What is Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui  

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What is Feng Shui? From where has it emerged ? Many such questions come in the mind.

Feng Shui is the knowledge developed by people of China. Pyramids were created by Egyptians. Both are meant for welfare of mankind. Feng Shui comprises of 2 words Feng and Shui. Feng means water and Shui stands for air in Chinese. This indicates that Feng Shui is based on maintenance of a balance between these two elements of nature. The harmony between water and air renders good health, esteem, fame and good luck. Feng Shui tells us how to keep articles and things in our surroundings according to its size, colour, element, planet and number. The basic principle that must be remembered is that neither the flow of energy in the building should stop nor its velocity be so fast that it leaves the building without benefitting us.

The correction made according to Feng Shui is the most economical remedy for elimination of misfortunes. There is a reason behind it.

Luck is of 3 kinds, 1. Obtained from Earth, 2. Luck earned by own efforts, 3. Luck blessed by heaven (This is the result of deeds of past life or due to planets). In this way the luck is earned by hard work or karma.

There is a general belief that every human being works as hard as he can. The luck obtained from earth is gained from places where you work or reside. This luck can be modified with ease and it can be made completely favourable. Feng Shui is helpful in this respect.

Most profoundly used technique in Feng Shui is the compass method that is based on Loshu and Pakua. It is possible to create an atmosphere or feel of a home in our residence and thus make it more harmonious so as to derive happiness, good health and success in life.

Most of the buildings in China are constructed on the basis of Feng Shui.

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