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Effects of Colors in Astrology

Jul 2007

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Choice of color of a person reflects the status of his soul, body and mind. Many times we see that by seeing a particular color we feel very happy and sometimes we get very irritated. On the other hand we can see that a person ca... more


FAQs about Rudraksha

Sep 2016

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FAQs about Rudraksha

Dr. Arun Bansal

What is the method of wearing Rudraksha? wash Rudraksha bead on Monday morning with raw milk and Gangajal, apply Ashtagandha and wear after chanting one Mala of Shiv Panchakshari Mantra i.e. "Om Namah Shivay".... more


Durga Beesa Yantra

Apr 2017

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Durga Beesa Yantra

Future Point

This Yantra is regarded as symbol of power. This can be used for getting luck in business. This has protective powers and can be used for the purpose of meditation. Mahakali Yantra also has protective powers but Durga Beesa Yantra... more

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