Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang  

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Chi is composed of Yin & Yang. These two are universal energies of opposite nature. Any one of these energies cannot survive without the other such as day without night, male without female.

Chi is divided in 2 parts :

  • Yin

  • Yang

This is a circle. The 2 tadpoles like fish in it are symbols of universe.

One tadpole is black and has a white dot while the other tadpole is white and has a black dot. These dots indicate that Yin has some amount of Yang and Yang contains some Yin. Yin is a symbol of black and Yang of white.

Yin : Yin energies symbolize Earth. Yin is female, full of darkness and inactive. This is negative energy of universe.

Yang : Male, full of light, active. This is positive energy of universe.

Both of these are mutually opposite to each other but also incorporate elements of the other one. Yin has micro light and Yang contains micro dark. In this manner both are dependent on each other. Energy object in universe is made up by combination of Yin and Yang. These energies also continue to react with each other.

When Yin and Yang maintain a balanced ratio, the atmosphere is harmonious and proper. Yang symbolizes heat and South direction while Yin indicates cold and North. Balance of Yin and Yang gives peace and prosperity to a building.

This whole circle indicates a balanced universe , whether Yin is excessive or Yang. Night is followed by morning. Spring and summer come after winter. In the same manner a human being must maintain harmony in life by keeping a balance in Yang and Yin

  • Yin Yang

  • Woman Man

  • Negative Positive

  • Soft Hard

  • Follower Leader

  • Dark Light

  • Night Day

  • Valley Mountain

  • Below Above

  • Negative Energies Positive Energies

  • Winter Summer

  • North South

  • Stagnant water Flowing water

  • Earth Sky

  • Broken Line Perfect Line

  • Round Square

  • Light Colors Dark Colors

  • Moon Sun

  • Body Soul

  • Round Curtains Pointed Curtains

  • House Office

  • For Dead Persons For Living Persons

  • Inside Outside

Feng Shui is based on harmony between 5 elements. If elements are amicable with one another then the building or residence is lucky and joyous, otherwise adverse results are likely.

Correct use of Feng Shui can make every object favourable. Five elements are related to directions and metals. Strength of these elements may vary according to change in climate.

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