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Astrological E Journal

This issue of E-journal is containing informative articles on physiognomy and palmistry . This issue contains Karwa chauth, Astrology, Physiognomy, Interesting facts about Palmistry, Physiognomy Facts, Physiognomy etc.

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Aug 2016

Views: 578

Raksha Bandhan is also known as ‘Rakhi’ or ‘Rakhri’ among Hindus and celebrated in other places also like Mauritius, Pakistan and Nepal as well as in Northern parts of India also. Rakhi is commemorate...more


Oct 2017

Views: 556

Vedas, the most ancient documents of Indian thought, culture and sacred lore pave the path of final release (Moksha) through righteousness. Knowledge (Vidya) provides direction for the human being to ...more


Oct 2017

Views: 381

Physiognomy is the assessment of character or personality from a person's outer appearance, especially the face. The practice was well accepted by the ancient philosophers. It was revived and populari...more

Physiognomy Facts

Oct 2017

Views: 336

Round Face: They are known as water-shaped faced people. They have plump and fleshy face. They are known to be sensitive and caring. They are thought to have strong sexual fantasies. If you are lookin...more

Karwa Chauth -(8th Oct 2017)

Oct 2017

Views: 317

All of you may know about Karwa Chauth and they celebrations associated with it but, have you ever thought about the origin of this festival? The name Karwa Chauth is formed of two words 'Karwa' and '...more

Pitridosh Report

Sep 2017

Views: 433

Future Point's horoscope model Pitridosha report which can be obtained from astrology Software Leostar Expert is the only horoscope model which gives Pitridosha analysis with its cause, effects and re...more

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