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Transit of Jupiter in Virgo

According to the celebrated astrological text Phaldeepika, Jupiter is said to be the bestower of knowledge, good virtues, son, minister, good conduct preaching ability, memory, progress, devotion, oblation, treasury, scholarly dis... more


Oct 2016

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Transit of Jupiter in Virgo

ज्ञानं सदगुणमात्मजं च सचिवं स्वाचारमाचार्यकं माहात्म्यं श्रुतिशास्त्रधीस्मृतिमतिं सर्वोन्नतिं सद्गतिम । देवब्राह्मणभक्तिमध्वरतपः श्रद्धाश्च कोशस्थलं वैदुष्यं विजितेन्द्रियं धवसुखं संमानमीड्याद्दयाम् ।। (फलदीपिका, दूसरा अध्याय, 5)... more

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Jul 2016

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