecessary suffering.

Thirteenth Card – the summation of the entire proceeding card.

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