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Durga Beesa Yantra

Durga Beesa Yantra

Future Point

This Yantra is regarded as symbol of power. This can be used for getting luck in business. This has protective powers and can be used for the purpose of meditation. Mahakali Yantra also has protective powers but Durga Beesa Yantra... more

Goddess and GodsRemediesYantra

Apr 2017

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Srividya Sadhna

Srividya Sadhna

Arun Bansal

Goddess Mahalaxmi is considered to be the Greatest of all the Goddesses. Shri Chakra Nagar Samrajni Paramba Shodashi Sri Vidyabhagwati Raj Rajeshwari Sri Lalita Mahatripur Sundari is considered to be the best embodiment of Goddess... more

Goddess and GodsFasts / Festivals

Nov 2016

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Sharad Navratri

Sharad Navratri

Abha Bansal

This is the most important navratri among all the 5 navratri of the year, fall’s in Sharad season (Oct –Nov) and is simply called Maha Navratri and is celebrated in the month of Ashivina as per hindu calendar. Sharad Navratri cele... more

Goddess and GodsFasts / Festivals

Oct 2016

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Mantra Siddhi

Mantra Siddhi

Yashkaran Sharma

For Mantra Siddhi Mantra Purushcharana is recommended in Shastras. Purushcharana is chanting of a Mantra as many lakhs of times as many syllables are there in a Mantra for example if there are 5 syllables in a Mantra as are there ... more

Goddess and GodsRemediesMantra

Sep 2016

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