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Powerful Yantras

Oct 2005

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Powerful Yantras

Future Point

Yantra is a Sanskrit word, which means “Kavach”, or talisman. They are engraved and designed in geometrical and mathematical formations. All geometrical designs, or symbols are sacred and represent Gods. Yantras are usually draw... more



Oct 2008

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S.R. Swamy

Different authors have given different definitions of the word Yantra. Our objective is not to define Yantra simply; rather we shall make an effort to help the readers understand that what is a Yantra, what is its significance an... more


Astrological Products

Jan 2006

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Akarshan Yantra : Daily worship of this yantra increases magnetism and charm. Akarshan yantra can also be kept in the pocket of the shirt or in a purse wrapped in a red cloth. This gives the power to attract any desired person. Us... more


Miscellaneous Astrological Products

Oct 2004

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Black Horse Shoe- For protection from evil spirit. The U-shaped horse shoe should be nailed outside office, or home. It protects you from evil spirit and bad phase of life. Recite the Mantra: Om Praang Pring Praung Sah Shanaye... more


Durga Beesa Yantra

Apr 2017

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Durga Beesa Yantra

Future Point

This Yantra is regarded as symbol of power. This can be used for getting luck in business. This has protective powers and can be used for the purpose of meditation. Mahakali Yantra also has protective powers but Durga Beesa Yantra... more

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