Can’t control your anger? Take help of astrology solutions

Can’t control your anger? Take help of astrology solutions  

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Often we notice many people get angry at almost everything. You keep wondering the reason behind their anger but find nothing. Some people get irritated even at tiniest things inviting hatred and disgrace all over. In extreme anger, it becomes difficult to maintain harmony in any relations at home or at the workplace. Such people spoil things for themselves. Nobody likes them and no one gets friendly with them fearing their unexpected and untimely temper. Even if these short tempered individuals understand the situation and desperately wish to take control of their anger, they hardly succeed. Why does this happen? The answer lies in astrological yogas and remedies! 

A talk to astrologer suggests that there are certain astrological yogas and planetary placements that tend to give rise to undue anger or high temper. It is not the fault of the person getting agitated at every small thing but his/her planetary placements that let him/her behave in unacceptable manner. Anger not just spoils your public or social image but also put detrimental effects on health as well. It may cause high blood pressure causing nerve blockage, kidney diseases, migraine, and brain hemorrhage. 

Let’s understand what conditions in astrology may give birth to anger and frustration first and then learn about the astrology solutions to calm down your anger.

Main cause of anger as per Astrology

If considered wisely, getting angry is not the solution to any given situation. Sometimes getting angry also spoils the work being done due to which the person has to bear losses as well as humiliation. 

  • According to astrology, the main planets that cause anger in individuals are Mars, Sun, Saturn, Rahu and Moon. While describing anger causing significations of these planets, the Sun shows ego and pride, and Mars shows aggression and immediate actions. Moon symbolizes physical and emotional state of mind. Rahu is malefic in nature and tend to give negative illusions to a person. Similarly, Saturn is known to bring pressure and may cause mental stress and non stop thinking giving birth to negative thoughts in a person. 
  • If there is an influence of Sun and Mars on lagna which represents your own physique and thinking pattern, you tend to become an angry person who always remain self centered and just can’t understand or listen to others.
  • If Moon is under the influence of Saturn and Rahu, the person tends to have pessimistic tendencies causing negative thoughts and thus anger inside.
  • Rahu is known to exaggerate the effects of the planet and house it is placed within. If placed with any of the abovementioned planets, Rahu may cause extreme anger in an individual.
  • Excessive anger inside a person also arises due to placement of ascendant lord or Moon in fiery signs. Due to this the native has to face many problems. Actually anger represents fire and if running dasha is of a planet placed in fiery sign, the person tends to get tendencies of hot headedness and anger. 
  • Along with this, the conjunction of Mars with Saturn causes ghatak yoga which makes it almost impossible to control anger.
  • People with weak and afflicted Mars can’t control anger and excitement in them. Such people get agitated over petty things. Their anger can’t be controlled or checked even if the other person tries to pacify them.
  • Mars is a karaka of blood, and when Mars is afflicted it causes blood to boil out of anger. Another factor that counts is that the speed of blood (blood pressure) dwindles up and down causing anger to fluctuate every now and then. 

Therefore, people who just can’t control their anger should meet the best astrologer to seek effective astrology guidance. 


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The most effective astrological remedies to control your anger

Use sandalwood perfume or fragrance

Surround yourself with sandalwood fragrance. This is an effective method to control your anger. One can use sandalwood perfume, incense sticks or air fresheners etc. The use of sandalwood gives relief from Rahu dosha in a kundli. By doing this you may pacify your Rahu and you’re your anger. One may also offer arghya to the moon at night. Take the blessings of your elders every day. Follow this remedy regularly.

Respect or bow to mother earth

When you wake up in the morning, first of all, pay obeisance to Mother Earth. In the state of bowing, first place the right foot on the ground. It is suggested to stay silent and don’t talk after getting out of bed for at least 15 minutes. By doing this remedy regularly, you can get complete control over your anger.

Light a diya or lamp in your house

A person should take special care of cleanliness in the house or his workplace. Messy and dirty surroundings cause increase in anger and frustration. After getting up in the morning, take a bath and offer water or arghya to the Sun God regularly. The lamp should be lit in the east direction in the morning and evening in your house. Females should be respected in your home, family and workplace to get blessings of goddess Laxmi. She blesses the natives with luxuries and softness. Worship of Lord Hanuman is also beneficial. You may also recite Hanuman Chalisa to control your anger.


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Wear a silver bracelet or bangle in hand

If family members or subordinates in the office do not listen to you, you may wear a silver bangle or bracelet. Along with this, you can also keep Chandra Yantra made on silver in your purse or wallet. This remedy can subjugate everyone to you. With this everyone will also listen to you and help to reduce your anger.

Consume yoghurt

Consumption of curd is considered very auspicious. You should include curd in your diet regularly. Eating sugar mixed with curd or eating mawa sweets from time to time reduces the afflictions related to the Moon. It also strengthens the mental state and mind of the person. It can curb your unnecessary anger.

Wear red coral Ganesha pendant

A person gets angry if Mars and Moon are not in harmony in the birth chart or horoscope. If Mars is in fiery sign or in a bad place of the horoscope, then the person is of angry nature. On the other hand, if there is Mars in the Ascendant, then the person gets angry and does not even care about the result. Therefore it is very important to pacify Mars here. Wear a red coral Ganesha pendant around your neck. Mars will be balanced by wearing it, which will pacify your anger.

To sum up

Astrology may do wonders to someone’s life with its effective remedies and deep analysis. One should learn astrology to understand life in better manner. Astrology enables you take control of life while simultaneously helping and supporting your loved ones in a wisely manner.

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