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Ramala Shastra

Ramala Shastra  

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G. Sumathi, Hosur Chapter

In the previous article April-June 2006 we dealt with the shakals and planets allotted to them for the 12 zodiacal signs. The ramala shastra based on five primordial compounds or pancha Tatwas, except Eather or Akasha, remaining four elements only are used for predictive purpose.

There are totally 16 forms or shakals, in Ramala 16 shakals are divided into 4 groups of 4 Tatwa; each grow. is having 4 shakals, these can be classified as follows:-

Fire or Agni :- Vagmi, Patha, Ushnaagu, Vakra.

Air or Vayu :- Bodhana, Lohota, Kavi, Daitya guru

Water or Jala:- Sheetamshu, Bidhu, Soori, Aar

Earth or Prithvi:- Sowri, Mandaga, Theekshnamshu, Soumya

The gender of these shakalas are as follows:

Masculine :- Vagmi, patha, Daithya guru, lohita & Ushnagu

Feminine:- Theekshnamsu, Sowri, Bidu , Soori and Kavi

Common:- Sowmya , Mandaga, Aar , Bodhana and sheethamshu

Those shakals which are prominent of fire and air indicates Maculine; Earthy shakal & watery shakal indicates Feminine.

The important row of shakals are as follows :

Aa, Ba, Da, Ha. These pankthi is based on the four Tatwas viz., Aa for Fire or Aatish , Ba for Badi or Air, Da for Dal or Water and Ha for Harfa or Earth. In this row each tatwa is having a Numerical value. 1 for fire, 2 for Air, 4 for Water, and 8 for Earth, total value for 4 bindus in sheethamshu is 15. 0 i.e all the four tatwas are opened with bindu (0)

When the values of fire, air, water and earth are substituted here we get 1+2+4+8=15.

Therefore the value for sheetamshu is 15. This is calculated in finding out the thiti which is tabulated below.

Always the first Bindu is represented by fire, second by Air, Third by water and Fourth by Earth in each shakal. (fire is opened. The value is 1)

  1. Prathipada, the first day after new moon or full moon. Day.
  2. Dwitheeya, Second day (Airy bindu is opened. Value is 2)
  3. Tritheeya, third day ( Fire and air are opened. Value is 1+2=3)
  4. Chouthi, fourth day (watery bindu is opened. Value is 4)
  5. Panchami , fifth day ( fire and water are opened. Value is 1+4=5)
  6. Shasti, Sixth day ( air and water are opened. Value is 2+4=6)
  7. Sapthami , seventh day ( Fire, Air and water are opened. Value is 1+2+4=7)
  8. Ashtami, Eighth day ( Earthy bindu is opened. Value is 8)
  9. Navami, Ninth day ( Fire and Earth is opened. Value is 1+8=9)
  10. Dashami, tenth day ( Air and earthy bindu are opened. Value is 2+8=10)
  11. Ekadashi, eleventh day (Fire , Air and Earth are opened. Value is 1+2+8=11)
  12. Dwadashi, Twelfth day ( Water and Earth are opened. Value is 4+8=12)
  13. Thryodashi, Thirteenth day ( Fire, Water and Earthy are opened. Value is 1+4+8=13)
  14. Chaturdashi, fourteenth day ( Air, Water and Earth are opened. Value is 2+4+8=14)
  15. Amavasya, new moon day. ( all the bindus are opened. Value is 1+2+4+8=15)
  16. Full moon day or poornima. (no bindu is open. Value is zero)

The Row of Aa,Ba,Da,Ha pankthi is very important for the predictive branch.

Allotted day and time for each Shakal are as follows.

  • Ushnangu & Theekshnamshu, Sunday day time and Thursday night.
  • Daityaguru & kavi, Friday day time, Tuesday night.
  • Bodhana & Sowmya, Wednesday day time, Friday night.
  • Bidhu & Sheethamshu Monday day time, Friday night.
  • Mandaga & Sowri, Saturday day time, Wednesday night
  • Vagmi & Souri, Thursday day time & Monday night.
  • Lohitha & Aar, Tuesday day time & Sunday night.
  • Patha & Vakra, Saturday day time & Tuesday night.
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