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Marital Problems

Marital Problems  

The 7th house of the horoscope relates to partnership, marriage, spouse and sexual relationship. The sign falling in the 7th house, and any benefic or malefic influence of planets on it and its lord, correspondingly reflects on the married life of the individual. From every Lagna, the 7th house is diametrically opposite, the two have different characteristics (Fiery, Earthy, Airy or Watery), and their lords are seldom friendly. Hence some difference in attitude or opinion between the husband and wife is natural. Marital problems become unbearable when the 7th house, its lord, Jupiter and Venus are also afflicted.

Besides the 7th house, the other houses connected with married life are the 2nd house (family and longevity of spouse), the 4th house (home and family happiness), 5th house (love and progeny), the 8th house (duration of married life) and the 12th house (bed comforts). Affliction of these houses, Kalatrakarka Venus, and Jupiter (Karka for husband) by Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, and the Sun to a lesser degree, create problems in married life in keeping with the nature of the afflicting planet. Mars and Ketu cause hot temper, quarrel, accident and even death. Rahu causes unorthodox marriages, unfaithfulness and sudden shortcut in married life. Saturn delays and make the married life dull and dreary. The combined affliction by two or more of these planets of marriage factors, without any favourable benefic aspect, makes married life severely problematic and in extreme cases the native is denied conjugal bliss or it is short lived.

Some slokas from astrological classics highlighting marital problems due to malefic effect without any benefic aspect on 7th house, its lord, Venus and Jupiter are enumerated below.

कलत्रपो बिना स्वक्र्ष व्ययषष्ठाष्टभस्थितः।
रोगिणी कुरुते नारी तथा तुंगनकदिृकं बिना।। (Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, Ch. 20.2)

When the 7th lord is placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th house and is not in its own sign or in its sign of exaltation, it indicates a sickly spouse.

कलत्रे तत्परो वाऽपि पापग्रहसमन्विते।
भार्याहानिं वदेत् तस्य निर्बले च विशेषतः।।(ibid, 20.16)

When the 7th house and its lord are devoid of strength and in conjunction with malefic planets, the astrologers should predict loss of native' spouse.

षष्ठे च भवेन भौमः सप्तमे राहुसंस्थिति।
अष्टमे च यदा सौरिस्तस्य भार्या न जीवति।।(ibid, 20.16)

The native's spouse does not live long when Mars is in 6th, Rahu in 7th and Saturn in the 8th house.

बुध सूर्यसुतौ नपुंसकारव्यौ।(Brihat Jatak, II.6)

The conjunction or aspect of Saturn on Mercury in the 7th house leads to unhappy marriage, as these are impotent planets.

नीचांशे नीचसुयुक्ते दारनाथ च कारके।
कुस्त्रीयुतो भवेज्जातः शुभदृष्टि विवर्जिते।।(Sarvartha Chintamani, Ch. 6.39)

When the 7th house lord and its Karka Venus are debilitated, conjoined with malefics, and are devoid of benefic influences, the native faces problems in marriage and gets a bad wife/(husband)


क्षीणे शशांके यदि पापयुक्ते दारस्थिति त्वन्यकलत्रगामी।
लग्ने सपापे यदि दारनाथे जातः परस्त्रीषु रतः कुमार्गी।।(ibid, 6.10)

When weak Moon is located in the 7th house with Saturn or other malefic planet, the native is adulterous. So is the case if the lord of 7th house is located in Lagna with a malefic.

कामे वा सुतभाग्ययोर्विकल दारो ऽसौ सपापे भृगौ।
शुक्रे वा कुजमन्दवर्गसहिते दृष्टे परस्तीरतः।।(Phala Deepika, Ch.10.4)

When Venus is associated with a malefic and occupies 7th, 5th or 9th house, the wife/(husband) of the native is disabled.

When Venus occupies the Varga of Mars or Saturn or aspected by either of these, the native is sure to have intimacy with the wife/(husband) of others.

भार्यानाशस्तवशुभसहितौ वीक्षितौ वार्थकामौ।
तत्रप्राहुस्त्वशुभफलदां क्रूरदृष्टिं विशेषात्।।(ibid, 10.7)

When the 2nd and 7th houses are occupied or aspected by malefic planets, there will be loss of wife. Similar result about the husband may be predicted from wife's chart when the 7th and 8th houses are likewise afflicted.

नीचारिभस्थैर शुभैर्मदे स्त्री पुंसोर्मृति स्यान्निधने वा।(ibid, S1.8)

If inauspicious planets in their fall or inimical houses are placed in the 7th, 8th or 2nd house, the death of wife or husband should be predicted as the case may be.

Some astrological reasons for widowhood are as under:

1. Weak and afflicted 8th house or 8th lord, and 3rd house or 3rd lord (i.e., 8th to 8th house) in the girl's horoscope results in widowhood.

2. Cruel impact of Mars is invariably seen in the horoscopes of widows. Mars as the 8th lord remaining debilitated or combust causes widowhood at young age during the major or sub-period of Mars.

In addition, adverse transit of malefic planets also cause sudden problems in married life as under :

1. Transit of Saturn is always very important in causing damage to marriage. If Saturn happens to be the 7th or 8th lord in a nativity, the Sadesati period brings tense moments. Ashtam Shani, Ardhastama Sani, and transit Saturn crossing the ascendant, the 7th house or the 8th house from Lagna also causes discordance in married life.

2 Transit of Mars in 12, 1, 2, 4, 7 and 8th house from the ascendant creates havoc in the marriage. The retrogression period when Mars transits over the 4th house from Lagna is also problematic.

3. Transit of Rahu over the 12th, 1st, 7th or the 8th house from the ascendant is also troublesome.

Experience shows that skipping over the bad period with tolerance can very often lead to reconciliation in the disturbed married life. Transits alone do not damage the marriage in a very serious manner. The astrologers guiding the married couple in their moments of distress carry heavy responsibility for continuation of marital bond.

Discussion of horoscopes

Death of husband

1. This is the horoscope of a former Central Minister. There is no planet in 7th house or benefic aspect on it. Jupiter, Karka for husband is afflicted by Mars and Saturn (poisoned by Rahu). The 7th lord Saturn is in inimical 5th house (Scorpio), afflicted by debilitated Rahu. Retrograde Mars in 8th house in inimical sign causes strong Mangal Dosha. Her family life reportedly was problematic and her husband unfortunately died in plane crash on 23.6.1980, when she was only 24 years of age.


2. The 7th house is in Rahu Ketu axis. 7th lord Jupiter and karka for husband is in own sign in 10th house, aspected by Saturn, posited in 8th house. Venus (Kalatrakarka) in 5th house and own sign with 6th lord Mars, is aspected by Rahu and Saturn. There is no benefic aspect on 7th house and afflicted Venus to check amorous nature of the girl. She had many premarital affairs. On coming to know that, she was divorced by her husband within a year of marriage.

3. The 7th lord Saturn is debilitated and retrograde in 10th house, and aspects Mars posited in 7th house. Mars also aspects Saturn. Ketu aspects 6th house and Rahu is in 8th house there by forming Papkartari Yoga. Rahu and Saturn aspect kalatra karka Venus. The native got married in July, 1997. A son was born in July, 1998. The wife is living separately due to his loose character. Divorce proceedings are at final stage.

4. The horoscopes of the couple were not properly matched before marriage. Which took place in August, 2000 (Rahu-Mercury) with transit Saturn in 7th and Jupiter in 6th from Lagna. The wife left him and two children, and went away to her mother's house. After failure of reconciliation effort divorce proceedings have been launched in September, 2009.

Rahu and Mars are in Lagna forming Mangal Dosh and Angarak Yoga which makes one very angry and critical in nature. Ketu in 7th house also makes wife argumentative. The 4th lord Saturn is retrograde in 8th which denies family happiness. Moon is in Kemadrum Yoga and Sadesatis 2nd phase is now in operation. Marital bond may end through divorce by the end of Rahu - Mars which are aspected by transit Saturn.

5. There have been many broken proposals, and the individual remains unmarried. Saturn is located in lagna. There is exchange of Lagna lord Moon and Saturn. Cancer lagna born invariably have delay or problem in married life. Mars in 12th causes Mangal Dosh. Mars is in Papkartari Yoga and aspected by Rahu. The marriage has been inordinately delayed.

6. Lagna lord Mercury is Neecha in 7th house and conjoined with Mars. Mars in 7th causes mangal Dosh Kalatra Karka Venus is conjoined with Ketu in 6th house and aspected by Saturn and Rahu from 12th house. The 7th lord and Karka for husband, Jupiter exalted in 11th house and aspecting 7th house, has not yet given marriage, because Jupiter's dispositor Moon is debilitated and in Kemadrum Yoga, there by reducing Jupiter's beneficence.

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