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Mantra Siddhi

Sep 2016

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Mantra Siddhi

Yashkaran Sharma

For Mantra Siddhi Mantra Purushcharana is recommended in Shastras. Purushcharana is chanting of a Mantra as many lakhs of times as many syllables are there in a Mantra for example if there are 5 syllables in a Mantra as are there ... more

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Pyramid Power

Oct 2006

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Pyramid Power

Ravi Puri

The Pyramid as a tool for psychic empowerment is usually a miniature replica of the Great Pyramid erected by King Khufu near Cairo (Egypt) in 2060 BC. The effectiveness of the Pyramid as an empowerment tool remains a mystery. M... more


Miraculous Rudraksh Kavachas

Apr 2005

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Rudraksh Kavach for Growth of Trade This Rudraksh Kavach is ideal for rapid growth and advancement of trade. It is prepared by combination of one faced Rudraksh (Cashewnut Shape), Fourteen Faced Rudraksh and Ganesh Rudraksha. One... more


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