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Marriage Compatibility and Problems

Marriage Compatibility and Problems  

According to ancient Indian Puranic lore, the mother earth supports nearly 8.4 million of different kinds of species. Except human being all other species follow natural laws and cycles as fixed for them by nature. Their procreation process and sexual behavior depends completely and absolutely on natural cycle and forces. The God and nature have given free will as well as power of discrimination in these matters to humans. As our Dharma Shastra says, that the goal of human life is not only to build a strong value and social and moral fabric on which foundation of the society is laid, but to ultimately achieve salvation. The institution of marriage plays very vital and prominent role for achieving this vital and final goal.

Marriage is not an institution simply for brute gratification of senses. The idea that is a civil contract terminable at will, smacks of meanness in conception of the grand liabilities and assets between the parties to be engaged in sacred wedlock. One of the great American judges said “The contract of marriage is something more than a civil agreement between the parties, the extent of which only affects themselves. It is the basis of the family, and its dissolution as well as its formation is matter of public policy, in which the body or community is deeply interested and it is to be governed by other considerations than those which obtain with regard to any other civil contract that the ground which shall invalidate the contract must be something more than a mere representation as to collateral matters that no ground will annual a marriage which does not go the very essence of the contract.”

The astrology is of great help and guides us to chart course of one’s life in society . On one hand, it provides rules and methodology to find out the compatibility among the prospective couples for marriage. On the other hand it could indicate and bring out factors, which may delay, disrupt or even completely destroy an alliance for variety of reasons.

Factors for Compatibility

The following are the main factors which are considered for fruitful and happy marriage alliance.

1. Social compatibility among partners (mainly based on non-astrological factors).

2. Yogas indicating good health and longevity, reasonable financial status to sustain family life.

3. Presence of yogas for healthy progeny in the horoscopes of the couple.

4. Yogas for mutual fidelity and good character.

5. Yogas for good mental and psychological health.

6. 36 gunas based on 8 factors depending on the Nakshatras and Moon sings of the couple (at lest 22 gunas, out of 36, should be present to promote mutual harmony and stable married life).

7. Manglaya dosas should be balanced-the factors which disrupt marriage in both charts.

8. Potential and promise for happy married life in the individual birth charts of the couple.

9. Yogas of mutual harmony among the eligible couples.

No doubt, the above factors are important and should be given due consideration while judging the compatibility among the prospective couples. The factors are elaborately dealt by eminent astrologers and are well known to the readers. Their application should be mastered with the help of standard texts. In this article, I shall deal with last two factors, which need to be carefully weighed before considering matrimonial proposal. Even if, two horoscopes are matching, there is no guarantee that the marriage alliance would materialize or prosper among two prospective natives.

A. Combinations for Fruitful Marriage

1. Rasi or Navamsa Rasi occupied by Seventh Lord in male chart becomes the Birth Rasi in female chart.

2. Signs of exaltation or debilitation of seventh Lord or Rasi falling in seventh house in male chart may become Birth rasi in female chart

3. Lord of Seventh house in female chart may fall in ascendant or Birth sign (Moon Rashi) of male chart. Otherwise, this lord may be placed in sign of exaltation and debilitation of the seventh lord in male chart. This combination may also be seen in male chart i.e., placement of his seventh lord is considered in similar manner.

4. The mutual harmonious relationship of Ascendant lord, Sun and Moon in both charts can be strong factor for an alliance to materialize.

5. Jupiter, in both charts, is in angle or trine to each other.

6. Fifth lords of male and eleventh lord of female are mutually related to each other.

8. Similarly if Mars in one chart and Venus in the other chart are in good aspect, this induces mutual attraction among the prospective couple.

9. Rahu and Ketu also give strong indications & following combinations are present, for good matrimonial harmony.

  • They are in angle or Trines to each other in both charts.
  • In both charts, Rahu and Ketu are related to each other’s lords of ascendant and seventh house.
  • They are in trine to moon or ascendant of each other in both horoscopes.
  • In navamsa chart, they are in angels or Trine to each other.

10. For happy married life, the ascendant of the spouse should be in Trine or Seventh Rasi form the Rasi occupied by Upapada of partner. (UPAPADA is the Arudh of 12th house).

11. In navamsa chart of Females, Jupiter in trine with Navamsa Lagna or Mercury assures purity in marital relations and behavior.

B. Combinations for disruption in marriage

If following combinations are occurring in one of the chart, the marriage alliance may not remain stable and becomes bed of thorns.

1. Rahu is in 2nd or 7th house from Upapada creates deception in marriage (on the other hand if Rahu is in 12th or 7th from Lagna-pada, it makes the native religious and God fearing).

2. The native seeks sexual pleasure outside marriage, if upapad is in 12th house from Arudh Lagna or Venus is in 12th House in Navamsa chart. This is a comination, which creates the inclination to reject the spouse.

3. Incase Darapada is placed in 3, 6, 8 and 12th house from Arudh Lagna, then there are obstacles in fulfillment of sexual desire.

4. If Darapada is in angle or trine from Lagna Pada, it creates Shrimant yoga, but is simultaneously upapada in 3, 6, 8 and 12th houses from Lagnapada, partners are not able to keep harmonious relations and marriage may end up even in divorce.

5. Madan-Gopal Yoga: This yoga becomes the reason for fall in morals and low character. This becomes operative in two conditions.

  • Ascendant and Seventh Lord exchange the house i.e., Ascendant lord is placed in Seventh house and Seventh Lord is in Ascendant.
  • Lords of Ascendant and seventh house and Mercury are in conjunction in one Rashi.

6. Incase moon and mercury are in trine to each other in Navamsa chart, the native may fall to vices and low morals.

7. The conjunction of Venus and Mercury in Scorpio Navamsa may generate tendency for free sex and total moral degradation.

C. Factors for Delay in marriage

BPHS teaches us that Navamsa chart indicates Dharma and its fruit’s are marriage and spouse. On the other hand. Trisamasa (D-30) indicate evils. The main propellant of marriage are Mars and Venus. In Birth chart first and last five and last five degrees in any Rasi belongs to Mars and Venus. In other words these are fateful degrees for marriage alliance in any chart.

In View of the above the following are the main reasons for delay or unhappiness in marriage.

1. The degree of Ascendant is less than 50 or more than 250.

2. The longitudes of lords of ascendant and seventh house and moon is less than 50 or more than 250.

3. Jupiter, Venus and lords of Lagna and Seventh house produce good effects for marriage alliance. If the factors mentioned above in SI. 1 and SI. 2 are present, their positive role is correspondingly reduced to arrange marriage and Vice-Versa.

4. Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are Natural melefics and produce bad or disruptive effect on marriage. They become more effective to delay or destroy marriage. If factors mentioned in SI. 1. SI 2. above are present and Vica-Versa.

In nutshell, if Ascendant, lords of Ascendant and seventh house and Moon are in between 50 to 250 the positive factors will become stronger and negative factors correspondingly weaker.

5. Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu play important role in delaying marriages. Their association With seventh house and its lord increases the possibility of delay in marriage.

6. If lord of seventh house is placed in 2nd, 6th, 8th, and 12th house from lagna, it causes delay in marriage.

7. If lords of 6th, 8th, and 12th houses are placed in Seventh houses or associated with karka’s of marriage, it may delay or create troubles in marriage.

8. Moon in seventh house except in cancer sign delays the marriage.

9. In case Venus and Mars in second house in the signs owned by Venus i.e., Taurus and Libra, the marriage is generally delayed.

10. If ascendant is in Navamsa sign occupied by seventh lord, and seventh lord is in 12th house.

11. Venus occupied Navamsa Rasi becomes ascendant and eighth lord is placed in seventh house.

12. Venus is placed in 5th house and Rahu either in fifth or ninth house.

13. Venus is placed in 3rd house and lord of seventh in ninth house.

D. Denial of Marriage

1. Eight prominent factors were discussed under the heading of delay in marriage. When these facts strongly affect seventh house, lord of seventh house and Venus, the native may not get married at all.

2. The placement of Sun between 40 to 110 in seventh house, except in sign Leo.

3. If Venus is placed in Leo and simultaneously Sun and Moon are placed in cancer, the native does not enjoy marital bliss even if marriage takes place. .

4. If two out of Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Saturn are placed in seventh house or afflicts seventh lord, the martial bliss is denied. .

5. If seventh lord is in deep combustion. .

6. The native does not enjoy martial bliss if malefic are placed in 5th , 8th and 9th house together from Seventh house or its lord. .

7. Moon is placed in Seventh house, and its depositor is placed in 12th house. .

8. If Venus-Moon-Sun or Venus-Mars are in even Navamsas and placed in 6th, 8th and 12th house the natives do not get married inspite of the being over sexed. .


The re-marriage is seen from 2nd house from ascendant, similarly, the re-marriage of the spouse is seen from Eighth house, i.e., 2nd house from the seventh. Consequently 2nd and 8th house axis becomes important for separation or divorce. (The second spouse is seen from 9th house, 3rd spouse from 11th and so on…….)

1. Sun, Saturn, Rahu and lord of 12th house are the significations for separation. Venus is the prime significators of marriage and sex life. Rahu is the prime significator of separation, confusion and pollution in conjugal life. When these four factors become functional malefic and afflicts seventh house or its lord, the ground for separation is created. The affliction may be caused in many ways.

  • Placement in seventh house
  • Association with seventh house
  • Placement of seventh lord in the signs and Nakshatras of functional separative malefic planets.

2. If Rahu is placed in 2nd or 7th house from upapada, the native tries to look for his sexual needs outside marriage, which may result in separation.

3. If lord of seventh house is under the influence of 8th or 12th house or their lords, it may result in separation.

4. If dual sign is rishing. Mercury or Jupiter as seventh lords are placed in angular house and also placed in Rashi’s or Nakshtra’s of Jupiter and Mercury respectively, it may result in separation.

5. Jupiter is placed in Cancer ascendant in Pushya Nakshtra. In this case sixth lord is placed in nakshatra of eighth lord Saturn and aspects seventh house will cause separative tendency.

6. If lord of seventh house is in debility, enemy house or combust, the seventh house is occupied by malefic (s), may cause death of the partner.

7. Week seventh lord placed in 6, 8 and 12th houses also result in the loss of spouse.

8. There is no conjugal bliss if moon is placed in seventh house and seventh lord in 12rh and Venus is weak.

9. Lord of seventh house and upapada protect the spouse. If both of them are afflicted there is no bliss form marriage partner (DARAPADA protects sex life and business, whereas upapada protect spouse, progeny and prosperity. The respective KARKAS of these pada’s are Venus and Jupiter).

10. If darapada is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house from lagnapada. The married partners may stay together on the strength of upapada, but there may be hardly physical contact.

11. Length of the marriage is seen from upapada and the Planets placed in 2nd house from upapada. The length of marriage will be determined upon the strength of affliction of these houses.

While considering the married life all these factors should be considered carefully. If the significators of spouse and married life are stronger and in benefic influence, the marriage would be long and lasting. If disruptive forces are strong the marriage either may not take place at all or may not survive long.


In the end, I shall give some broad hints for timing of the marriage with the help of Vimsottari Dasa. There are many rules but I have included indication, which are based on Jatak-Praijat and also recommended by Pt. Sanjay Rath in his book “Crux of Vedic Astorlogy-Timing of events”, published by Sagar Publication, New Delhi.

1. The Venus and Moon has the chief watery element. In male horoscope Venus represents wife, sex and semen. In female horoscope, moon controls menstruation cycle. Thus the dasa of Venus and moon promote marriage.

2. The dasa of Seventh lord can give marriage.

3. The Venus is Karka of marriage. As such, the lord of the seventh house from Venus and the planets associated with Venus can give marriage in their Dasa period.This should be seen both in Rasi and Navamsa chart.

4. The planet in the nakshatra of Seventh lord or the lord of nakshatra in which seventh lord is placed, can give marriage. This is also seen in Navamsa chart i.e., the lord of Navamsa Rasi occupied by seventh lord can also give marriage.

5. If lord of seventh Bhava is associated with Venus, the same would become strong significator of marriage.

6. The depositor of 2nd lord can also give marriage in its dasa period.

7. In Dasa of Moon if Antardasa of any of the above planets is operating, that indicates the possible time of marriage. The Dasa of lords of 9th and 10th house can also give marriage.

8. The planets, which are associated with the lord of seventh house or placed in seventh house it self, can give marriage.

9. Least but not the last, find out the Nakshatra lord in which seventh lord is placed. The planets conjoined or placed in the Nakshatra of this lord, can give marriage.

10. If any of the planets, who qualified to give marriage, becomes strong indicator of marriage gets associated with the Navamsa lagna, or have argala on it or remove malefic argala on it.


Similarly all the planets, which qualify to give marriage in their Antar Dasa, but Antar Dasa lord should also be associated with the Lord of seventh house of the Navamsa Chart, or have argala on seventh house or its lord from Navamsa lagna, or remove malefic argala on it. In this manner, Dasa lord should be assoiciated with Navamsa Lagna.


In Navamsa chart, the lord of Pratyantar Dasa which is trine to Seventh house or Venus, will give marriage.

Thus the key to marriage is held in Navamsa chart.


There are many rules for transit, which can give marriage. When Jupiter transits in trine to seventh house, lord of seventh house or the Navamsa sign of seventh lord, can give marriage. The association of Jupiter of transit with second house or its lord from upapada is also important. The second lord from upapada should also be strong in transit.

I am sure, if readers would apply above rules and keep various factor enumerated above, they would be able to judge matrimonial prospects of individual as well as prospective couples.

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