Power of Feng Shui

Power of Feng Shui  

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Feng Shui works mysteriously. It is not essential that the desired objective may be attained every time but energies are made dynamic for attainment of goals. A discussion with Feng Shui expert is useful. He can guide properly. The methods must be followed carefully. Changes in only one direction are desired at one time. After few days, work on another direction may be started.

  1. Wealth

  2. The upper-left quadrangle belonging to South-East is related to wealth . This area is useful for improvement in financial position.

  3. Fame

  4. The South is the direction of fame. The upper-middle quadrangle is related to fame and indicates esteem and status in society. This quadrangle should be energised for being famous.

  5. Marriage

    1. The South-West quadrangle adjacent to Fame indicates marriage and intimate relationships.

      Persons desirous of developing an existing or new relationship should activate this quadrangle.

      Family & Health

      Family and Health are indicated by the Eastern quadrangle below the Wealth. This area should be activated if there are problems in the family or if a family member is sick. This area is also suitable for keeping medicines for first aid as this quadrangle indicates family in a broad sense.


      The Western quadrangle signifies children and adolescents. Apart from it, this area indicates creativity. This area should be developed for birth of a child or for solving children's problems. This place is ideal for doing creative work.


      Quadrangle in North-East indicates knowledge. This is situated below Family and Health area. This place is ideal for keeping books or for studies. For success in education this place must be activated.

      Job & Business

      This quadrangle is situated in North. If it is desired to make the office at home, this area is ideal.


      The North-West quadrant is meant for well wishers. New projects can also be started in this area.


      The centre of Pakua is called by different names such as Auspicious centre or Intellectual place, Chi Centre or Happiness Area.

      Chi collected here, spreads to other areas of house. This place is ideal for any collective work where assembling of family members is required. Therefore this place must be lighted well for accumulation of Chi.

      This miraculous Pakua is put on the diagram of house in such a manner that it's lower part represents the main door of house. By the help of Pakua, areas suitable for work or rest etc. are identified.

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