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Matching of Horoscopes

Matching of Horoscopes  

Q. : Can the future be made happy by matching horoscopes?

Ans. : future can certainly be made happy by matching horoscopes. Destiny can be changed by actions. Fate is the result of previous birth's actions, or we may say that by matching horoscopes properly, future can be improved.

Q. If the horoscope spells doom for the native, how can the future be improved with the help of horoscope matching ?

Ans. : Vedas have directed that every individual should make efforts to improve his, or her future. Every work should be done at an auspicious moment by considering the Muhurta, or adopting remedies to propitiate the planets is also a step towards this end. Similarly, married life can also be made happy by matching horoscopes. If a horoscope shows ill effects, then a powerful horoscope can render it's supports to it.

Q. : To what extent is horoscope matching a parameter of happy married life? If many 'Gunas' match and there is no Manglik Dosha, will the married life of a couple be definitely a happy one?

Ans. : Possibility of a happy married life increases manyfolds, if the horoscopes match with each other. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee for it.

Q. : If the horoscopes do not match with each other, can the marriage be still performed?

Ans. : If the horoscopes do not match, but other planetary combinations are favourable, marriage can be considered. If very few Gunas match, like less than twelve, then it is better to reject the match for lack of Gunas.

Q.: If less than eighteen Gunas, like sixteen or seventeen, match, will it be proper to perform the marriage according to horoscope matching?

Ans. : If fifty percent Gunas match, it is considered to be a good match. If only sixteen, or seventeen Gunas match, it does indicate that matching is shifting from good to bad. Findings of a research show that marks given to a happily married couple and marks given to a divorced couple have a difference of only two to three points. Thus matching of all the thirty six Gunas is not the parameter of an ideal matching and matching of less than eighteen Gunas can not be taken as the criteria of bad matching. If the position and aspects of the planets are correct, then matching of up to 15 Gunas can also be taken as right matching.

Q.: If Nadi Dosha is there in the horoscope and yet more than 18 Gunas match, then will it be proper to perform a marriage?

Ans. : If more than 18 Gunas match in horoscope matching, then it is not necessary to consider any other favourable, or adverse condition Nadi Dosha is harmful for the progeny, but if eighteen Gunas match, no thought should be given to it.

Q.: What is the outcome of a marriage with Bhakoot Dosha?

Ans. : There is difference of opinion between husband and wife, due to Bhakoot Dosha. But if the lords of their planets are friends, then this adversity becomes less.

Q. : If the bride, or the groom is Manglik, is it necessary for the other one also to be a Manglik?

Ans. : It is not necessary that both of them are Manglik. Planetary position in one's own, or life partner's horoscope, Manglik Dosha.

Q.: Besides the ascendant, should Manglik Dosha be considered from Moon, or Venus also.

Ans. : It is meaningless to consider Manglik Dosha from Venus. If considered from Moon, results are much less. Manglik Dosha should be considered from the ascendant only.

Q.: Does Mars 'influence remains after the age of twenty eight also, or it lessens with time?

Ans. : It is incorrect to believe that Mars influence vanishes after twenty eight years. Manglik Dosha remains forever, but it's influence can be lessened by worship.

Q. : Is wearing coral necessary to get rid of Manglik Dosha, or fasting for Mars, or worshipping it can be alternative remedies?

Ans. : To get rid of Manglik Dosha, wearing a coral is not always the remedy. If Mars is debilitated and is benefic for the horoscope, then it is possible to get rid of Manglik Dosha by wearing a coral, otherwise chanting Hanuman Chalisa and fasting on Tuesday are the best remedies.

Q. : If the girl is strongly Manglik, can it influence the life span of the groom?

Ans.: Life span is linked with one's own destiny. But company does have it's influence and it is not correct to perform marriage between a strong Manglik girl and an ordinary boy.

Q. : Besides Mars, how much influence do the other planets have on horoscope matching?

Ans. : According to the researches done on this subject during modern times, other planets have more influence than Manglik Dosha and Guna matching.

Q.: Various Panchangs give different marks to the same Koot. Why does this happen and which should be taken as authentic?

Ans.: Often there are differences in the calculations and beliefs in astrology. Same differences remain in the matching tables. These differences are found while considering Gana, yoni and Bhakoot. But besides Bhakoot Dosha this difference is limited to half, or one mark only. If friendly planets are posited in Bhakoot Dosha, then, according to some sages, full marks are given and others do not give any marks. This way there comes a difference of upto seven marks.

Q.: Is it necessary to match the horoscopes if it is a love marriage, or an intercaste one?

Ans. : Results of matching are the same in love marriage, or intercaste marriage. Matching is above religion or love of the native.

Q. : What are the methods followed, while matching horoscopes?

Ans. : In India mostly two methods are followed - North Indian and South Indian . In North India thirty six Gunas are matched, whereas in South India only ten Koots are considered.

Q. : Can the horoscope matching done by a computer be relied upon?

Ans.: Matching done by a computer, specially Leo Gold Astrological Software, is more accurate than the matching done by hand. If computer rejects a matching and marriage is mandatory, horoscopes should be shown to some knowledgeable scholar and then the marriage should be performed.

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Marriage, Health and KP Issue  July 2004

In this Marriage, Health and KP Issue of research journal of Astrology there are various informative articles like- Matching of Horoscopes, Marriage and Married Life, Result of Mandi or Gullika, Krishnamurthy Paddhati and Marriage, Astrology: A Great science, Saturn- Moon Conjunction and cancer disease, Usefulness of Fengshui, Vanaspati Vastu and Ratna, Vahan Sukh, Magical Spell of Yantras, Debilitated Planet is no Problem