Swapan, Shakun and Totke June 2014

In this Swapan, Shakun and Totke issue of Future Samachar there are several interesting and informative articles on Dreams, Omens, Totke, Fast, physiognomoi, Black Magic, Totke for Marriage, Know the timing of marriage from horoscope, Satyakatha, Career in the field of Astrology, Panch Pakshi, Health Capsule, Bhagwat Katha, Vastu Prashnottari and Vastu Consultation etc.

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Vedic Sciences Issue April 2014

In this vedic sciences issue of research journal of astrology there are a number of research oriented articles on various facets of vedic sciences like astrology, palmistry, vastu, fengshui and numerology. Articles like education of medical science, eye diseases or blindness in birth chart, judgement of wealth through indu lagna, loksabha election 2014, palmistry and diseases, cyclic construction, hospital vastu, concept of harmony in fengshui, nelson mandela: a legend of substance, mystery of lost aircraft, similarity in the horoscopes of relatives, astrological combinations for becoming chartered accountant, foreign travel yoga and vastu of vaishno devi temple are worth reading.

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Jan 2009

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Profession Dimple Babbar

Profession is the pillar of the life. It is true that predicting the professional prospects of a native is a tricky job. In this fast life all the professions are undergoing tremendous changes due to ...more

Jan 2009

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Gems Sevaram Jaipuria

We normally tend to examine a gem for its clarity, color and carat. Add another “C”: CURE. The healing power of gems and its effect on Mind, Body and Soul is painstakingly advocated by astrologers, du...more

Jan 2009

Views: 995

Rahu Ketu Arjun Kumar Garg

Varahmihir, the father of astrology in his famous book Brihat Jataka did not recognise Rahu and Ketu but in his another book Brihat Samhita he devoted one chapter to Rahu and Ketu and considered them ...more

Jan 2009

Views: 1349

Tara Dasa U. K. Jha

Research work on any topic in any subject comprises of the massively industrious efforts on the part of the researcher and the outcome of the hard labour involved therein needs to be viewed with immen...more

Jan 2009

Views: 1279

Tuberculosis: A Killer Disease G.B. Rawat

Tuberculosis is killer disease. Medically this is a common and infections disease caused by 'Mycobacteria'. It mainly attacks the Lungs but it can also affect central nervous system, lymphatic, circul...more

Jan 2009

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The Future Of India in 2009 Arun Bansal

This discusses the future of India with regard to terrorism, relationship with neihbouring countries and the financial upheavels because of Saturn's transit and different planetary positions in Indepe...more

Apr 2009

Views: 1396

Vastu and Garden Gopal Sharma

In today’s stressful society we are looking at the ways to improve the quality of our lives. Stepping into the garden is a wonderful way to relax and restore inner peace. A house with well planned flo...more

Apr 2009

Views: 1812

Nabhasa -Yogas G.K. Goyal

"If one has realized one's self here, truth is fulfilled; if one does not realize one's self here, it is a supremely GREAT loss. Reflecting upon the self in every experience the wise transcend this wo...more