The Hand of Madame Sarah Bernhardt

The Hand of Madame Sarah Bernhardt  

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Madame Sarah
Madame Sarah's Hand

The most remarkable point about this imprint (Plate IX) is the lines of fate and Sun rising so early in life from almost the wrist and running parallel to one another to the advanced years of the life.

The 'great Sarah' commenced her dramatic career at the age of sixteen. In spite of her remarkable talents she had many difficulties to ' contend with, up to the period when on her hand the two lines of fate may be seen coming together about her twenty-sixth year. From this date on her fame and renown became worldwide.

The line of head is clear as if drawn by a rule; while the open space between it and the line of life denotes her impulsiveness and dramatic ability which I. called attention to in Chapter 6, Part II.

It may be noticed that the remarkable number of small lines that appear to have shot out of the line of life are in an upward direction. These indicate what may be termed 'spurts of energy' at these moments. These are not good signs, if a heavily marked line of health is seen attacking the life-line from the Mount of Mercury. In Madame Bernhardt's case there is hardly any health-line, it appears to stop, or fade out, after

her early years. As is well known, the great actress had a wonderfully strong constitution once she passed her middle years1 which continued to the last period of her life.

Madame Bernhardt was born in Paris, October 22, 1845. She died in Paris, March 26, 1923, in her seventy-eighth year.

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