Exploring Lal Kitab Features in Leostar Astrology Software

Exploring Lal Kitab Features in Leostar Astrology Software  

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Leostar offers a powerful Lal Kitab module for Vedic astrologers. Lal Kitab is a branch of Vedic astrology originating in India that emphasizes practical remedies for life problems. The Lal Kitab features in Leostar provide comprehensive remedies based on the planetary positions in one's horoscope.

Understanding the Lal Kitab System

The Lal Kitab system was founded in the 1930s by Pandit Roop Chand Joshi in Punjab, India. It is based on the ancient palm leaf astrology texts known as Lal Kitabs. This system uses Vedic astrological principles but with a distinctive approach.

The core focus of Lal Kitab is finding simple and affordable remedies for people's troubles in life. These remedies involve mantras, fasts, rituals, donations, gemstones, colors and more. The remedies are derived by analyzing the effects of planetary positions in one's birth chart.

Lal Kitab provides quick and practical solutions without complicated processes. Due to its simplicity and effectiveness, Lal Kitab has remained popular among the masses in North India and Pakistan.

Generating Accurate Lal Kitab Charts

The foundation of giving Lal Kitab remedies is the birth chart. Leostar uses its advanced Vedic astrology engine to generate accurate Lal Kitab charts.

To create the chart, you need to enter the basic birth details - the date, time and place of birth. Leostar allows you to choose from various Ayanamsha settings like Lahiri, Raman or KP to calculate the ascendant and planetary positions.

The software provides a choice of North Indian and South Indian chart styles. You can also select between the Equal House system or the Bhava Chalit chart which considers planetary strengths. Leostar uses an accurate database of global latitudes and longitudes to generate the precise Lal Kitab kundali.

Analyzing the Planet Positions and Impacts

Once the birth chart is generated, Leostar provides a detailed analysis of the planetary positions. The software is preloaded with interpretation text to analyze each planet in the chart.

You can view the degree, sign, nakshatra position and aspect relationship of all planets. The strengths, weaknesses and results of the placements are clearly described. Important planetary combinations are highlighted along with their effects in life.

Leostar also identifies and explains vital Lal Kitab parameters related to karkas, teva planets and remedies. The software assessment provides a robust foundation for the Lal Kitab consultant to offer guidance.

Providing Instant Remedies for Problems

The key benefit of Leostar's Lal Kitab module is its instant remedies. Based on the planet positions and House impacts, it provides specific upayes or remedies for an individual's problems.

For example, for issues related to debt, enemies and litigation, Leostar may suggest chanting Mantras and wearing colors linked to Saturn. For marital discord, it may advise rituals to propitiate Venus. For chronic health issues, the software provides gemstone, Rudraksha and mantra recommendations based on the chart.

The easy-to-follow remedies involve fasting on certain weekdays, donating items related to the afflicted planets, energizing yantras and more. The text and audio for chanting the Lal Kitab mantras is provided. By offering such tailored remedies, Leostar provides a complete Lal Kitab experience.

Creating Customized Lal Kitab Yearly Horoscopes

Apart from analyzing the birth chart, Leostar also offers yearly Horoscope predictions based on Lal Kitab. This helps reveal the major personal and financial events likely in a year.

The software detects planetary transits and dharmi-karka changes to predict the effects during the year. The predictions cover expected developments related to health, career, marriage, children, property etc. Remedial measures are suggested for each major forecast made.

These yearly horoscopes can be generated instantly for any year ahead. Lal Kitab consultants use this feature to provide their clients customized annual forecasts along with the birth chart readings.

User-Friendly Interface for Consultations

Leostar makes it easy for astrologers to conduct Lal Kitab consultations with its intelligent interface. The dashboards allow quickly toggling between the birth chart, predictions, remedies and reference material.

Charts can be edited or reloaded swiftly for consultations with multiple clients in a day. The colorful graphics and tabulated content allow explaining the Lal Kitab principles and remedies easily to clients.

Astrologers can also print or export the birth charts along with the remedy reports for clients. Leostar saves time with its well-organized interface and content for productive consultations.

Expanding Lal Kitab Knowledge through Reference Library

For astrologers keen to enhance their Lal Kitab expertise, Leostar provides a comprehensive reference library. This includes informative e-books, video tutorials and text material covering all aspects of Lal Kitab.

Through the integrated library, you can deepen your understanding of topics like determining effect of planets, analysis of houses, types of karkas, and remedies for curses in Lal Kitab. There is also illustrative content on Lal Kitab principles like teva, trikon teva and remedies for same.

The built-in resources help astrologers access more knowledge without having to spend on external courses or books. This contributes to their professional development as Lal Kitab practitioners.

Offering Flexible Options for Lal Kitab Reports

Leostar offers flexibility in the type of Lal Kitab reports you can generate for consultations. The available reports include:

Lal Kitab Horoscope Analysis Report - Provides a 20+ page analysis of the birth chart along with description of houses and remedies.

Lal Kitab Remedies Report - Focuses exclusively on the remedies recommended based on the Janam kundali.

Lal Kitab Yearly Report - Offers predictions and remedies for a specific year ahead.

Customized Reports - Astrologers can choose only the required sections for focused reports.

Based on the client's preference, astrologers can select or create the right report format to provide during consultations.

Enabling Study of Authentic Lal Kitab Texts

For those wishing to study the original Lal Kitab texts, Leostar grants access to digitized copies of the books. The software contains the first five original Lal Kitab texts digitized for enhanced readability.

This allows astrologers and students to study the foundational principles, concepts and remedies directly from the Lal Kitab masters. By including the sacred texts, Leostar facilitates deeper study beyond just applying the concepts.

Providing Comprehensive Lal Kitab Training

Leostar helps budding astrologers learn Lal Kitab step-by-step through its training programs. The software includes online certification courses covering basics to advanced concepts.

The lessons take you through generating charts, analyzing combinations, house significations, ruling planets, and remedies. Quizzes test your grasp of the content.

Separate modules focus on specialty topics like Lal Kitab Palmistry, Tilawat and more. The structured training expands astrologers' expertise.

Growing Your Reputation as Lal Kitab Practitioner

With its array of features, Leostar assists astrologers in establishing a reputation as proficient Lal Kitab advisors. The software provides the tools to create accurate charts, provide relevant remedies and generate custom reports. This builds client trust and satisfaction.

Leostar helps save time during consultations with its organized interface to swiftly access analysis, predictions and reference content. The included training modules develop well-rounded skills.

By leveraging Leostar's assistance, astrologers can distinguish themselves as learned Lal Kitab practitioners. They can expand their services beyond routine birth chart readings to offer specialized support through genuine Lal Kitab wisdom.


In summary, Leostar offers a robust module to practice Lal Kitab Jyotish with ease. With its remedies-focused approach, Lal Kitab provides a unique way to solve people's life problems. Leostar makes it simple for astrologers to generate accurate charts and offer customized remedies.

The Astrology software simplifies learning Lal Kitab with its built-in library and training. For those wishing to establish themselves as bonafide Lal Kitab advisors, Leostar is an indispensable tool. By providing remedies aligned to authentic Lal Kitab tenets, astrologers can help clients positively transform their lives.

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