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Durga Kawach

Durga Kawach

Future Point

The Devi Kavacham is a "must do" recitation text for all those pursuing the Shakti path or worship of Divine Mother, as it basically provides a field of protection around you - Kavacham means armour and there are many other famous... more

Goddess and GodsFasts / Festivals

Jun 2017

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Srividya Sadhna

Srividya Sadhna

Arun Bansal

Goddess Mahalaxmi is considered to be the Greatest of all the Goddesses. Shri Chakra Nagar Samrajni Paramba Shodashi Sri Vidyabhagwati Raj Rajeshwari Sri Lalita Mahatripur Sundari is considered to be the best embodiment of Goddess... more

Goddess and GodsFasts / Festivals

Nov 2016

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