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Learn : Palmistry

Learn : Palmistry  

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The scholars of palmistry claim that the destiny of a person can be read very clearly from the lines of palm. The shape of hand, mounts of planets and lines on palm can help palm reader to analyse all aspects of life minutely. Palmistry in that way can prove to be a mirror of the story of the life of an individual. Palmistry revolves around the study of main lines, secondary lines, lines of influence, mounts, shape of palm, thumb and fingers. In addition to that in palmistry due importance is given to different symbols and girdles on hand the great Aristotle discovered a treatise on the subject of palm reading whereas King Julius Caeser judged his subjects on the basis of their hand lines. However, the credit of unifying the disparate procedures of palm telling goes to the modern age which has enveloped the procedures of hand reading, unifying them into a common science of chiromancy or chorology.

Palm's Verdict

Mounts of Planets in Hand

Marriage Compatibility Through Palmistry

Some Intersesting Hands

The Hand of H.H., The Infanta Eulalia

The Hand of General Sir Redvers Buller, V.C.

The Hand of Sir Arthur Sullivan, Bart

The Hand of William Whiteley

The Hand of Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, M.P., and His Son

Cheiro's Own Hand

A Baby's hand - Twenty-four Hours Old

The Hand of Madame Sarah Bernhardt

The Hand of Dame Melba, G.B.E., The Famous Australian Prima Donna

The Hand of Lord Leighton, P.R.A.

The Hand of Mark Twain

The Hand of a Convicted Murderer

The Hand of Suicide

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Ratna and Rudraksha Visheshank  May 2014

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