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Vedic Vastu or Vastu Science ?

Knowledge does not lie in remembering the runs scored by Sachin Tendulkar or hit movies given by Amitabh Bachhan but, it is in knowing the principles of our Universe. That is what Vaastu is all about. We will cover here only one a... more

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Oct 2007

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Pyramid Power

Pyramid Power

Ravi Puri

The Pyramid as a tool for psychic empowerment is usually a miniature replica of the Great Pyramid erected by King Khufu near Cairo (Egypt) in 2060 BC. The effectiveness of the Pyramid as an empowerment tool remains a mystery. M... more


Oct 2006

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Introduction to Dowsing

Introduction to Dowsing

Ravinder Lakhotia

Dowsing is related to the study of unconscious mind. It provides vital information about the Present, Past and Future and auspicious suitability of an individual with the help of his/her photograph or physical presence without the... more


Jan 2008

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