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The Connection of Vastu & Horoscope

It is generally observed that people changing their houses get new house containing same Vastu faults which were there in previous house too. This indicates that there are some Vastu faults which reveal the flaws of our horoscope or else we can say that we get house according to planetary position in our horoscope. Therefore we fail to remove all Vastu faults from our house and even if we satiate planetary flaws these Vastu faults come back in one or other form.

Temples of Goddess in Himachal

Hidimba Devi Temple built in 1553 over a huge rock jutting out of the ground is located in Manāli, a hill station in the State of Himāchal Pradesh in north India. The temple is surrounded by a cedar forest at the foot of the Himālayas.

Necessity of Research in Astrology

Astrology is an ancient science mentioned in Vedas. Astrology is generally divided into two parts. First is Astronomy which helps to calculate the accurate positioning of planets in sky. Second part deals mainly with the analysis of impact of these heavenly bodies on the people and earth.

Things You Must Know About Precious Gemstone

Gemstones are beyond any doubt one of the most powerful devices used for remedies in Astrology. Their use can be validated with the help of ancient histories which clearly indicates that gemstone was widely being used in ancient times. Kings, queens and emperors used to adopt these precious gemstones for gaining astrological benefits and to complement their overall appearance.

Music Therapy effective in tackling neurological disorders

Music Therapy is slowly gaining ground in India, as a potential supplement for management of neurological disorders, across major hospitals. Dr. Krishnamoorthy Srinivas, Chairman-Emeritus, Institute of Neurological Sciences, Voluntary Health Services, during his lecture on ‘Music and Brain’, said that although the practice of healing with music may not be well entrenched in India, as it is in the west, “we are surely on the way”.


Music and Your Body

Jun 2016

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What is Music Therapy? Music therapy techniques include opportunities to listen and make music based on individualized goals and treatment objectives. What is Music Therapy used for? Music therapy ...more

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