Learn numerology - The magic of Numbers

Learn numerology - The magic of Numbers  

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Numerology is the science of numbers. You can know a lot about a native’s personality, life and fortune with the help of their name and date of birth. According to numerology, all numbers have certain vibrations - good or bad. Each native has their soul number, destiny number and name numbers. There are different ways to calculate these numbers and a huge debate over which one is right or wrong. If you do a formal course in numerology from a certified place then one can know the correct calculations and how to go about predicting the fortune of a person with the help of numbers. 

There are total 9 numbers and they all have a planet assigned to them - 

  1. Number 1 - this is represented by the planet sun or surya. It signifies authority, power, strength and ego. It is the most powerful number. The native of number 1 are totally self made and are stubborn but mostly helpful. Even if they do not have money, their work gets done. 
  2. Number 2 - this is represented by the planet moon or Chandra. It signifies feelings, emotions and sensitivity. The native of number 2 are very sensitive and secretive. They are very intelligent and like to be pampered. 
  3. Number 3 - this is represented by the planet Jupiter or Guru. It signifies spirituality, friendliness, discipline, expansion and prosperity. The native of number 3 can get food even if they are stuck in a jungle. They are very knowledgeable and know when to speak what. 
  4. Number 4 - this is represented by the planet Mars or Mangal. It signifies anger, strength & simplicity. The red planet full of fire. The native of number 4 usually are very rich and argumentative. They are strong and not scared of anything. 
  5. Number 5 - this is represented by the planet Mercury or Budh. t signifies intelligence and entertainment. The native of number 5 are very intelligent. They are very ethical and little lazy by nature. 
  6. Number 6 - this is represented by the planet Venus or Shukra. It signifies beauty, elegance, art and luxury. The native of number 6 are usually very lucky. They have a special attraction towards the opposite sex. 
  7. Number 7 - this is represented by the planet Ketu. It signifies intuition and originality. The native of number 7 are very good advisers and very lucky for others. 
  8. Number 8 - this is represented by the planet Saturn or Shani. It signifies wisdom, hard work and sorrow. The native of number 8 are over smart people and dramatic by nature. 
  9. Number 9 - this is represented by the planet Rahu. It signifies power and illusions. The native of number 9 are usually admirers of the opposite sex. They can earn money by hook or by crook. 

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The best place to learn numerology online is AIFAS. They have 2 levels with 12 classes each. The course curriculum includes the following - 

  1. Introduction to numbers and how they came into being. 
  2. The planets and lords assigned to numbers. 
  3. Master Numbers & their significance. 
  4. Karmic Debt Numbers & their impact on life. 
  5. In-depth learning with Case Studies.
  6. Remedial measures through number knowledge. 

The benefits of doing a numerology course at AIFAS is - 

  1. The teachers are expert in their field. 
  2. It is associated with All India Federation of Astrologers Societies (AIFAS)
  3. They provide a certificate after the completion of the course. 
  4. In these current uncertain times, they provide online classes which one can take from the comfort of their homes. 
  5. They send study material which is very helpful in facilitating your study. 
  6. It is pocket friendly. 

If you learn numerology at AIFAS, you can become an expert fortune teller. At the end of the course you will be able to create your own profile and prove your merit through a certificate of completion undersigned by the director of AIFAS himself. You will be able to start your own venture in numerology and make a mark for yourself.

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