Rudraksha & Benefits

Rudraksha & Benefits  

Benefits of Rudraksha

1 Faced Good for rulers, administrators, kings, power & wealth

2 Faced Marital happiness, mental peace, contentment

3 Faced Victory over enemies

4 Faced Education, concentration, creativity

5 Faced Knowledge, spiritual enrichment, health

6 Faced Love life, sexual power, attraction

7 Faced Removes malefic effects of Saturn

8 Faced Cures diseases, overcomes obstacles & difficulties

9 Faced Bravery, courage and action

10 Faced Success, progress

11 Faced Gains, increase in income, property

12 Faced Foreign travel, power, position, pleasure

13 Faced Attraction, pleasure, love, beauty

14 Faced Power, authority, glory, name and fame

15 Faced Power, prosperity, knowledge

16 Faced Protects from theft, robbery, diseases

17 Faced Sudden gain of wealth and property

18 Faced Protects from accidents and saves foetus

19 Faced Strengthens nervous system & finance

20 Faced Power of concentration, spiritual upliftment

21 Faced Health, finance, comforts

Ganesh Success, prosperity and Intelligence, overcomes obstacles

Gauri Shankar Marital bliss, pleasure, happiness, attraction

Gauri Ganesh For progeny

Kavach Beneficial for attaining various objectives

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