Mantras for getting Siddhi in the field of Trantra

Mantras for getting Siddhi in the field of Trantra  

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"Vang Batukbhairavaay Namah"
This Mantra should be recited for the accomplishmnt of all sorts of tasks. It is essential to worship Bhairawa before worshipping Goddess Durga because Bhairawa, Hanuman and Lord Ganapati are the main Ganas of Goddess.

"Om Hreeng Bang Batukaay Aapadudhaarnaay Kuru Kuru Batukay Hreeng "

"Om Hreeng Batukaay Kshatraung Aapadudhaarnaay Kuru Kuru Batukay Hreeng Batukay Swaha"

"Om Hang Shang Nang Gang Kang Sang Khang Mahakaalbhairway Namah"

"Om Hraang Hraung Namah Om Bhuh Om Bhuvah Om Swah Om Hreeng Batukay Vidmahe Aapadudhaarnaay Dhimahi Tanno Batukah Prachodayaat Om Swah Om Bhuwah Om Bhuh Om Namah Hraung Hrang Om"

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